Blogstrap latest responsive wordpress premium theme

Blogstrap latest responsive wordpress premium theme

Here we are with our new responsive wordpress premium theme “Blogstrap”. Blogstrap is designed with beautiful and amazing features that everyone wishes to have in the theme which they are going to buy. Buying a profitable theme for online business growth is very important. Presentation of the website in an awesome way gives lot of benefits. While designing this particular theme we focused on the modern technologies that are mostly adaptable by the users. Blogstrap is having a good quality and before releasing it got tested with all platform devices, since it is developed within responsive nature results are accurate. It is a best opportunity to make use of this trendy wordpress theme and experience the success in online world.

Blogstrap latest responsive wordpress premium theme



Blogstrap theme is constructed on white background where the elements look brighter. Theme looks simple and excellent. You can find static menu bar in the header with logo, mega menu and search icon. For visitors attention image slider in the home screen is big that webmaster can upload the related images of business. Theme is best designed with retina ready so the images look sharp on devices. Each post is having social network options, no.of views, date and comments.

You can buy this Blogstrap wordpress responsive theme with affordable price. Installation of the theme is explained clearly in documentation section so have a look. Blogstrap offering valuable options like more than 20 shortcodes, more than 10 widgets, revolutionary slider, mega menu, load more and masonry layouts. You can gain four blog layouts like single column, two columns, three columns and four columns. Again each column is having full width, right sidebar and left sidebar. Hope all these options are very familiar but blogstrap integrated latest options in blog layout which are mostly using in web applications like pagination, infinite scroll and load more. By utilizing these layout options you can build an attractive website. Infinte scroll is mostly using element by designers to gain user experience.

Blogstrap is having unique shortcodes like accordion, tabs, load more, alerts, popover, blogquotes, buttons, google maps, carousel, labels, lists, images, charts, collapse, pop up, separators, tooltips, highlighted text, youtube and vimeo. Make your post colorful by using these shortcodes. Mega menu helps to handle each page effectively by showing sub menu with options hover or click. Webmaster can easily set the menu structure for defined location, so navigation becomes simple. No need of worrying about your content because blogstrap provides a lot of content settings that allows your post looks great. Choose the best font that you like for the text using typography. Branding lies in perfect displaying the remarkable logo. Upload the logo of your site and adjust accordingly by using the options available in dashboard.

Blogstrap is inbuilt with custom widgets like go-accordion, go-ads, go author, go category, go notifications, go-posts with thumbnails, go-recent comments, go-slider, go-tabbed and go-tabbed-category. Revolution slider is one of the powerful plugin which is mostly used by the web applications. This plugin is responsive ready and having multiple slider layout options like full screen, auto responsive, custom and fixed. By using revolution slider creating custom sliders is simple. Grab the visitors with images, videos, links and many more options by making rich slides using revolution slider.

People started using different devices for getting information like ipads, iphones etc. Taking this point in consideration we have integrated the retina ready option in blogstrap wordpress theme. Using of retina ready plugin the image files in your website look great and crisp on every device. Masonry layout is now innovative one in the web design world. Table based with offset pagination is rapidly falling down where as the masonry layout with infinite scroll is accepting by number of users. Arranging the data in grid layout based on columns is masonry style. Like other layouts like grid it doesn’t have any fixed height rows. It only optimizes the space present in the web page by reducing the useless gaps. So the post looks great and stylish.

Checkout the live demo and buy the blogstrap with premium price. Enjoy utilizing our newly released blogstrap responsive wordpress theme.

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