List of best plugins that turns your WordPess site into a Mobile App

List of best plugins that turns your WordPess site into a Mobile App

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Start improving your business by converting the WordPress site into a mobile app.

Have a look at couple of Android mobile app samples built by XML/SWF

Hindi tips for beauty & health Converted WordPress site into Android mobile app

This app describes about beauty and health tips in Hindi. It is being added with new features like search bar, all new UI, login screen and animated transition.

Beauty & health tips Converted WordPress site into Android mobile app

This wonderful app updates the mobile users about latest beauty & homemade tips. Latest features added in this Android mobile app are voice search compatible, search bar to get loved tips, sharable content, crash fixes, click animations and transition animations.

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Here is the key solution for turning your WordPress site into a mobile app. Mobile app act as a gateway to connect the site to the users without the help of browser. This is a great opportunity for WordPress users to deliver the content to customers with a wonderful mobile app. In day to day life, mobile users are increasing rapidly and survey tells that 60% traffic is getting from mobiles. Having a portable device in hand for grabbing the information on web is now simple. Create a positive impact to your website by making a native mobile app.

As we know that WordPress is one of the major CMS platform. Either it is small or big building website is simple with WordPress. WordPress comes with a huge number of features to make the website a mobile friendly.

Give your customers a great choice to interact with your site by building a friendly mobile app. Apps are being considered by lot of businesses but it seems little difficult to build an app. But things are different now, without the coding knowledge you can easily build a native mobile app to your WordPress site. Be sure that your WordPress site is adaptable to mobile version then the things will go smooth. You can find ton of ways on web for building an app but choosing the right way is important.

There are few WordPress plugins running out in the market which can easily transform your website into a native mobile app. So you don’t even want to spend time on learning coding or any other frameworks for platforms like IOS, Android and more. Let’s see how to build a capable mobile app to a WordPress site!!

List of best plugins that turns your WordPess site into a Mobile App






AppPresser is the famous and leading app which helps in converting the WordPress website into a nice mobile app. Whatever the WordPress project may be this AppPresser works great. It is easy to make a Mobile app for WordPress website using this AppPresser. Website builders can build any IOS or Android mobile apps quickly with AppPresser. It is a simple WordPress plugin that is to install in your site. WordPress integration, own & host app, compile with phonegap, customize in WordPress and no monthly fees are the major features of this AppPresser. Previously webmaster doesn’t have much access on all app features of WordPress but now this makes the work simple. AppPresser allows the webmaster to grasp the features.

Comparatively the AppPresser price is higher but it is effective in creating mobile app for WordPress sites.

Pricing Details

Starter Bundle

The pricing starts from $199 for 5 Apps as a starter bundle package which includes features like app theme, apppush and 1 year support or updates.

Advantages in Starter bundle

  • You can customize the look of your mobile app
  • Send push notifications
  • Renew for 50% of current price


This bundle price is $399. App license is same like starter bundle for 5 APPS but the vary is that you can earn some extra features like APPcamera and APPBuddy. If you want to upload the photos or take photos through apps means this package is preferable, although you can get social media app & buddypress integration.

Advantages of appPresser AppBuddy bundle package

  • Customize the app according to your taste
  • Take or upload the photos via Apps
  • AppBuddy gives a social media app and buddypress integration
  • 1 Year support along with renew for 50% of current price

Agency Bundle

This is best opt for those who want to create more mobile apps for different WordPress sites. This agency bundle includes all the features and comes for $499 with 25 APPS. Features included in this full package bundle are APPtheme, Appbuddy, Appcamera, AppPush, AppWoo, geolocation, AppSwiper, licenses and 1 year support/updates. You can save $1,193 by choosing this agency bundle package.

Advantages of AppPresser agency bundle package

  • You can get the geolocation and check ins
  • A special touch enabled content slider feature is embedded.
  • WooCommerce integration is possible
  • Social media app and buddyPress integration
  • Send push notifications
  • Customize the look of your app by app theme
  • Uploading and taking of photos through apps is possible.
  • Finally the renew for 50% of current price.
  • Licenses for 25 Apps.

Why to choose AppPresser?

Though there are lots of plugins for mobile app building in market this AppPresser is preferable by lot of WordPress users. It helps to build the WordPress apps in simple and quick manner. No need of paying any monthly fees. All you need is nothing but a mobile WordPress website.

