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10 Top Best High Quality Magento Premium Templates/Themes 2013

Magento has is one of the very big e-solution players aimed at all the smaller and larger companies for marketing, promotional and SEO tools; analytics and reporting; mobile commerce; catalog-management tools where all the Magento users have the freedom to customize their store with new themes, templates and plug-ins.

With such hype for Magento in market, we present you a showcase of excellent Premium Magento templates, by far the best magento templates around for your e-commerce business to serve you either as an inspiration for your themes, or as the foundation for your customized themes.

Stop paying thousands to have one template done at such quality, this collection of 10 top best high quality magento premium templates 2013 is definitely a one-stop solution for all who are hunting for simple, high quality, amazing, gorgeous and premium Magento templates.

Travel Premium Magento theme

Demo Link

Travel Premium Magento theme is a flexible and a high quality Magento Theme with clear presentation of work/products/services using a big fat banner/flash image, features images with appropriate information, multiple widgets/modules besides being a very easy to customize Magento theme.

This magento template is sure to bring a more corporate look and feel to your website with a clean and simple design.

Clothes store Premium Magento theme

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Clothes store Premium Magento theme is clear, easy to customize Magento template loaded with many new features including cute menu tabs, powerful admin module, amazing slideshow, new products display on homepage, multiple modules/widgets and so on.

This Magento template is one of the most powerful and flexible templates around that can be used for various site functions, from portal to realty site or community site.

Summer wedding Premium Magento theme

Demo Link

Summer wedding Premium Magento theme is a flexible and a high quality Magento Theme that’s just clear and easy to customize besides providing a powerful admin module to set parameters easily. This magento template has a best showcase of all its products/services in a crystal clear and straight forward fashion without any messy things around. Summer wedding Premium Magento theme is one of the best Magento templates with beautiful navigation system and execution of products.

Sun Premium Magento theme

Demo Link

Here is a clean and pure Sun Premium Magento theme that is perfect for anyone who wants just a template without the bells and whistles.

A fantastic high quality Magento template for any and very ecommerce website out there, to add with this template is very easy to install and configure with minimal maintenance. All you need to do is just download, install, tweak with and enjoy!!!

Luxary Linen Premium Magento theme

Demo Link

Luxary Linen Premium Magento theme is loaded with a lush color scheme made up white and pink combination. The template has a smooth plain white background and has used pink in slogans, and other places to highlight the importance of the products/services, besides featuring a big room space for a slideshow, featured product images, tabs, and other modules/widgets.

Simple!! Simpler!!! Simplest!!! Magento theme!!!!

Photo Premium Magento theme

Demo Link

Photo Premium Magento theme is a super awesome magento template that is designed in any outstanding way owning modern design layout that delivers a clean and clear view to your website customers.

This magento template is a very useful yet resourceful template that is just bright and striking which can bring a bit of light and soul sun to any ecommerce website.

Lingerie Premium Magento theme

Demo Link

Here is a Lingerie Premium Magento theme – an intelligible and easy to customize template full of new features including drop down menu, slideshow, highlight of newest products on homepage and so on, all across a bright purple background.

This template will best fit for clothing store, fashion store and any magento store which needs modernity and fashionable outlook all the way.

Organic cosmetics Premium Magento theme

Demo Link

Organic cosmetics Premium Magento theme is a brand new Magento theme to showcase all your essential art work/photography/products/services/stuff online in a more interactive and easy to understand fashion.

Designed using pleasant green and white combination, images and texture makes layout bright, neat, glamour, and luxurious which definitely will abate your visitors eye eyes.

Bachus Premium Magento theme

Demo Link

Bachus Premium Magento theme is glamours yet luxurious high quality Magento theme designed to display all your website services/products exceptionally.

Decorated all across a wooden style background which highlights and enhances focus to all the essential stocked products, thus this fabulous magento theme is going to add soul and essence to your products all the way.

A clean, yet catchy, luxurious and glamour Magento template!!!!

Food Store Premium Magento theme

Demo Link

If you want to have a simple, elegant yet smooth going Magento template, then Food Store Premium Magento theme, is for you. A clean, bright layout and well structured arrangement of recipes/products/services makes user browsing /shopping experience much easier.

Magneto template with a simple white background, skilful delicious images and texture making your customers go hunger, excited and convinced to check your yummy recipes all the way.

10 Top Best os Commerce Premium Templates 2013

osCommerce is an open source e-commerce and online store management platform that has attracted a large expanding community crowd including store owners, developers, service providers, and enthusiasts.

osCommerce Premium templates are here to impress you and your visitors and help your online web store back increase sales.

All the OS commerce templates cited here are best of top best OS Commerce templates 2013 that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain online stores with minimum effort and within reasonable costs and no limitations involved.

Be sure to check out all the 10 top best os commerce premium templates 2013 listed below!!!

Flowers online store – OS Commerce Template

Demo Link

Flowers OS Commerce Template is here to give you a chance to jazz up your website frontend layout with a crystal clear and eye-catching premium OS Commerce template.

This OS Commerce template allows you to create a stunning website layout and display all your content/products/services in a more interactive and eay to understand fashion.

Give a try!!!!!!

Coffee online store – OS Commerce Template

Demo Link

Here is the coffee themed amazing readymade OS Commerce template ready to be installed to your web store besides customizing the templates as you like to match your business line and highlight your products.

As you can see, this OS Commerce template features a very catchy background image, company logo at the top, menu tabs, search filter and other modules are positioned in the header, amazing flash banner images, a little sweet slider, featured product images with details and many other modules placed rightly to win visitors clicks all the way.

Give a look and get inspired!!!!

Business Cards- OS Commerce Template

Demo Link

Here is another unique and inviting osCommerce Template style – Business Cards that ensures a perfect solution for your on-line shop besides being completely readymade. This OS Commerce premium high quality template is just right for renewing your aspirations for the rest of the year.

Use this template to spice up your blog!!!!

Coffee- OS Commerce Template

Demo Link

Coffee os commerce template is another great template that helps you stock everything ranging from physical and digital goods over the internet, presented in a very interactive fashion while administration tool at the backend completely handles your products, customers, orders, and online store data all effortlessly and smoothly.

No second thoughts go for it!!!!

Complete customization and set-up available at very attractive prices. Click a template for pricing, live support or additional details.

T-Shirts- OS Commerce Template

Demo Link

T-Shirts OS Commerce Template is a super awesome, rich and elegant template designed keeping simplicity and productivity in mind with diverse colour and layout options.

Creating your own unique theme with his OS commerce template is sure to provide an amazing amount of flexibility and control over the way you implement the template.

Enjoy downloading!!!!!

Tea land- OS Commerce Template

Demo Link

Tea land OS Commerce Template is another top best yet simple OS Commerce template perfect for any and every website, brining in new hope and a new beginning to your web store.

The template layout and feel looks simply amazing, make sure you download this amazingly simple OS Commerce website to revamp your online stores.

