Is it good for seo to have url and title as same?

Is it good for seo to have url and title as same?

How search engine treat URL and title? Is it necessary to have URL and title alike? Most of the SEOs are concentrating on these factors to stand in the search results. Title tag is the main text which describes an online document. It is given second place in on-page SEO elements. Browsers, external websites and search engine result pages are the key places where title appears. URL shows the information on the page. The information which shows is used to determine the relevancy of a web page by search engines. This is also a common factor to acquire ranking in SERPs. We can see many blog publishing tools that automatically create a URL which is identical to the title. You will be having a chance to change it.

Search engines are trying to show the content which is most relevant to what people searching for. Before delivering the site to the readers search engines matches the URL and title. So URL and title make a great headline and promote the organizations. Search engine actually result to the query by matching with the title and content. It compares the keywords given by user and the posts title. It determines that the post is highly relevant and show in SERPs. If suppose the title doesn’t have the keywords matching then it will match with my URL and then also i can seemy post in results.


URLs should be brief and descriptive. Just by looking at the URL visitor should get an idea what the content on the page is related to. URL should not be more than 2048 characters because browser takes much time to load the page. Suppose if the site contains lot of files and navigation then URL should reflect with folders and subfolders. Keeping accurate, relevant and compelling URL is the key factor in ranking well. This helps both visitor and search engines. There are three benefits of URLs like semantics, relevancy and links.


You can find the title in bold blue text which appears for each search result. A title element of a web page describes the page content. Most of the social media sites use the title tag of a web page as an anchor text. Title is having value in three areas like browsing, relevancy and search engine result pages. Titles matter a lot in search engines.


Look at the keyword clusters for well popular content. Highlight the terms which are not in title but might be in URL. Based on the URL now create a title by using all the keywords utilized in URL. This may results you in greater matching queries. There is another tactic that plays an interesting thing is play a dual targeting tactic. i.e. Target single keyword tem in the title and other in URL. Then observe which one drives huge traffic and change accordingly.