Which is important Search engine marketing or social media marketing

Search engine marketing vs social media marketing

Have you heard that search traffic has dropped while social traffic more than doubled? Yes it’s absolutely true. Before social media the search results were dominating a missive share of the World Wide Web. If you want to find the information quickly the search engines were still helpful. Lot of search engines have improved, mastered and developed how to deliver the best answers for every query raised by the visitor. Resulting the best quality and top listed on their search engine result pages. SEO specialist enhances their websites to get more traffic to the site and want trying to appear first on the results. When you gain more visitors this will likely convert visits to sales. This gave boost to the search engine marketing.

Developing of companies and engaging in business through social media accounts gave birth to social media marketing. Now a days social media is becoming a consistently reliable source of information. Recent surveys declared that 75% of people 18-26 age group use social media for searching information or purchasing. The best thing of using these networks is gaining proper information about the brands. Relevant information to the search query is available. This is the great thing to generate traffic to the websites.

Search engine marketing is the application of SEO technique so that a website achieves a high ranking in the Search engine results pages. We can find the search engines changing their algorithms every now and then. So maintaining the updates of the search engines the SEO methods shall be upgrade. This is potentially long but the rewards are priceless. It will be a challenging to land on the first SERP.

When searching on online many users prefer clicking on the first few links on the result page. Assume that by applying proper SEO techniques, you appear on the first in result page this will give your business a better exposure and it helps to generate more leads. One more advantage is good for local business.

To improve more accessibility and customer service the social presence is necessary. People started checking out in the social networks about the brands. Those who doesn’t having websites also having the social media to promote an online store where the customers can order and browse products. Having the social media gives an advantages like great visibility and highly shareable. Social media offers a free registration where the people join and discuss about topics where they can able to share, post reviews and follow the groups. Within less time more information is shareable. However the social media are gaining lot of visitors and easy to gain data either it is positive or negative.

Why can’t you merge both search and social marketing in your sites? Though the traffic is more for social media but the traffic is gaining from both. Investment on these two techniques may lead you in chance of success. If you want a strong brand merge these two.