Flooring- OS Commerce Template

Demo Link

Flooring- OS Commerce Template is here to bring life to your buried projects; perfect for any OS Commerce based websites out there. The template as looks is easy to install and customize besides being loaded with clear and concise positioning of all the widgets/modules/products/services in place.

Highly recommended!!!! Give a look!!!!Give a try!!!!

Pouch handbag online-OS Commerce Template

Demo Link

Pouch handbag online-OS Commerce Template is here that is just right for your business to meet the specialty needs.

This OS Commerce template with lot of attractive choices makes the best value choice for a web version of your store ranging from online book, gift, jewelry, to entertainment, sports, food health and other domains.

Antique Stores- OS Commerce Template

Demo Link

Need a professional looking antique OS Commerce Template???

Antique Stores- OS Commerce Template premium but productive template is here to pull lots of visitor crowds to your website and help you to generate larger company revenues.

Revamp existing or start a brand-new ecommerce business and showcase your art work/photography/services/products anything you like, in your own way.

The options are endless!!!!

Men’s corporate fashion – OS Commerce Template

Demo Link

Men’s corporate fashion OS Commerce Template is a rich, effective yet amazing OS Commerce template with lot many modules and module styling as well as typography to showcase all your work exceptionally outstanding in a well organized fashion all the way.

Explore what it has to offer, download , install and enjoy!

Top 5 Best joomla Twitter Extensions 2013

Twitter one of the poplar and hot favorite social network and a microblog that allows one to quickly send messages, or tweets, to user page where others can read it, the ability to update from the internet, SMS, smartphones, and third party applications, making it the ultimate in on-the-go networking.

Thus twitter has become a platform to let know people what you’re up to, thus integration of twitter in every website has become a basic norm.

Have a website powered by joomla??

You are incredibly lucky, as there are hundreds and thousands of joomla Twitter extensions out in the market in all styles, features, and levels of complexity – allowing you to match your extension to your site look.

Here we present you 5 top best joomla twitter extensions 2013, a personal collection of those Joomla Twitter Tools, to get familiar with the topic and get inspired to find some exciting joomla twitter modules or extensions to fit into your website.

Find your perfect Twitter extension for Joomla, now 🙂

JT Tweet

Happy to present you the JT Tweet, one of the most popular, fantastic, extremely customizable Twitter extension for Joomla  that offers a beautiful interface for displaying your twitter tweets in your Joomla site in an exceptional and fabulous way.

The features of this Joomla Twitter module includes a drag and drop tweet templating option, pagination and scroller option, new theme options, refresh the tweet stream automatically, display retweet, favorite and reply button and many more.

JF twitter

Here we present you another amazing joomla twitter module the JF Twitter that helps you see the latest messages sent from your Twitter account with options to group them into multiple pages through the control buttons, chose whether to display the avatar and the profile name allowing visitors to directly get into your personal page on Twitter.com.

It’s incredibly a great joomla Twitter module option simple and suitable to any and every website, while a gift for those who runs their own blog.

Simply and adorn your websites now, with this adorable Joomla Twitter extension.

Twitter Following Counter Joomla 1.5 module

A Fantastic Joomla Twitter Module that is embedded with a Follow me button besides being loaded with an option to display the amount of Twitter followers you have in the button.  To add with, this Twitter Following Counter Joomla 1.5 module has a PSD graphic file that enables you to play and edit the look & feel of the button.

The configuration is simply simple where a username, password and Twitter RSS feed number is required for counting the followers.

No doubts go for it!!!!


Tweetme is a sleek, stylish Joomla twitter extension which has got a little more oomph than other Twitter Extensions available for Joomla.

With this Tweetme Joomla Twitter extension you can now define your own Twitter Username in the Retweets, no more RT @tweetmeme, choose between the Standard button or a Compact button, can exclude or include the button from specific Section, Categories or Articles, define your own CSS for the button placement or background, what more you have everything to tweak with.

If you’re using a Tweetme Joomla Twitter extension it’ll fit snugly to match your template flawlessly.

Twitter Feed

Twitter feed is an ultimate in simplicity yet powerful Joomla twitter extension that settles in naturally with any site and great for those sexy-sleek sites that aren’t looking for anything fussy hanging around in the sidebars.

Twitter Feed may look extremely basic, but provides you with all the best options, including the ability to display a configurable number of updates (Tweets) based on the Twitter Search API, enables you to have a great deal of control over which updates are posted to your website, filter out certain hashtag, display items with links, apply a custom CSS styling to the rendered links, what else there is a lot more please check out this amazing Joomla twitter extension.

Simple, simpler, simplest Joomla twitter extension!!!!

Top 15 Best CMS Made Simple Modules 2013

CMS made simple is a web based Content Management System (CMS) that enables anyone even the non-technical minded people to manage the tasks required for updating a website. As CMS made simple has no restrictions on the design, functionality or underlying programming anyone on earth can alter the features and enhance the website performance by implementing CMS made simple modules – during any stage of the website life cycle.

Developing a website using CMS made simple is the initial set up and configuration.

As out of the box CMS made simple is not exactly end-user friendly, there requires a lot of face lifting to be done before your CMS made simple website gets live online

CMS made simple framework is only the start to promote your products/services through a framework, there are numerous CMS made simple modules that embeds your website to get that right look and feel.

Every business online endeavors to display or market its products/services as best as it can, thus, whether to sell more, enhance website’s navigation, gather valuable marketing information or just make your site look better, the CMS made simple modules have something for everyone.

Improve look and feel!!!!


The CMS made simple Gallery Module allows you to add pictures into your website in a structured way, helps you create various folders with number of photos in each folder, organize your web photos, and display photos in a different yet attractive way.

This gallery module is thus a fully functional CMS made simple module with amazing features including multiple image upload, automatic thumbnailing, sorting, drag & drop, the use of multiple Lightbox-like templates or any css/javascript template you like, give titles and descriptions to your galleries as well as your photos, define custom fields, pagination, pretty-urls etc.

A must have CMS made simple module!!!

News letter made simple

Having a newsletter is a must in every and any CMS made simple websites to publish whatever you want, maintain contact with customers, disseminate information to readers, make product announcements or updates.

Thus, Newsletter made simple module is one of the best CMS made simple module useful both to website owner and readers that facilitates an easy to use, administer, and support newsletter system for CMS Made Simple.

Ajax Star Rating

Here we present you one of the perfect CMS made simple module the Ajax Star Rating that would be great on any site needing a ratings method.

Create your own custom starts in the shape you want or one that blends perfectly with the website or can even customize the star rating bar.

The purpose of this CMS made simple module is it allows users to vote their favorite products/services using the stars.


Bookmarks help users or website visitors to keep going back to the site whenever they like using the Bookmark option that saves time and effort to get back to their well admired sites on a go.

It is a practice of saving the address of a website you wish to visit in the future on your computer.

Thus, Bookmarks is one of the best CMS made simple modules for displaying bookmarks on your web page.

Social Bookmarking

With Social media integration getting popular and popular day by day the Social bookmarking technique is one of the significant yet powerful CMS made simple modules to attract immense visitors to your website through marketing your website in popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, YouTube and more.

