How to maximize your organic CTR (click through rate)? Factors to improve SEO CTR

How to maximize your organic CTR

Marketers usually focus on top rankings. Methods for improving CTR are often overlooked but are very important for SEO. If the page is ranked in a SERP it helps the searcher to take action. Before selecting the relevant page most of the users review several things.

Factors that improve SEO CTR

Optimize metadata for better clickthrough

Effective writing of meta description is key to improve click through rate. Generally meta description doesn’t have any effect on rankings but since these are visible on the SERP it will get affected to your pages CTR rate.

Title tag and URL

Some of the other basics which affect the CTR is title tag and URL. Title tag is the king which heavily affects on rankings. Need a skill to write a title. While writing the title you need to consider this terms like keyword rich copy, balance of eye-catching and informative. URL is most visible on SERPs so definitely it will be having effect on CTR. Some people will click on the link based on URL.

Google authorship

Google authorship allows individuals to link to their web content along with web identity on google+. You can find the author picture in the SERP while searching for topic. This gives the user and impression to click and enter into the site. By integrating the photo many of the companies found raise in Click through rates from SERPs.

Structured data and rich snippets

Google allows to displays some additional information in the SERPs. This information draws the user’s eyes to your page and result to give more clicks. Let’s see which type of content will benefit from rich snippets are music, reviews, content, people information, review ratings, product information, mobile apps, videos and people information.

Site links

Some of SERPS results show the site links that helps the user navigate through the pages easily. Generally the site links are shown in the result pages if the query matches to search results and if it considers as a trusted source. Having the site links in snippets may improve your CTR.

Breadcrumb navigation

This will allow the user to keep track of their locations within websites by presenting them the navigation path that once can follow in order to land on a particular page. A search engine finds out the breadcrumbs and displays the information on your page in the search engine results. Breadcrumb navigation can be understood by search engines by reading the microdata or algorithmically or RDFa markup that is used by webmasters.

Social media

User will share a link on social network sites so that it will display ad instead of relevant image of your page. Implementing the social metadata also affects the CTR rate on bing and google. Social layers are the flavors of search engine results. It will be easy to visitors to bookmark or share the website. This will give impact not only to traffic and seo but also the CTR.

Increasing of organic click through rate is extremely important because it can drive you more traffic without any change in SEO campaign. Understand how the end-users think and how they evaluate the search engine results.