Importance of keyword in the article

Importance of Keyword

Keyword is a word or short phrase that tells a website topic or page. It is the top ingredient in SEO (Search engine optimization). Selecting the right keywords to optimize is the first step for successful SEO. Taking the right keywords which suites your site may give you the best result. Finding the best keyword to your site by analyzing the traffic for the keywords is very important. Develop an art of choosing the right keywords.

Select the right keyword to optimize

Selecting the single keyword may give you more competition. In earlier people used to target on the single keyword but days passed and now concentrating on the two-three words search strings. Because the competition for this will be low and it may target in the results. There are some of the tools to find this type of keyword like keyword suggestion tools. Type the keyword which you want in that tool. A list of related keywords and also some of the suggestion keywords will appear. Shortlist among them accordingly and get the excellent keywords.

Density of keyword

Did you got your keywords now the next step is the keyword density. Find the density of the keywords which you have selected. Keyword density is defined as the no.of times the keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared with total no.of words on page. It is mostly used to find whether the page is relevant to a keyword or phrase. Compare the keyword with the density is linked up with the relevant search string. Check the keyword density and make your page ranks in results based on keywords. Majorly this keyword density wont work more. So list out your keywords from content and mark some of them as the top most.

Target the places with an excellent keywords

Identifying and selecting is the first part and other thing is the placing the right keywords in a right place is important. There are some places to highlight your keywords. Lets see

  • File names and urls
  • Headings
  • Page title

The quality of the keyword is important. Suppose if you have the keywords in the heading, page title, paragraphs this results more than the keywords in the bottom of the page. If your keywords have more density than your competitors but you had your targeted keywords in the URL this will boost up your rankings in the result page. As the same headings and page title keywords will gain more.