Why video is such an important seo tool?

Why video is such an important seo tool?

Why has video become an important part of SEO? Why companies are deciding to use interactive video to upgrade the content on websites and blogs? Why video become an vital tool to increase the sites authority and relevance? To answer all this question just think a while how the video can educate the users. In what way the video can engage the audience? A video is an interactive media that allows blogs and websites to display their content in an effective that engage an audience.

Video has become a big deal in the SEO world. Demand for video is on the rise from businesses and consumers looking to stay first in market. Google one of the best search engines is now using the space above its organic search results to give more prominence to playable music video result. Online videos are powerful information sharing method. These can boost drive and discoverability of consumer engagement. When people search for any information in video format then these will appear in search results. These are quick form of delivering the information.

If you structured the video properly then you can expect the high volume of results. The title of the video is everything in SEO. Nothing is doing better than video now a days. Design in such a way how you want. Appearing the videos in top results in search engine will matters a lot. So have look on some steps. Factors that drive the ability to achieve higher SEO ranking using video:

Upload your videos: Upload your videos in top sites like You tube. Search engines like google will index your video if you have uploaded in popular sites.

Integrate the video into your website: Embed your video on your site. It will help the videos in getting high views because the views matters more in search results.

Embed videos on pages along with text: Give small introduction to the video which helps the search engine understanding what the content is all about.

Create a video sitemap: Google search engine recognizes a lot of formats as videos like screen capture, power point presentations and slideshow that are animated. Search engine wont check out the video content which searches for what your video is.

Concentrate on long tail keywords: Embed your video title with excellent keywords. Title, search term and other words need to match your video title.

Build back links to your video: Try to build links to your videos.

Why people are preferring videos?

  • In today’s society not everyone enjoys a good read. Small video clips are helpful in delivering the information to receptive audiences.
  • Videos are a large part of mobile society. These can be watched on variety of platforms like laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  • It is easy to share the videos on social media sites.
  • Videos can humanize the organization. It shows the potential customers who are actual people behind the brand.

Videos were nice to have on website. These became a mandatory element of any serious viable business.