Features of AppPresser

  • You can gain native device features if you opt for AppPresser
  • Get complete access to use all the features of WordPress
  • Use WordPress plugins
  • You can publish the IOS/ Android stores easily.
  • Familiar WordPress interface
  • Managing the app and site at 1 place is possible
  • WordPress ecommerce

IdeaPress turn WordPress site into Mobile App (Iphone, Android  and WinPhone)

IdeaPress turn WordPress site




Do you want to convert your WordPress site into Mobile App? Then here is a IdeaPress to help you out. It makes the mobile app space more interactive to the user for both technical and non technical people to develop their personal WordPress site mobile Apps. IdeaPress tells in step by step to how to convert the WordPress site into Mobile App. Take your content into mobile world by exploring with a smart touch interface. Ideapress allows you to design the app without writing a single line of code. Let’s see the pricing details of this IdeaPress.

Features of IdeaPress

  • Offline browsing feature offers the users to view the content when they don’t have internet. It stores the content and displays it anytime.
  • No need of updating frequently like other Apps because IdeaPress app having the dynamic updating features.
  • Customizing the categories and pages is simple. Choose the pages that you want to integrate in the app either IOS, Windows or Android phone.
  • One of the bright feature is sharing, bookmarking and searching. IdeaPress apps hold the power. Users can search for the topic or content on the site and share that pages or posts. Bookmark feature allows the reader to save the content for later viewing.
  • IdeaPress makes the readers enjoy using Android, IOS and winphone app.

Pricing details IdeaPress

Publishing + Build Service

You can get this for $199. The features you get are: App store submission, regular app maintenance, support 1 URL, inhouse testing and app rep, submission troubleshooting and community license. You will be having an average submission time is 5 days.

Build Service

Generate apps for all three platforms IOS, Android and winphone. The price of this is $69. Features that you can earn with this are customer support, support 1 URL, community license, lot of features explained in about and ios, windows phone or Android apps for your website.

Source code for developer

Get this for $1000 with features like source code of IdeaPress development, developer license and support 1 URL.

Worona – Native Mobile app for free IOS & Android

Worona – Native Mobile app for free IOS & Android




Are you searching for free plugins for WordPress site for converting into Mobile App? Creating the mobile app for WordPress site is simple and easy with this Worona plugin. Worona is simple WordPress open source plugin that can turn your WordPress site into a native mobile APP. It can easily take the content from your site and it represents on your app.

Features of Worona

Complete your site by giving a mobile app using this Worona WordPress plugin. It is having some special features like.

  • Read offline – Users can easily read the content on the apps when they are not having internet.
  • Drive more traffic – Increase in user engagement so that readers can spend lot of time checking your content.
  • In pocket – This friendly app allows the users to carry the app right in pockets.
  • Push notifications – Let users notify about the latest updates by sending push notifications.

What all you need to pay is for publishing and for extension features. A Set of extension is being developed to add features to the app. You can buy the features only for what you need. If you are a code generator you can build your own extensions because Worona is the open source. The extension list is

  • Enhanced list (49€) – This makes your App shine with post featured images.
  • Push notifications (49€) – Give latest post updates to the App readers by sending push notifications.
  • Rate my app (59€) – Reviews are major important for online success. Let your users give some review.
  • Share (29€) – Sharing the posts via social networks is simple with this share extension.
  • White Label (19€) – This extension is powered by worona.
  • Featured Image (19€) – Image is the attracting thing in the post so this extension will display the feature image inside every post.
  • Analytics (49€) – Analyze the app how it is being used by users. And discover what they prefer more likely.

Some of the other extensions like categories, ads, next  and enhanced reading are coming soon to improve the functionalities of your App.

Without publishing your App to App stores the work would be so incomplete and you can’t even get the traffic. Worona offers a deal for publishing the app to the App stores like Google play and Apple app store. Check the packages for publishing the App below.

Publish (150€)

For publishing it cost 150€ where you can get iOS App, build & publish, Android App and one time payments options.

Publish Pro (250€)

This publish Pro is for a limited time and costs (250€). For this package you can get the services like ios App, Android App, build & publish and one time payment. One major advantage in this you can get this with inclusion of all Extensions so that you can save more that (200€).


This is the solution for professionals where they can get the custom features, bulk prices, include your branding and private developer accounts.

Whatever the Worona publish service may be these three are common services like submission to stores, configure & build and free updates.

Mobiloud plugin for converting WordPress site into Mobile App

Mobiloud plugin for converting WordPress site into Mobile App




Mobiloud is one of the solutions to convert WordPress site into a mobile App either for IOS or Android. Grow your traffic by creating personal Apps for your WordPress sites. It requires less effort to turn your site into a stunning mobile App. Considering of Mobiloud will automatically update the Apps.

