Impact of domain name on SEO

Impact of domain name on SEO

Impact of domain name on seo and smm

For starting a new website, the first and foremost decision you have to make is choosing a domain name. Domain names are the human readable internet addresses. While selecting a domain name we need to consider so many factors. The domain name which we select must be short, easy to type and easy to remember. This makes the users type the domain name directly into the web browser. Choosing a right domain name will definetly shows impact on the website success including SEO (Search engine optimization) and SMM (Social media marketing).

Impact of domain name on SEO and search rankings

Keywords and branding are the two primary ways where your domain name gives impact on your SEO efforts and search rankings


Most of the SEOs choose domain names which include with the target keyword phrases. Including the keyword phrase in the domain name made it easier to gain high rankings. Many SEOs will purchase the exact match domain name which is exactly match (EMDs) to the keyword phrase. EMD offered advantages like

  • Existing of the keyword phrase in the domain name itself is the ranking factor.
  • When linking to the site the keyword phrase in the anchor text will give results.

In some of the cases the keyword domain may increase click through rates on ads and Search engine result page listings. This helps in gaining the ranking on search engines.

Factors to be considered

  • Use keyword tool to find the exact match for the domain names.
  • Find the cost? Most of the keyword domains are already registered and are very expensive to gain them.


For purchasing a new domain branding is most important in SEO. Your online brand will directly impact your results and seo efforts. Brands are the solution not the problem. Choose a domain as the foundation of your online brand. Strong online brand means users are more likely to read, share, click on and link to a website which leads in gaining high rankings in search engines. Some of the marketers think that SEO is only about keywords and links but the reality is search engines like brands.

Factors to considered while choosing brandable domain name

Memorable: Users must able to remember your domain name easily.

Easy to spell: Avoid commonly misspelled words. Make your domain names easy to spell.

Relevant: Words have cannotations and implicit meanings. Select a relevant domain name for your website. Do a liitle research to gain a domain name.

Shorter is better: keep your domain name short atleast within one or two words.

Unique: The name which you have selected must be unique. It shows the distinct brand that stands out from your competitors.

Authoritative: The domain name should sound trustworthy.

Note: Avoid Hyphens in the domain name. Hyphens may cause negative SEO ranking factor. If the users try to retrieve the site without the hyphen there may be possibility of landing in different sites. Hyphenated domains are mostly perceived as a low quality.

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