To be more precise, it is a practice of saving bookmarks to a public website and tagging them with the keywords.


Statistics is one of the best of best CMS made simple modules that provides a few advanced options to the core Statistics module to track ‘unique’ views of content, by gathering and presenting visitor-statistics of a website.

Form builder

Formbuilder is the next generation of Feedback Forms, which includes an API for modules to use and a general structured data system that allows you to create feedback forms with the added power of database storage.

The forms thus created using this simple CMS made simple module may be inserted into templates and/or content pages.

Frontend users

Frontend users is another fantastic module for CMS made simple that allows creation and management of front end users where users accessing your site, may need to log in for some reason or another, but have no access to administer the site.


Here is one the most ultimate CMS made simple modules the Flickr module a very flexible module that allow you to integrate your photo albums at flickr.com into you CMS Made Simple based website.  As the output of this module is templates based one can easily modify the features to suit needs.


Cataloger is another best CMS made simple modules that helps you create online catalogs or portfolios consisting of “Catalog Items” which could be products, works of art, or the like, and “Catalog Categories” which could be item categories or other natural divisions of the catalog.

To add with, this catalogue module has built-in support for “Content Aliases” which allows you to place any Catalog Item into multiple Catalog Categories.


iCalendar is another great CMS made simple module, that helps to display important or general events on your page. Once downloaded and installed this module allow you to manage your events. This module handles recurring events in a different way has better template control, is more stable, and is easier to work with. This Tag can be handy for example in combination with CGCalendar module.

Owners Manual

Owners Manual is a very simple yet informative CMS made simple module that allows the site developer to leave instructions for the webmaster and other contributors on how to run the site, ranging from editing pages, updating news articles, calendar, instructions on how to use any custom features installed, UDTs, GCBs are placed in the Owners module for reference.

To be precise it is an owner friendly module!!

Guest book

Happy to present you the Guestbook CMS made simple module that allows tour website visitors or audiences to leave a message to your pertaining to his /her own experiences touring the website or so. Download Guestbook on to your CMS based website and learn what your visitors feel about your website products/services/design and more.

Download manager

Download manager is yet another top best favorite CMS made simple module that helps you to manage all your website downloads from admin panel.

The download manger module is loaded with a category tree, possible do add one download to many categories, own templates, possible to take sums and intersections of category tries, easy to add to Google analytics, automatic thumbnail generation, also possible to restrict access for FEU or after mail.

Themes made simple

Themes made simple as the name hints is a CMS made simple module that eases themes. To add with this themes made simple is an improved version of the Theme Manager that allows you to export and import theme packages consisting of templates, stylesheets, content pages, module templates, global content blocks, user defined tags, module settings and any files.


10 Top Best Premium Quality Mambo Templates 2013

Here is the compilation of some of the top 10 best quality Mambo templates designed especially for all the Mambo CMS powered websites/blog platforms out there. All the Mambo templates listed are professionally designed for high quality both in functionality and in looks, truly great products to attract lots of visitors to your website and make working with your content a real pleasure. Check out our large collection of unique, creative, professional yet premium Mambo templates/themes.

Exotic Travel Premium Mambo Template

Demo Link

Exotic Travel Premium Mambo Template is a clean user-friendly theme designed for all the Mambo CMS based websites/blogs out there to reveal the website products/services in a much advanced and awesome fashion. The template is loaded with myriad features like widgets, integrated search option, 3 column room for content/information to load in, awesome typography, flexible slider, and much more.

Download, install, tweak, simplify and present all your content in a way that is accessible, logical and beautiful!!!!

Global Biz Premium Mambo Template

Demo Link

Global Biz Premium Mambo Template is a slick, elegant yet effective Mambo theme designed to turn your Mambo CMS based websites into a fully functional and happening online web store. One of the best Mambo templates with awesome integration of modules, slider, widgets and things in place. It’s worth checking out if you are looking to stand out from the rest!!!

Woman’s Shopping Premium Mambo Template

Demo Link

Woman’s Shopping Premium Mambo Template is yet another powerful user-friendly Mambo template best suited to stock and effectively present unlimited products/services. To add with this template facilitates tons of options to manage and modify any aspect of the theme.

Happy browsing!!!!

Company Enjoy Premium Mambo Template

Demo Link

Company Enjoy Premium Mambo Template is a premium Mambo theme loaded with powerful features and layout to use it for business, corporate, product catalog, services or any other portfolio web sites. This quality Mambo theme provides you with wide opportunities to configure with the features to alter every aspect of the theme.

A rock solid Mambo theme to go!!!!!

Business Premium Mambo Template

Demo Link

Business Premium Mambo Template is a unique, responsive yet elegant theme, perfect for creative people and organizations to emphasize website’s photos, videos and content, in an amazing way. To add with, the template is just easy to manage besides loaded with all the styling options to easily customize the appearance of the theme and build your own custom template to suit your niche.

ShowGo Premium Mambo Template

Demo Link

Showgo Premium theme for Mambo has all the features a website needs — a user-friendly responsive design, flexi sliders, room for description, multiple other modules and widgets including latest news, polls, and others. This Mambo is complete with the ability for visitors to easily search for what they want. To add with the powerful customization options makes it easy for you to change the theme’s colors, fonts and background.

Stagem Premium Mambo Template

Demo Link

Stagem Premium Mambo Template is a Professional Mambo Theme designed to blend in perfectly with any professional or creative websites. This theme will certainly help you get a professional website/blog running up quickly.

A beautiful template with good space dedicated to widgets/modules/slider and other things to emphasize essential work in an easy to browse manner.

Floral Design Premium Mambo Template

Demo Link

Floral Design Premium Mambo Template is another top best great theme for any ecommerce websites or even your business. As you can see the template is just super clean and designed modernly besides giving myriad options to change almost every elements of the template easily via admin panel.

Auto Reviews Premium Mambo Template

Demo Link

Auto Reviews Premium Mambo Template is another worth to respond and future-proof template built with simplicity and productivity in mind. Not only the template is responsive but it also keeps that outlook of the template feel right tight and warm, making visitors to browse through the website in a very entertaining and intuitive manner. Tweak with different features to make sure your website looks great!!!

Voodoo Premium Mambo Template

Demo Link

Voodoo Premium Mambo Template is one of the top best and my personal hot favorite Mambo template that is truly responsive, minimal yet elegant Mambo template built to blend in perfectly with any and every website on the go. The template ships with many cool features to turn your websites into a rush spot in no time.

Download, tweak with the features to create stunning website layouts without any coding knowledge!!!!

Top ultimate responsive wordpress themes compatible with bbPress forum

The bbPress plugin is one of the most commonly used forum plugin for WordPress is forum software with a twist from the creators of WordPress that easily setups discussion forums inside your WordPress.org powered site.

Angular responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum


Angular responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum is an advanced, yet flexible WordPress theme that has a mobile responsive design and also includes convenient inbuilt layout, design and SEO options to radically change the look of your site. Every week an everyday if you want to!!

