New Google Maps are now rolling out with latest features

google maps

Navigate the world by discovering new ways around you with google maps. Google Map is the application and technology provided by google. It is one of the best web mapping service used by millions of people. This became a most popular app for smartphones. More than 54% of global smartphone owners are using Google Maps at least once during the month.

Have you ever tried the google maps? If you want to reach your targeted destination in unknown regions this google maps will guide you to reach safely without any diversions. It offers street maps and route planner for traveling by bike, car, foot and with public transportation. Google Maps provides high resolution satellite or aerial images for most urban areas of the world. Most of the websites were created to feature satellite images. Route planner of google maps provide directions and allow the user to travel by giving the specific rules. Just point your destination automatically the google satellite will show your present area and shows the way to reach their.

In last May google I/O developer conference the company introduced updated version of desktop Maps experience. From then it has been in preview and users started using classic and new versions. Now its coming out of preview and soon the google maps are going to be default PC google Maps experience. Google has been adding latest features and adjusting the new Maps. The product is being updated with enhanced features like

  • Smart routing and directions to many destinations
  • Hotel, restaurant and airline reservation bookings
  • Rich images, photo tours and interior photography
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Social content and personalization
  • Traffic updates

Google Maps are the leading digital mapping platform and also one of the company’s successful products. After integrating the Maps into the Android it became more popular and well used by the mobile users. Google announced on its Maps blog that it’s going to be a new look which is officially bringing the redesigned app out of beta. This will be going to available worldwide.

The main idea behind redesign is to avoid clutter by providing the user the relevant information they need. Users can experience quickly by picking up the image Carousel at the bottom of the screen which appears when you switch to 3D google Earth mode. It moved all the images and panorama photos into Carousel so the space is used to highlight street view imagery.

The new Google Maps is going to rolled out for all the users around the world within couple of weeks.