PicSell – Sell digital downloads like files, videos, images, stock photos with Joomla

If you are planning to sell files, videos, images online, stock photos, you are in a right place. Sell images online with Joomla using PicSell Component. PicSell is the perfect component to sell stock photos/ stock images, zip files, videos, flv, swf files online with Joomla.
Note: Pictures in the pop-up are draggable. Please drag the images in the pop-up window if the image size is bigger than the display size. PicSell is now resposive.
Please see the PicSell full features below.
For free installation on Joomla please open a support ticket using above “support” link.

PicSell Features

  • Sell Images
  • Sell files and downloads
  • Sell flv, swf and Videos
  • Sell multi size images – S, M, L and XL
  • On/Off multi size images
  • One page checkout
  • Watermark creation
  • CSV export and import
  • Create watermark with csv
  • Turn PicSell as showcase
  • Turn PicSell as gallery
  • Tag cloud module
  • Search images based on image tags
  • Bulk Upload
  • Bulk Edit
  • Play demo video
  • Order Management
  • Links Management
  • Click limit downloads
  • Time limit downloads
  • Cart as module
  • Search module
  • Sell prints
  • Collect shipping address
  • Enable/Disable discounts
  • Minimum purchase for discounts
  • Play video on payment
  • Renew expired links
  • Send free downloads
  • Enable free downloads
  • Customize rows and column numbers
  • External Language File
  • PayPal Payment gateway
  • 2CheckOut(2CO) payment gateway
  • Google Checkout
  • Moneybookers payment gateway
  • Edit cart quantity
  • Highly customizable
  • Supports USD, AUD, GBP, EURO,
    NZD, ZAR currencies
  • Enable VAT
  • Free customer support



Sell images right from your mobile using PicSell

Yes. We have recently launched the PicSell app for Android. You just need to set the mobile password for PicSell from your joomla admin > PicSell settings. Install the app and login with your site URL as (user id) and the password.

login view_image list_images edit_image

for more details visit PicSell documentation