Propulsion responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum


Propulsion responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum is a fully responsive WordPress theme that will adjust the theme layout according to the screen size of the media or the device in use be it a computer screen, on a tablet or on a mobile browser. Propulsion responsive WordPress theme has a light, clear, minimalistic design with support for bbforum to showcase your services on the homepage just like any professional website.

Choice responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum


If you have a WordPress website and are interested in switching your site to a responsive design then Choice responsive wordpress themes compatible with bbPress forum is perfect for you. Choice responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum is powered by an awesome set of features that allow you to make your site more functional still remains it user-friendly.

Made responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum


Made responsive wordpress themes compatible with bbPress forum is here to take your site to the next level with one of the most advanced WordPress themes available featuring modern responsive design and advanced features and support for bbPress forum which altogether does work wonders.
Tersus responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum


Tersus responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum is a very clean and minimal responsive blog WordPress theme ideal for personal and professional blogs while the responsive design scales down the site design layout automatically to fit and display perfectly on tablets, smartphones and all other mobile devices. It supports bbPress forum too.

Sold responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum


Sold responsive wordpress themes compatible with bbPress forum is built using W3C and CSS3 media queries to allow the site to perform optimally across various platforms and screen resolutions where the site adapts and looks well when viewing it on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Enfinity responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum


Enfinity responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum is a clean, responsive WordPress theme that works on mobile devices and supports bbPress forum.

Eunoia responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum


Eunoia responsive wordpress themes compatible with bbPress forum is another fully responsive design with powerful content management, responsive design and support for bbPress forum that which allows it to stand out from the rest.

Bounce responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum


With the growing number of people now browsing the web from their tablets and mobile phones, all the business website owners must be aware of the fact that their website caters to the mobile friendly platform with resolution being the vital aspect and should consider the mobile device users to make browsing your content easier. The bbPress Forum is an added advantage!!!
Buddy responsive WordPress themes compatible with bbPress forum


Buddy responsive wordpress themes compatible with bbPress forum versatile design that was built to look good on any device, on any platform, and at any resolution featuring a touch and swipe support that allows for easy navigation on a touch screen tablet or mobile phone.

Top 15 Best Drupal CMS Powered Websites 2013

Drupal is one of the most reputed and hot selling platform for rapid website assembly enormously scalable, freely extensible, besides being completely an open source software package.

Moreover, the Drupal CMS is multi-user CMS by default allowing fine-grained controls, social media integration, and flexibility to deploy multiple sites, high security standards, and many more, giving the designers a free rein to create amazingly high usable, interactive experiences to visitors.

There are numerous most visited, biggest, most visible, highest trafficked websites all across the world built on Drupal CMS framework.

Here in this blog posting we endeavor to prove a point that Drupal is more versatile and more exciting with top 15 best Drupal websites 2013 listing covering various industries, domains and professions.

The list is not in any order, all are my hot favorite. Have a look!!!!


Emmy is a one of the best of best and highly trafficked website built on Drupal CMS, focused on entertainment to showcase television production awards for News & Documentary, Sports, Daytime Entertainment, Daytime Creative Arts & Entertainment, Public & Community Service, Technology & Engineering, and Business & Financial Reporting and more.

This Drupal based website is all built in blue with elegant menu tabs, Emmy statuette, room for slideshow with navigational buttons, featured images, galleries, videos, photos and much more organized in a well-ordered and controlled layout.

Tour the website and know more!!!!

Warner Bros

Warner Bros Record is one of the top recording labels in the world i.e. yet one of the top Drupal based website.

This Drupal based website is constructed across a dark background highlighting all the draw attention to work in an exceptional and fantabulous way.

The menu tabs are just simple, clean and easy to navigate; landing pages are super awesome followed simplicity scattered all over.

A highly recommended Drupal website to get inspired!!!

The White House

The White House today is one of the most famous houses in the Western World, a Drupal-based website that enables the American people to directly petition the President of the United States on issues they care most about.

With the popularity and reputation of WhiteHouse.gov after its launch on Drupal, two years later, the White House launched We the People on Drupal, a big step forward for Open Government encouraging grassroots citizen engagement all the way.

Thus, it clearly understood that Drupal can make wonders and has the power to rule/aid/understand people online!!! Hats off!!!

Prime Minister of Australia

Prime Minister of Australia as the name hints is the Drupal CMS powered website devoted to highest minister of the crown, the most powerful political office in Australia.

It’s quiet clear from the picture where Drupal CMS stands and operates such a prestigious and highly respectable website. The website looks professional, elegant featuring videos, blog, photos, contact PM, press office and more all across the business color blue background.

Needless to say, I’m delighted to see Open Source Drupal changing the world in a positive, powerful way.

Take a look at the website. Hope you like it!


Louvre is one of the world’s largest, most visited art museums in the world, while Louvre website is so, designed one of the amazing CMS framework the Drupal. Drupal CMS is truly an awe-inspiring and super awesome content management system to be integrated in any website/blog domain.

The website has a well-designed and neat layout, well organized features/content/work/photos/galleries without compromising on a dash of modernity and artsy.


Zynga proves Drupal CMS framework isn’t just only for work, but for play and fun as well. A terrific example of Drupal CMS being used in the entertainment industry without compromising on any layout, look or feel aspects of the website.

The layout of the Zynga is very interactive and entertaining, a simple slideshow does all for Zynga, navigate the slider play the game you like to.

Play unlimited games, you just play, play and play.

While, the Zynga blog provides you with all the latest news, feeds and articles pertaining to Zynga games and industry.

Informative and entertaining Drupal based website all the way!!!!


MTV is a hot favorite American cable television channel to play awesome music videos guided by VJs targeted at adolescents and youngsters.

This Drupal CMS based Website is amazingly amazing designed in a very entertaining and contemporary way to make all the youngsters or all ages to stick to the website for information o music, shows, news, videos, movies, galleries, competitions, games, downloads , style and more.

The website is just sparkly, classy and elegant. Visit the site to learn how to create trendy modern websites using Drupal!!!!

Crosby Stills Nash

A folk rock superstar group noted for their intricate vocal harmonies is what this Drupal powered website deals with.

A grunge layout with amazing featured flash/banner images  of the band rolling over the website forms the main highlight, while the social media integration, photo gallery at the header, integrated search option makes the website standout of the usual websites.

There are many ugly and tedious Drupal sites out there because of lazy & lousy developers and designers.

Take this website as an inspiration and a proof to build beautiful websites using Drupal.

Michael Jackson.com

Here we present you another top best Drupal CMS based website – Michael Jackson.com the title reveals everything that this Drupal based website talks and works completely for the music legend Jackson’s work and collection.

An ultimate website with great layout and feel to make all the music lovers, visitors and Jackson’s huge fan following, addict and stick to the website.

It’s easy now to create amazing website loaded with resourceful, informative and functional concepts with Drupal CMS.

Battlefield Heroes

Drupal is again here to show it is a versatile open source CMS system to suit any domain website/blog on the go.

