Importance of page rank to a website

Importance of page rank to a website

Importance of page rank to a website

Do you know the importance of page rank? How much it affects the search engine results? Is page rank still a major factor? PAGE RANK: As most of you know that page rank is an algorithm used to calculate a web metric invented by Google. In the early stages of search engines all the websites are ranked equally and results would be based on the content and Meta tags in the page.

Now a days these page rank is being estimated by giving values 0 to 10 to rate the importance of the page, authority and reliability. Note that these page ranks doesn’t affect the search engine rankings. Suppose a website which is having PR3 could be found in the first page of SERPs where the PR7 with the same keyword may appear in the second page of SERPs.

Links with high PR are important to develop pages authority but the links must be relevant. Why i said relevant means the links from PR 10 website, but the topic of the website is not matching to your website means this wont makes any sense in SERPs. Be natural in selecting the links from PR sites. Page rank is one of the 200 ranking factors that Google use to determine pages popularity. Don’t try to include more PR links in your sites this may lead you to penalty and loss of your own page rank.

SEO community caught on the page rank. This became a part of SEO. People who want to boost their clients are focusing on the PR. Google uses a great tactic to prevent a site that sell links from passing an of its PR on to sites that it links to. SEO analytics has been using more complicated model to “predict” the search engine results. SERP analysis tool considers several parameters including the page rank to find the strength of the each result for a keyword. Then the tool creates a list that orders the URLs which we found in SERPs by their strength. To get more accurate results many signals are taken into consideration like keywords in the domain, domain authority, page rank values, links quality, quantity and many more. This leads us to believe that PR should indeed be used.

How to get pagerank to a website?

Getting high pagerank may take bit long term SEO strategy. Find the high PR site relevant to your site and get a links to your site. The process of gaining the PR is directly tied to link acquisition which is nothing but getting links from other sites.

Use of Pagerank

So far we have discussed about the pagerank. To know why PR is still relevant then you need to have a look below.

If suppose two websites having the similar quality content and inbound links but having different PRs the site which is having high PR will appear higher in search results. PR will help you to compete with your competitors. Did you heard about the Caffeine update from google? Yes this will help you when you update a fresh content in your site can give you high rankings. If the back links relevant and natural this also can give high PR. Guests bloggers are preferring writing for sites which is having high PR. Till now we have seen the use of PR let’s see what is the use of having high PR to your site. Once you get high PR people tries to link with you. This will earn more popularity on the web. Automatically increases the search engine ranking and appear in SERPs.


There is a lot of change in day to day life. Lot of technologies and strategies are improving on web. PageRank is still competing with the latest trends. PageRank is an important factor. We need to clear about one thing that the page rank is being calculated by the inbound links of the page. If you are trying to evaluate how successful the online presence of your business then PageRank is not only the single factor to concentrate keep an eye on the conversion rates, relevant traffic and actual sales.

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