How will you make your posts user friendly in wordpress?

How will you make your posts user friendly in wordpress?

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As you all know that WordPress is not very user friendly. But you can make it much user friendly. Given below are some tricks to boost your posts.

1. Loading speed of the site:

How quickly your site is loaded play a vital role in the ranking factor by the Google. Your site may have all the information’s and back links too but if it is going to take too long time to load a page then Google won’t rank your site. You can use some plug-ins that will help to load your page faster. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • WP Smush It: Here you can compress your image files this will in turn reduce the file size.
  • Cloud flare: Incorporate CDN – Content Delivery Network into your WordPress installation, this will reduce the loading time by 15%.
  • W3 Total Cache: Place your pages Cache on your server; this will reduce the time taken to load your page on the user’s browser.

2. Influential internal links:

Internal links on your site will help to get Page Ranks. The main page also helps to tell the Google and the end user about what your other pages are all about. You can easily plug into the power of internal linking by clicking or link to the existing content tab when placing a link. When you add new links it should give those old pages a bump.

3. Use Plug in:

Your sites basic on-line page can be managed by using the plug in like All In One SEO. There is two plug in which are doing a great job in finding your on page SEO opportunities. And they are Inbound Writer and SEO Plug in by Squirrely.

4. Apply Google Authorship:

AuthorSure WordPress plug in helps to get authorship easily to all the people who have contributed to your website. Google is paying more interest to the people at the rear of the content. It is also said that the authority of the people writing may in due course become an important Google ranking factor.

5. Adding Alt text:

Most of the WordPress users do not add keyword rich elements to their images; it is a very common mistake. It is very important to remember that Google or any other search engines cannot see images. Normally these search engines use the alt text attribute to know what the image is. By adding alt text it not only helps the search engines to figure out about your page but will also help to generate more traffic from Google images. When you upload any image within the WordPress add a keyword in the alt text field which describes the image. The keyword need not be a full explanation of the image; just a simple single keyword can explain your image here.

To conclude let me tell you something, a good and user friendly post is considered when it is capable to answers at least some quires of the user. So use plug in to make your page more users friendly.

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