The Drupal CMS used in this cartoon style action video gaming website is designed in a very constructive yet responsive way for game lovers to accept the site at ease.

The comic background with elegant menu tabs, aptly located login tabs, stocks buy now products with deal of the day option with timer, social media integration, articles, makes the website complete.

Visit the website now!!!

Antwerpen Studentenstad

Here I present you my personal hot favorite website made using Drupal CMS the Antwerpen Studentenstad website.

A cool website designed using the rocking CMS Drupal, I just love the layout of this website that is designed in an eye- catchy and appealing way with well positioned tabs at all places.

The blend of colors and combinations used is praise worthy across the dark black background detailing your work in more dynamically.

Want some more???? Visit the website and feel the excitement.

Twitter Developer Community

One of the most reputed and hottest social networking service- Twitter’s developer community lives and breathes on Drupal! Isn’t a big deal????

As Drupal handles big communities well, Twitter, through Drupal, is creating the right environment.

Drupal is all over every website, small to big, any domain, every domain. No comments. Check it out!!! Switch to Drupal!!!!


BODY BIKE’s website is devoted to indoor bikes that could meet the demands of the cyclists and their increasingly popular sport.

A well designed and organized Drupal CMS based website with products ranging from  Basic, Classic, Classic Stainless Steel, Classic Supreme and Magic, wide selection of high-quality accessories including a broad assortment of saddles and pedals and many more are stocked in a productive and enriched web environment with Drupal.

The distinctive and revolutionary design feature makes BODY BIKE Indoor Cycles stand out from the crowd!!!

Design while we sleep

Design While We sleep is one of my personal website constructed using the CMS the great –Drupal.

The website design, look, feel, appearance, functions, and very aspect are all simply super awesome, incredibly sober, amazingly designed keeping simplicity in mind. Trust me, a cool website that delivers the subject of the whole website in so less words and images scrolling across the web in an awe-inspiring way.

A great website layout I have ever come across!!!! Highly recommended!!!! Do visit!!!

Image media

ImageX is another best Drupal website that looks great, easy to use, speedy and simple website with super hero Drupal CMS on its side.

Using the same super hero Drupal the Image Media website designs outstanding website designs, features to navigation, from copywriting to typography and design to provide an overwhelmingly positive experience from the first click to the last suing Drupal.

A beautiful website place for everything with everything in its place, all wrapped up in a beautiful package.

Drupal has yet again proven itself as one content management solution!!!


Top 15 Best Plone CMS Powered Websites/Blogs 2013

A powerful, flexible Content Management solution that is easy to install, use and extend.  Plone lets non-technical people create and maintain information using only a web browser. Here we present you some of the best top 10 Plone-based websites around the world that highlight an interesting use of the Plone CMS.

The Plone CMS has been and still resourceful and helpful  large enterprises, small businesses, non-profits, universities and governments to build websites, intranets, extranets making their presence online with security, scalability, accessibility and approachability count that Plone delivers.

Weymouth Angling Centre

Weymouth Angling Centre is one of the most amazing and best of Plone CMS based websites that promotes itself as the South Coast’s premier fishing tackle supplier.

This amazing ecommerce website system features a clean and perfect layout including a mini shopping basket on each page, widgets/modules, easy to order facility, making it easier for existing customers to shop again as well as finding more customers from further afield.

A well thought out and bespoke web design facilitating a easy to found and purchase!!!

Amnesty International Switzerland

Amnesty international Switzerland website is a prestigious activist non-profit organization built on the Plone CMS framework which undertakes research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of human rights across the world.

A super awesome Plone website integrated greatly with all the essential modules of social media buttons, search filter, language selection option, user friendly clear cut layout.

Have a glance!!! Get inspired from Plone CMS!!!

 Brazilian Government

Brazilian Government website an international leader in open source government site dedicated to Brazilian government, Brazilian president and Brazilian parliament powered by the Plone CMS.

As you can see this government website has been professionally designed in a well proficient and elegant way across a dark background.

Featuring integrated search option, sober menu tabs, language options, and white bright home page makes the entire website very intuitive and interacting.

Truly sensible Plone CMS website!!

Chicago History Museum

Chicago history museum is a non-profit website completely devoted to showcase America’s arts, past and its future in a more entertaining and interactive way.

As you can see, the layout of this website is simply exhilarating with wide array of menu tabs, widgets/modules, slideshow accompanied with navigational arrows, social media integration to help visitors tour the website in an enhanced and easy-to-go way.

Super isn’t????  It’s all done on Plone CMS a flexible yet powerful way to create wonders in minutes. Give a try!!

Discover Magazine

DISCOVER magazine is a leading popular science magazine website built on Plone CMS framework.

This is a perfect example to show Plone can be used in wide variety of domains for the website to be more compelling to its community and subscribers.

To add with, this website is one of the high-traffic site developed on the open source Plone content management system and contains every article of every issue since 1992.

Can imagine how many articles the site loaded with, but still its responsive and functional as before??? Truly Plone CMS is just awe-inspiring!!!!


KCRW is a website powered on Plone CMS, a community service of Santa Monica College.

This website is one of the perfect examples of Plone website showing how powerful and efficient Plone CMS is in designing varied websites outstandingly without losing a hook on modern look and feel.

Moreover, this website is Southern California’s largest National Public Radio affiliate, featuring an eclectic mix of music, news, blogs, talks, schedules, archives, events, cultural programming and information pertaining to KCRW.

Happy browsing!!!

NASA Science

NASA Science is a public website devoted to NASA’s science mission directorate, built on Plone CMS in a super simple, awesome, gorgeous, splendid, elegant, contemporary, interactive, superb and what not.

I personally recommend you to tour this Plone based website and learn a few things from the website and layout altogether.

All the modules/widgets, content, images, articles are in place, with Image of the day, spotlight mission, latest science cast being the highlights of the website.

Truly informative site for all the ages!!!! Simple, simpler, simplest Plone website ever!!!


0-18.gr is a website that is constitutionally established Independent Authority for the ”Department of Children’s Rights” of the Greek Ombudsman, where you get to find information about laws on child rights, news from activists, brochures, content, photos, videos, and other options and suggestions for children.

This is again another best Plone CMS powered website designed in a beautiful layout.

It’s simple but powerful, effective and responsive altogether!! Sketch out something similar and get your website live in minutes with Plone.

My Action  Aid

My ActionAid is a charity website designed on Plone CMS.

An interactive site for the charity’s fundraisers and where donations can be made; more than that it is a social community for those involved featuring  people’s donations in real time, announcements, also a personal messaging function, and facilities to show blogs, photos and so on, making the site user friendly, participant-driven and above all, effective.

Tweak in the website, get inspired, make miracles!!!!

Agenture Lux

Agneture Lux is a casting Agency featuring actors, actress, directors,  database including show reel videos in a simple yet effective way.

This website has been designed using the Plone CMS framework in a super awesome and gorgeous way. The best of best pictures of the actors or directors are showcased all in a real good way. One click takes you to the actor’s page where you get to find more and more information.

