Blogstrap premium responsive wordpress theme

Today we are presenting you the colorful retina ready responsive wordpress theme BLOGSTRAP. Blogstrap premium responsive wordpress theme is now running in the market by exploring with its unlimited features. Let your customers feel worthy visiting your site by building a nice wordpress website with our blogstrap theme. Theme is designed by professionals by following all the latest trends and modern technologies. Blogstrap is designed using cool colors that look so simple. Logo, search bar and drop down call to action buttons are placed in the header. These options can help the visitor in quick navigation.

Blogstrap premium wordpress theme




Now it is easy to use template editing without the knowledge of CSS or HTML because the blog layout feature. It is one of the excellent features inbuilt in the blogstrap wordpress theme. In blog layout you can find four columns and each column is divided into full width, right sidebar and left sidebar. As we know that every theme is offering these types of layouts but blogstrap added pagination, infinite scroll and load more options in blog layouts which are very user-friendly to the webmaster. Pagination layout displays the content into discrete pages like printer or electronic pages. It is now commonly used in web application to divide the pages and display the data into multiple pages. One more is infinite scrolling; this is excessively used in web design trends. Using of this infinite scrolling we can create a better user experience because while scrolling down more content is loaded. This infinite scroll works great on mobile.

Blogstrap theme is inbuilt with some of the shortcodes like accordion, charts, alerts, images, collapse, labels, seperators, youtube, popup, google maps, button, load more, tooltip, lists, tabs, columns, blockquotes, carousel, button, highlighted text, vimeo and popover. Revolutionary slider is the one of the popluar wordpress plugin in community which has huge features. It shows the content with high transitions, effects, custom animations and easy to customize. No need of loading the plugin once again you can gain this revolutionary slider along with the blogstrap wordpress theme. Using of the shortcodes vimeo and youtube it would be simple to upload related videos to your business. Once have a look on shortcodes listed in documentation you can get a clear idea.

Managing of number of pages in large sites is now simple. Mega menu in the blogstrap provides an easy navigation to the users. It helps the user to see all the menu options at a single shot without any need of drill down for sub navigations. Just a feawer clicks the user can able to watch the menus. While constructing a website webmaster should care more on these mega menus.

Blogstrap even allows your site to link with social network sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest, flickr, google plus, dribble, youtube, vimeo, instagram, linkedin, stumble and many more. It won’t need much time to add your social network and get linked with your site. Specify the URL of your social links and get engaged with users by delivering them the latest updates of your business. This is the best way of staying in touch with customers and makes them visiting the site number of times for more information.

Masonry layout is the new norm which is used in most of the web applications. We heard that pinterest is the major website that is using masonry layout style. It is nothing but the grid layout which is based on columns. Why this masonry layout is used? It is best used to reduce the unnecessary gaps in web page. It improves the site with good functionality and gives a magic look to the website. If you want to make use of this masonry layout you need to use grid based layout, items in grid need to have varied dimensions and require a number of items to see the specific layout effect. Make your logo remarkable in visitors view by designing a creative logo. Blogstrap provides lot many options to adjust the header. Upload favicon image using native uploader. Apple icon, apple iphone icon, ipad icon and retina icon are the remaining options present in the header settings.

In blogstrap theme framework there are 10 custom widgets inbuilt in it like go-accordion post, go-ads widget, go-author post widget, go-category post widget, go-notifications widget, go-post with thumbnails widget, go-recent comments widget, go-slider widget, go-tabbed widget and go-tabbed-category widget. These widgets provide a friendly atmosphere to give a perfect outlook to the website.

Since the theme is designed with responsive nature the site can easily adaptable to any platform device. Give a quick start to your wordpress blog or site by integrating this theme. Sure this blogstrap theme will bring profits to your online business. Gain this premium responsive wordpress theme with reasonable price.