Myths of email marketing

Myths of email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best bay of communicating with people. Delivering the message in the form of a mail and reaching to the people. Sending the information about the particular product or business and targeting the group of people with the same message is its aim.  This results the relationship of merchant with the customer. There is two types of email marketing

  • Transactional emails: These mails consist of triggered messages like purchase or order confirmation, dropped basket messages, email receipts. Transactional email is mostly preferred by the software vendors because it helps in to promote the messages.
  • Direct emails: This mail is to communicate a promotional message. In this method most of the companies will buy the email addresses to communicate with the target people from the service companies.

Here are some of the myths for email marketing

  • The subject line in the mail should be small for better results. The subject line in the mail is very important. Most of the people select the mail by seeing the subject line. Effective subject line will help you in targeting the customers.
  • Sending the more emails on the same brand will effect. Sending four emails per month may double the number of customers. Why because there is a chance of seeing at least one mail among the four. This will increase your revenue.
  • Don’t send too many mails it may lead you to spam. Because so many people seeing at the subject line may throw it to the spam. Changing of the subject line may cure this problem.
  • Some of the consumers wish to sort out the mails according to the brand. Keeping in point of the consumers sorting of the mails and choosing the mails you have to target the people.
  • There will be a best time for sending the emails. Selecting the time and sending the mails is important.
  • Selecting the users and inactive users and sending the mails is important. Let out the users who are not in active for more long time is maintained. Those who are not responding for the mails sent should be marked as the inactive.

Some of the Key steps which can take you to the successful email marketing:

  • Collecting an list of email addresses
  • Build an email campaign
  • Write emails
  • Consolidating the names
  • Send an email blast
  • Bounced emails

Collecting a list of email addresses: Collect the list of customers is the best way of email marketing. Hope you have the some of the contacts numbers in the database but for now you need the email addresses for this so that the pointing of the customers will be easier.

Build an email campaign: Campaign gives you face to face communication with the consumers and maintains good relationship. There you can give demo of your product may also possible to collect the email addresses of them.

Write emails: This is the major task. Pointing the people with an effective content is important. Mention the best deals and offers of your product. So that it may attract the customer.

Consolidating the names: It would be much better if the names and email ids are stored in the form an Excel or outlook. It is easy to export the data from that.

Sending an email blast: The email blast means sending the mails in proper time. If the mail sent that should be opened and information should reach the customer.

Bounced emails: Make sure of knowing about the bounce mails. Bounce means it won’t reach to the recipients and its send back to the inbox. This all happens when the email is not correct.

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