This is one of the best of best Plone CMS website that can be used to stock ecommerce products, or can even go with sports, entertainment and other domains where details of products/services can be illustrated in a rich way.

Agro Team Consulting Community

Agro team consulting is an agriculture website formed by a group of professional agricultural experts for easy creation of a community to provide the industry of hazel value added services and access to white papers and publications, automatic notifications, advertise products or skills online.


Aini is a site dedicated to one of the reputed Arabic dance form the belly dance.

The whole website is designed using the Plone CMS framework where articles, guides, interesting facts photo albums, of well known Arabic dancers are portrayed in a fabulous way.

Have a look into the Plone website, as you can see, a lot of stuff has been included in the site within the limited webpage space limitations but in an effective and productive way.

Love the Plone CMS??? It’s time to get inspired and experience the best out of this open source!!!!

Alfie’s Mooo Char & Bar

Alfie’s Mooo Char & Bar is a Queensland, Australia based restaurant owned by former Rugby League footballer Allan Langer, specialized in Steaks and Seafood.

A yummy and delicious website made using the Plone with crystal clear navigational aid and attractive clean interface.

Be sure to visit!! Get Plone for your platform!!

Best Western Sites

Best Western sites are an amazing website developed on Plone CMS with simplified navigation and usability.

As you can see, it has a breezy free space loaded with catchy attention grabbing header image pertaining to the site while the features modules being another attraction.

Great site to get inspired!!!

Paradise Spa

The Paradise Spa one of the popular website in the Timesharing market in Italy offering a very high level travel service for all their members with particular attention for the Customer Care/Satisfaction.

The impression the site leaves to its visitors is vivid that is highly professional in both the content of the proposals that the approach to the potential customer with strong demonstration.

It’s simple but powerful, effective and responsive altogether!! Sketch out something similar and get your website live in minutes with Plone.

Take advantage using this Plone Websites as blue prints to build and design exceptionally well organized websites/blogs.

Happy browsing to all!!!

Top 15 Best Textpattern CMS Powered Websites 2013

Textpattern CMS is a readymade for content publishers, developers and designers — whether for a corporation or for your own blog, Textpattern allows you to Just Write and publish in minutes.

When you wish, alter the layout of your site, adjust the built-in tags to determine how content should be retrieved and displayed, have complete control over both content and presentation, making Textpattern an incredibly simple and elegant CMS to use.

A direct, easy to follow interface, lightweight yet powerful core that is just super fast facilitating intuitive editing of articles, links, comments, page elements with no limit to style, layout or sections.

Have you used Textpattern to build a website or blog??? In case no, use this fine tool for the job especially apt for blogs and a wide variety of websites.

We love Textpattern!!!! Do you love???

Here we have collected 15 beautiful websites/blogs built using the free, flexible, elegant, and easy-to-use content management system Textpattern.

Have a look!!!


Knitalpaca is a unique online store devoted to knitting, where knitting kits, designs and material for knitting are all showcased and stocked to help you knit a luxurious garment all the way.

Coming to the layout and design aspects, this Textpattern powered website is one of the best with catchy and elegant design. The use of mustard yellow a distinct color over a dark brown background, and attractive product images is what makes the website interesting at the very first glance.

Check out the website and get inspired to build one!!


Nosycrow is a website powered on Textpattern CMS that is all about books, apps, authors, news and reviews.

This website is certainly a full featured Textpattern CMS based website where a lot many features and widgets are dumped into the layout in user friendly and easy to navigate manner, besides landing pages are also quiet interactive and entertaining.

Highly recommended Textpattern CMS powered website to get inspired!!!

Red Land Spring festival

Red land spring festival as the name explicates is a Textpattern CMS powered website that is devoted to showcase all the information pertaining to the cultural and music festival including the ticket info, festival program, online forums for performers, volunteers, site holders, gallery and a lot of other information.

This massive and immense content is beautifully organized in a clean layout bringing in the festive glow and charm to the website all the way.

As you can see in the header the festive glimpse, pink menu tabs, different bright colors used to maintain the festival harmony.

Get ideas!!! Make beautiful websites using Textpattern CMS.

Love the garden.com

Love the garden as the name implies is an amazing green website powered on TextPattern CMS devoted to lawn care, gardening, growing plants, weed control, pest and disease control, products and much more.

The home page as you can see features a smooth green header, menu tabs, slideshow, featured images with view more option, social media integration, integrated search filter, blog entries, manufacturer logos all in respective positions and organized way to help visitors understand what they want.

This website is truly adorable and inspirational website that has many advantageous from design and information perspective both together.

Housewife rituals

Here we are happy to showcase the Housewife rituals Textpattern CMS powered website that is gorgeously designed in a classic and trendy way to make the visitors stick to the website at the very first glance.

This website as you can see is extraordinary and unique leaving behind all the usual websites at bay featuring the menu tabs, integrated search filter, social media integration, interactive images and galleries, archives and other widgets/modules in a different yet striking manner all the way.

Check out every aspect!!! Give a thought!!! Plan a website!!! Launch a website just in seconds!!!

Tomas Kaan

Tomas Kaan a very fascinated director for Film, Documentary, TV and commercials builds his films around a strong emotions or a specific atmosphere using a distinct visual style.

Thus, Tomas kaan has started a website using Textpattern CMS to make more interesting films for anyone who aspires to have one.

As you can see, the backdrop of the webpage changes for every menu tab click, the limited webpage showcases all his work in a simple, elegant yet smooth way. A very attractive website that is creatively designed for a more effective and productive output altogether.

Rockstars Music Studios

Here is another best of best Textpattern powered website and is one of the largest and most successful private music schools located in Orange country devoted for all the crazy music lovers out there.

The whole website runs across red with flashy images, with neat and smooth navigation using limited menu tabs, and minimal widgets/modules deigned keeping simplicity in mind.

To be precise this is one of the most minimalistic Textpattern website that is responsive, functional yet effective.

Lux Design

LUX Design is Toronto’s premier Interior Design firm that designs residential design or a spa, hotel, cafe or lounge, exceeding client’s expectations understatedly luxurious and sophisticated.

A great example for Textpattern CMS website and is currently my favorite Textpattern website 2013 in action wonderfully designed that is easy on the eyes besides being user easy to use, interactive, user friendly and responsive website all in all.

Ben Mark Holzberg

Toronto photographer Ben Mark Holzberg has been shooting both the celebs and the civilians in the media world for 20+ years where all of his pictures evoke the mood. The whole website is dedicated to showcase his work in a seamless and fashionable manner.

A perfect Textpattern CMS based website example to make you people believe Textpattern can blend in well with any complex or minimalistic website on the go.

Checkout the website and decide on!!!!

Lindsay Kaye

Here we present you another beautiful and super awesome Textpattern powered website dedicated to Lindsay Kaye where all of her great work is amazingly showcased in beautiful highlights and colors.

Look great and functions well!! What else does a website or blog need???

Have any ideas??? Embed them into your exciting Textpattern website or build a new one in your own style!!! Hurry up!!!

