Importance and benefits of Directory submission

Importance and benefits of Directory submission

Importance of Directory submission and its benefits

Directory submission is the process of adding a website to a web directory. It involves in submitting your website URL along with other details of your website to the most important and related categories. It is the basic step taken by the marketers to improve link popularity of a website. Charges for directory submission for a website URL is mainly depend on number of directories.

Since early days of internet marketing submitting the URL of site to web directories has been a SEO tactic. If your submitted link is approved and included in the directory then the search engines considers it. This gives more value to your presence in the directory rather than in any other websites.

Impact of directory submission on search engine rankings

Directory submission is the only way to create links to make your presence throughout the web. Search engine spiders can find your links easily in the directories and there are more chances of getting to your site. You can use directory submissions for targeting specific keywords or phrases. This leads to a better ranking and better traffic figures.

Directory submission and SEO

SEO people treat this directory submission as first step to off page optimization of a website. It will increase the visibility of a website. Links are the references to a website so the higher the number reference, the better the priority given to a website by search engines. These are the most affordable form of link building. SEOs mainly prefer these directory submissions for creating back links.

How to find appropriate directories?

Search for directories: Search engine will help you out in finding the best directories relevant to your business.

Observe your competitors backlinks: Analyze the backlinks of your top ranking competitors. It is the better way of finding relevant directories.

Analyze Quality, integrity and popularity: Estimating the quality is very important. To analyze whether the directory is worth SEO and traffic wise follow these small things

  • Check the websites domain age
  • Domains page rank and page rank of the page where the listing will be located.
  • Check No. of back links pointing to the page.
  • No. of external and outgoing links from the page.
  • See the popularity.
  • Directories user interface is important.
  • Depth and amount of information the directory provides.

Track the effect from listings

After submitting the site to your choice directories, you need a few metrics to track the seo effectiveness from each listing. Check the below points

  • Conversion rates and sales
  • Monthly visits per listing
  • Website rankings after a round of submissions
  • Check the local SERP after getting into major local directories.

Do you know the benefits of submitting links to web directories? Have a look

  • Send your targeted traffic: Web directories make people sort the right links under relevant categories. Though you have submitted the wrong category, there are human editors which place your link under the correct category.
  • Gain one way links: There will be given importance to the number of inbound links to your site by the search engines to get one way inbound links. While integrating your links don’t try to put their link on your website because the search engines discourage link exchange tactics.
  • Anchor text: While submitting the links to web directories they allow you to enter a site title which contain the keywords. This generates the seo anchor text for you and supports you in improving your search engine rankings.
  • Some of the directory submissions are free: Lot of directory submissions sites accepts freely no need of paying. Some of the high professional web directories that charge high premium for adding link.
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