Is guest blogging essential for SEO? how to start guest blogging

Is guest blogging essential for SEO? how to start guest blogging

Is guest blogging essential for SEO how to start guest blogging

For any SEO campaign gaining an inbound links boosts the positions in SERPs. Guest posting is one of the technique used in obtaining the backlinks. It is defined as a process in which a website or blog will accept and willing to publish the written content by another. This gives benefit for both the guest writer and the blog due to the exchange. Guest posting builds relationships with other bloggers. This increases the communication with other bloggers and grows the influence. Links will help you with site authority and more importantly it will increase the long tail traffic.

Guest blogging enhances your authority. Placing posts on other blogs helps in building audience and start up to associate your name with quality data. It not only brings the traffic but also brings the targeted audience. Anyone can buy the gained traffic by using PPC or other advertising. Traffic from a guest post is nothing but having an audience. Gathering group of people with same interest and maintain a long term relationships by using content marketing strategies.

How guest posting will help with SEO

Guest post will help you in rankings. But play safely with guest posting. Point to remember

Avoid using rich anchor text: Rich anchor text may cause effect and leads you to penalize eventually by search engines. So be careful.

Post on relevant blogs: Select the blogs which are relevant to your website. It will help you in sales, traffic and branding. Placing the post on bigger blogs will give good exposure than posting on unknown blogs.

Build your author rank: Google+ is one of the leading social network. It is easy to determine how good the writer you are. So publish the valuable and clean content.

Share: Make links to sites which are benefits to the reader most.

Co-citations: Though you don’t gain a link from a guest post, having your site placed in the article can give a hand in rankings.

A Start up to guest blogging

Guest blogging can be implemented quickly. As we know that this is an valuable strategy for SEO campaign. Here we go.

Research: There are lots of methods to find quality blog for guest posting. Use google search engine for finding blogs which are relevant. Other way is to join websites like my blog guest or guest blog it which are specifically connect to guest authors. Check for the PR of the website before choosing the website.

Contact: If you find the blog which is relevant to you make contact with the owner of the site. Ask them for the guest post.

Write articles: After getting permission to post just go through the previous post which is published on the site in the past. What are the styles, topics and how they addressed the articles? By understanding this you can improve the needs of the blog.

Building high quality links is one of the hard elements of SEO. Use guest post for solving the problem to some extent and gain the natural and relevant links using anchor text of your taste on a site which has good search engine authority.


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