The sequence

Sequence is a full service production studio focusing on design and animation, in a myriad of media, with projects including (but not limited to) live action shoots, production for interactive content and offline/online post-production services.

Not only are the services so technically well and creative but the website is so. As you can see, the website is fantastic and incredibly outstanding, proud to present you the website.

This Textpattern website is created keeping in mind lots of creativity, uniqueness, elegance, interaction, simplicity and love to make users stick to the website and get what they aspire to in matter of minutes.

Wolseley Wardrobe

Wolseley Wardrobe is a colorful and happening online stores built on Textpattern CMS offering quality consignment clothing and accessories for infants, children, men & women.

As you can see, this website is loaded with vibrant refreshing colors to make your visitors look into the website at glance, keeping in line with the more traditional website layout.

A wonderful example of Textpattern CMS website at its best.


If you are looking for a more minimal and clean layout Textpattern CMS based website to get inspired and stock all your products/services in an exceptional and productive way???

Here is the perfect Textpattern powered website the ElizabethWahyu one to consider.

The website is designed in a very minimalistic way using green colors while the modules/widgets integrated in the website help you figure out what you want in an easy to navigate way.

Stop waiting until the designer can fit in the edits now manage your site/blog the way you like using Textpattern.

Circus Family

Circus Family is simple, professional, versatile and fast website built on Textpattern CMS where simplicity forms a sense of balance and crispness that is quite refreshing coupled with a bunch of great features.

A great Textpattern website that will prove useful for a variety of different website domains on the go.

Visit the site and know more to implement more in your website!!!! Happy browsing!!!

Snack on

Snack On is the collective website formed to explore the application of materials and processes, experimental and established, to independently fabricated products this website allows you to pursue a more irreverent approach to product development favour guerrilla advertising, pop-up distribution and pufferfish principles.

Snack on is for all those dark and colorful lovers out there, a multi-colored rich yet happening website that looks beautiful.

To add with, it’s a great site that produces a lot of information and feature options in an easy to consume manner. Whether this is for your personal blog or a large corporation, get inspired from the layout. A great choice to consider for photographers, videographers, or anybody who needs to showcase creative work altogether.


Top 20 Best CMS Made Simple Powered Websites 2013

Almost everybody out there knows what CMS made Simple is and its vast application online.

Getting started with CMS made simple???

Truly, CMS made simple is a flexible, unobtrusive yet handy web application to create awesome websites providing you with all the essential tools and resources to design a great looking and functional website on the go.

We make your work easy and effortless by presenting you 20 best and most adorable CMS made easy powered websites 2013 for your reference and inspiration.

Check out the best of top 20 best CMS Made Simple based websites/blogs 2013 in this listing.

Please note, the listings of websites are random, in my opinion all the CMS made simple websites are awesomely designed and created.

CMS made simple

CMS Made Simple is an official website for CMS made simple open source content management system that allows quicker and easier website content management scalable for small businesses to large corporations.

This CMS made simple website takes complete advantage of the CMS made simple framework featuring good room space dedicated to logo, slogan, Menu tabs, banner image, and loads of other modules/widgets to produce more conversations.

IEEE Signal processing society

Signal Processing Society, the IEEE’s first society, is one of the best reputed CMS made simple website yet the world’s premier professional society for signal processing scientist and professionals.

This CMSMS website is the enabling technology for the generation, thus the layout of this specific website is quite captivating and inspiring. The website is simple awe-inspiring built keeping simplicity and modernity in mind.

The navy blue color schemes across a white background, rolling slider images makes the website more interesting and exciting all the way.


Precedeohs is a super awesome website powered on CMS made simple framework to provide one stop health & safety shop quality services to help businesses promote healthier, safer and substance free work.

The layout of this website is designed in an outstanding way with catchy rolling big slider showcasing all websites main theme and subject in big good format and images, modules/widgets all across a super cool white background.

The social media integration and the space dedicated to the rolling banner forms the highlight for this CMS made simple website.

Noise solutions

Noise solution as the title hints is a website that stocks broad range of services to help people understand the nature of noise and how it can be controlled, to constructively manage relationships with landowners (environmental noise), employees (occupational noise) and regulators, and to select the most effective noise solution for any situation.

This website is quite interestingly designed using the CMS made simple framework.

From the website layout look and feel it is quite clear that this website is a perfect example to showcase how effectively CMS made simple can be used.


Here we present you the fun, friendly CMS made simple powered website – Overlake: Golf and country that offers an extensive program of golf, social, tennis and swimming activities with an emphasis on camaraderie and family.

The whole website is so well constructed to help and provide the golf and social memberships maximum access to the golf course, junior golf, swimming and tennis programs and with the addition of Chef Alex Nemeth, both casual and formal dining clubhouse, pool and tennis courts.

A very professionally built website to get inspired!!!!

Visit west virgin


Visit west virgin is one of the simple, best and awesome website built on CMS made simple framework dedicated to West Virginia tourism including rural retreats and country culture, steep hills and deep valleys, scenic vistas, serene retreats, and serious adventure – a great travel destination website.

Come visit this beautifully and wonderfully built West Virginia website to get inspired.

Songer white water rafting

CMS made simple is an amazing treat to all the website business owners, designers and bloggers out there. Don’t believe???

Please look out the website designed using this powerful CMS how varied and striking the website is.

A super cool, awesome and gorgeous website designed on CMSMS framework giving a fresh and revitalizing feel all the way.

A handy wrapped up for you. Definitely an awesome CMS that’s right for you. Happy to create something just for you; All you have to do is get inspired form the design and enjoy.


The Petrache website designed using CMS made simple framework is one of the most amazing websites that is simply lively and happening.

The entire website outlook and feel is professional, it’s edgy, and it’s unique featuring a textured dark background, a homepage layout that’s perfect for small businesses, and a clean blog design that puts the focus on your content.

A great CMS made simple website for anyone who needs inspiration to build a modern, professional looking site that stands out from the crowd with a powerful CMS – CMS made simple.

Creative manner

Creative manner is a website design studio in Washington DC providing branding solutions to business to turn innovative ideas and marketing models into successful business with a passion for creativity.

Not only the website guides creativity solutions to people but has creativity and innovation within its website.

This creativity is all powered by the ultimate creative CMS – CMS made simple framework.

Give a look at the website!!!!


Evtat is a delicious website designed on CMS made simple framework, dedicated to stock the most natural and fresh products prepared pies, cookies, olive oil, stuffed, sweet variety of appetizers – the taste of lezzetseverlerin.

The site is beautifully constructed on a white background that highlights all the website products/services in an exceptional way, while the green logo and menu tabs definitely draws attention from all its visitors.

The home page houses slider that rolls out all the mouth-watering and lip-smacking delicious food products to make visitors definitely fall for the products and website all the way.

This website is the perfect example to explicate; CMS made simple can make wonders!!!!

PHP melody Templates

PHP melody templates is an amazing CMS made simple framework website designed in a well organized and fashionable layout to provide quality and functional Php melody Video CMS templates to wide range of PhpMelody lovers.

