A Little duplicate content won’t hurt your rankings


Content is the major thing which points to the user’s attention. Most of the search engines focusing on the relevant content and gains the most visibility. Content is the king in SEO. Best content can take you to the high position in ranking. Gathering the information and placing the right content in the site without any duplication is very important. Webmaster is always concern about the duplicate content. If the googlebot finds that the contents are duplicate then there will be a problem in Google index.

Issue of duplicate content

Scrapping the content of the original websites or the site owner asks to republish free articles that are republished on masses of other sites. This type of sites will be getting a big problem with a duplicate content. It is mostly copy content created on other websites.

Duplicate content is not problem for the quoting parts of other web pages

Most of the content 25 to 30% on the web is duplicate content. Especially the quotations on a blog, people quote a paragraph in a blog and then link to the blog.  This results in hurting the search quality rather than helping. Maintaining the identical content wont gives the impression. More over the goggle doesn’t accept the identical pages. Showing the identical pages to the user wont allows user staying in the same site longer. Google search engine doesn’t like to give identical pages to the searcher because it won’t give user the good experience.

Don’t panic if you have the little duplicate content in two versions or terms

Planned to make a regular website and the site is something like .com or .co.uk, two versions, older or newer that sort a duplicate content happens all time on the web. Don’t get any stressed about that. It is only the little bit of duplicate content. Alert on the local directory types of websites. There will be a false content and it won’t match to the user what he actually looking for.

So there is no worry about the little duplicate content like quoting another website (or) having two versions of terms and conditions. Google identifies the duplicate content sites and marks them as a spam. Because maintaining the same content in the two many sites won’t add any value to the search results.