List of best iPad or iPhone apps June 2013

List of best iPad or iPhone apps June 2013

Looking for great iPad apps to have one in your new iPad?? Look no further!!! There are tons and loads of free iPhone or iPad apps available but here we list the top best, latest and hottest iPad iPhone apps review.



Chrome – a great web browser from Google for ages now is integrated with iPad for a much fast, faster and fastest browser experience on the go.



Infinity Blade II

The Infinity Blade II is now one of the best selling iOS game adventures with deathless tyrants, legion of titans and upgrade characters raising the triple-A mobile gaming bar mysteriously. Worth a look!!!




iBooks is an awe-inspiring iPad way to let users build up their knowledge through virtual bookshelf or library. This app includes iBookstore to browse, download or read the latest and hot favorite books with just few taps. Shop the iBooks now!!!!



iMovie is a fun and fast moviemaking app that is integrated with everything you need to make a beautiful HD movie, create spectacular trailers, thrilling home movies and share them finished globally  anywhere on the go in minutes right away from the iMovie app.All you need to do is tap, swipe and drag to make some magic stuff and get a big break.


The daily

Get set go with, The Daily – a daily national news publication app built to engage users get a magazine combined with the immediacy of the web and the need-to-know content of a newspaper embedded with attractive, intuitive and interactive interface. Download The Daily and get beyond printed word!!!!


Grand Theft Auto III:

 Grand Theft Auto III is an addicting and entertaining Chinatown wars having the same open-world criminal playground optimized with new control layouts, all new lightings and effects. This app is a perfect port and fun ride!!!!!


Tiny Wings HD

The tiny wings as the name hints is a new racing mode where a tiny fat bird have always dreamed of flying but wings being tiny. The game world is beautiful filled with hills that helps you jump, slide down, flap your tiny wings and fly for a while. Play faster and farther on iPad!!!


Frisbee Forever 2

Frisbee Forever 2 is game filled with mysterious, challenging bonus levels to experience the rollercoaster ride of your lifetime. The point of the game is to throw the Frisbee and steer through it through series of hoops, driving and gliding along the edge of erupting volcanoes, fly above snow to achieve the finish.


Cut the rope:

It’s one of the best games on the iPad or iPhone is a simple game where a little cute monster eats candy like his job dangling ropes by tracing your fingertip across the screen. Feed candies to the monster!!!!



A clean and robust puzzle game ever played that will undoubtedly keep you interested, engaging splattering all the fun over for people who wants something to do during their free or appointment time. Small game!!! Big fun!!!


Walking Dead: The Game

Walking Dead: The Game is a reckoning and thrilling adventure game app featuring five-part episodic series tailored accordingly with the decisions made by the player leading to multiple horror paths.


BBC iPlayer:

Watch live TV, listen to live radio, catch up most popular or featured programmed, add programmes to your favorites, read them, read phone state and identity, only with BBC iPlayer app.



With iPhoto app organize photos by who, where and when, turn your boring snaps more interesting, share, make sliders, create photo books, calendars and anything  you ever thought possible all in one place.


Action burn:

This is a social workout trackers that helps track your entire workout, access to preloaded exercise, enables you to add own workouts    for a better and healthy lifestyle. Stay connected with your workout now!!!!


Angry birds space

Angry birds space a spectacular game-play featuring 50+ interstellar levels ranging from slow motion puzzles to light speed destructions on a strange new galaxy with zero gravity.



Take the advantage from all the built-in technology from iPad  or iPhone and experience the web. Its great stuff !!!

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