Here are the amazing features of this plugin. Let’s see them

  • Customizable – Give a nice design to your App according to your taste by customizing the app. Add your personal logo and interface colors. You can also give your personalized app icon and launch images.
  • Monetise – Mobiloud is having some mobile ad servers like Google DFP and MoPub which gives a strong flexibility in serving the banners from ad networks. AdMob ad units are for IOS and Android.
  • Sharing – It is easy to share the content in other social networks like facebook and twitter.
  • Updates – Mobiloud WordPress plugin will update the information automatically by displaying the latest content.
  • Push notifications – By giving latest notifications to the users will bring them back to your site and increase the audience. It is the best retention tool.
  • Comments – Your users will be having a chance of commenting on your post on the top.
  • Offline – Mobiloud WordPress plugin users can keep the access of content even when they are offline.

Some of the other features like multi language support, analytics, show page URLS, image galleries, third party plugins, custom post types and launch it with no effort.

Let’s have a look at this Mobiloud Plans & Pricing

There are three plans with differ in prices called starter, professional and publisher.


This is a starter plan where you can easily build the native apps. It cost $49/mo. You can get iOS and android apps, unlimited push notifications, up to 2000 total downloads, build & submission included, includes a mention of MobiLoud and email support.


This plan covers the whitelabel and mobile ads support. It comes for $99/mo with bright services like iOS and Android apps, upto 5000 total downloads, unlimited push notifications, whitelabel no Mobiloud branding, mobile ads, build & submission included and Email support.


You can get everything unlimited with extra support for this publisher plan for $199/mo. Services are unlimited app downloads, iOS & Android apps, unlimited push notifications, whitelabel, small customizations, mobile ads and unlimited app downloads, small customizations included, build & submission included and phone & email support.

MobiLoud offers a life time plans by one time fee pay for App. For this your can get lifetime license with no subscription fees. Choose the type of lifetime license and start checking out. For this you need pay one off payments of $1,399. For unlimited push notifications for life extra price is $399 and for whitelable extra $299.

Wiziapp plugin for converting WordPress site into Mobile App

Wiziapp plugin for converting WordPress site into Mobile App




This wiziapp  plugin is very friendly to create a mobile app of your WordPress site. It actually creates a HTML5 app and shown to mobile users. The apps of iOS and android are created once they signed up to the Pro plan.

Let’s check out the plans of Wiziapp. There are separate plans for Android and IOS. Have a look.

For HTML5 web App you can get it for free of cost. Features are display mobile site as HTML5 web App, keep the desktop theme intact, monetize the mobile webapp using Adsense Ads.

Pricing List of WiziApp

Native Android App

You can get this Android App for $399/one time. Features included in this are create your own native Android App, unlimited push notifications and publish your App to the Google play store.

For native iPhone & iOS apps

For iphone & ipad WordPress site mobile App cost is $499/ one time. It includes features like publish your app to apple AppStore, unlimited push notification and own native iPhone & iPad Apps.

All in one pack price of wiziapp

Save $400 by choosing this all in one pack. You can get this pack for $599/ one time. High features and services included in this plan are native android app, HTML5 mobile WebApp with 7 stunning themes, display your ads or keep the app free from Ads and native iphone & iPad Apps.              

IonWordPress – WordPress full integrated mobile app

IonWordPress – WordPress full integrated mobile app



Take your WordPress site to next level by integrating this wonderful premium plugin. This friendly plugin is having ability to turn your WordPress site into a mobile app. Build the app you need by integrating this plugin into your WordPress site. Ionic is focused on UI interaction and look & feel of your app. Some of the amazing features of this WordPress to mobile app are full integration with WordPress, PhoneGap/cordova full hybrid app, beautiful UI/UX, easy style customization, angularJS controllers, filters, services, App walkthrough, UI route authentication, Login/register fully integrated WordPress, push notification for android and iOS and many more. Javascript JSON, Javascript JS, CSS and HTML are the files included. Customization is simple with friendly features. This WordPress plugin is having ability to turn the site into iOS are android app.

Wapppress – Builds Android mobile app for any WordPress website

Builds Android mobile app for any WordPress website



Don’t neglect the mobile customers? According to analysis traffic received is more from mobile users than remaining devices. So target the mobile users by turning your WordPress site into a mobile app. Let your customers access the site from mobile devices. Creating a mobile android app is now simple with this amazing WordPress plugin. Buy this Wapppress for premium cost and integrate that into your WordPress site. It doesn’t need much coding knowledge to build a mobile app. What all you need to have a mobile friendly WordPress website? Just a few clicks you can see turn your WordPress site into an android mobile app. Wapppress is a powerful and easy plugin to build a mobile app. Compete with fastest growing mobile app industry by having a app. PHP, CSS, layered PNG and Javascript JS are the files included. Bootstrap 3.x is the compatible version.

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