The website is so user friendly that the layman would be able to keep track of content, products/services, without compromising on look and feel of the website.

The home page slider, background color, menu tabs forms the highlights of this website.

Take a look at the website to create amazing websites using CMS made simple!!!


Dubweiser.net is an online community website designed on CMS made simple framework that is passionate and opinionated about calibrating brains on laid-back conditions where you find non-repetitive top music video all the way.

This website employs a beautiful video slideshow on the main page, a beautiful theme right out of the box, featuring a pink, black, white combination that’s easy on the eyes.

Starting up a new website or want to revamp your existing CMS made simple website – then this website is perfect example to build amazing one.


Happy to present you the Matthornsby website a perfect example to show how effective and productive CMS made simple is.

The entire website is designed so unusually and amazingly especially the home page, the vertical tabs, with a note like description box presenting the subject of the website are simply praise worthy.

The layout of this website reveals how amazing things can be formed from a scratch.

Give CMS made simple a try and make wonders!!!!


Idea Arts powered by CMS made simple framework is a simple and clean website designed in a simple, elegant and professional way all across a half-white background highlighting websites products/services in a productive way.

If you’ve ever thought of creating a digital resume for your online presence using CMS made simple, this is the perfect website for you to get inspired.

Discover the benefits of a modern web presence for your business, now!!!!

Zeeland spot

Here is another gorgeous website designed using the powerful CMS made simple framework, a simple website that provides a cascade style page featuring multiple modules/widgets in place to emphasis objectives, portfolio, experience, social media integration and more. Good space is dedicated to display a photo personalizing the main theme of the website.

If you’re looking to have a stand out website for your business using CMS made simple then this is the perfect website inspiration for you.

Shoes for industry

The shoes for industry is a small consultancy who do a surprising number of things surprisingly well is beautifully designed website all using CMS made simple framework.

As you can see, the website layout feel and look is quite optimistic featuring bold and bright content information, images, and widgets all presented in a well fashioned and user friendly manner.

A very interactive and easy to understand website that makes visitors follow the website routinely.

Take a look!!!! Create a website!!!Make hype!!!

Cottage networks

Cottage networks is another best website built using the CMS made simple framework to provide search-optimized websites for the hospitality and tourism sector, including restaurants, hotels, bed & breakfasts, tours, safaris, service businesses, etc.

This website is very informative following the simple norms of presenting products/services online, that’s great for sites that publish a lot of content or guide people about the website product/services in a more comprehensive way.

Erna’s Ongezouten website

Erna’s Ongezouten website is an another top best CMS made simple website that stocks recipes, information of tasty food without salt aimed at people with sodium restricted diet and people who simply love good food.

Not only the website recipes are healthy but the entire website is constructed healthy using the CMS made simple framework.

Beautiful slideshow with categories to check with, simple menu tabs, recipes with featured logos are amazingly gorgeous and look elegant all the way.

Well organized website all the way!!!!


The Criaçãoweb.NET is another great website based on CMS made simple framework that develops websites and web applications based on market strategies with the aim of reaching the target customer.

A professional business blue color tint is used to present all its products/services across it besides featuring social media integration, integrated search filter, simple menu tabs, company logo, services, and widgets/modules in a well organized layout.

Check out the website for clearer picture!!!

Vaughns Photo Art

Vaughns Photo Art website designed using CMS made simple framework is a beautiful Photography website of Photographer Vaughn Teegarden who lives in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of eastern Tennessee who is found kayaking, mountain biking or hiking, placing him in some of the most beautiful natural environments Appalachia has to offer in weekends.

Thus, with the CMS made simple Photographer Vaughn Teegarden showcases his discoveries through this site using beautiful slider at the front end to showcase all the hard work photography to the visitors at the first glance.

Please take your time looking through the galleries, and enjoy creating amazing new CMS made simple websites on the go!!!



Top 10 Best Useful Drupal Modules 2013

Starting out with Drupal???

Confused and perplexed, with literally thousands of modules stocked out online to choose from.

There is a lot of face lifting that needs to be done before Drupal is presentable in a simple, easy-to-learn way, set up sites using these Drupal modules and enjoy.

Below, you’ll find Top 10 Best Useful Drupal Modules 2013 that will strive to extend the core installation in order to make content management easier for site owners, developers, and designers.

We have collected 10 top best essential and productive free and premium Drupal modules to help you build sophisticated Drupal websites where we have included information about each module, and if interested you will find everything you need on its page.

Please refer the URL, Ready? Here we go!





LoginTobaggan is another resourceful, handy yet effective Drupal module that provides myriad useful user features allowing users to login to your site with their email address or their username.

Besides, can make alterations to allow for various other options like allowing people to sign in automatically or choose their password instantly while signing up.

Admin Menu




Admin Menu is a perfect yet must to have Drupal module choice for admins/developers to quickly navigate various parts of the site.

This Admin Menu module clocks in an ‘inline context editor’ which is very handy tool that facilitates easy moving of blocks around that have been set by Context. Navigate through the menu options faster.

Backup & Migrate




Backup & Migrate is one of the best of best Drupal modules 2013. This utility module simplifies work for all developers and site owners the task of backing up and restoring database.

This Backup & Migrate dupal module helps you easily dump the sites database minus cache tables, great for migrating the site across environments, scheduled backups that run on cron runs besides supporting gzip, bzip and zip compression as well as automatic scheduled backups.







Here we present you another fantastic drupal module – Webform  module more suitable solution than creating content types to make surveys in Drupal where  users may be sent an e-mail “receipt” as well as sending a notification to administrators after a submission and pertaining results can be exported into Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

This amazing Drupal Webform module also provides some basic statistical review and has and extensive API for expanding its features like contests, personalized contact forms, or petitions.










Most of us have experienced CAPTCHA drupla module – a challenge-response test most often placed within web forms to determine whether the user is human.

The main intention of integrating CAPTCHA module  is to block form submissions by spambots, which are automated scripts that post spam content everywhere they can.

CKEditor – WYSIWYG HTML editor

CKEditor is another fantabulous and useful tool to be implemented in to your website for a more functional layout formatting including basic and advanced styling, real block quoting, colors, advanced paste from word, advanced linking, e-mail linking and many more.

This drupal HTML text editor module allows Drupal to replace textarea fields faster (the code has been optimized), loads faster (the number of files has been reduced, so the browser will perform less HTTP requests) and developers friendly, bringing in many of the powerful WYSIWYG editing functions of known desktop editors like Word to the web.

Google Analytics





Google Analytics is one of the most important and essential drupal modules to be integrated on to any and every Drupal based website to embed an automatic web statistics tracking system running on your blog/site.

The module allows you to add single/multi/cross domain tracking, selectively track/exclude certain users, roles and pages, monitor type of links, monitor files downloaded from your page, custom variables support with token, custom code snippets, Site Search support, AdSense support, anonymize visitors IP address and much more.

Highly recommended Drupal module!!!






Hacked is another functional and truly resourceful Drupal module that does not or will completely prevent your site from being ‘hacked, but rather helps you scan the installed Drupal, contributed modules and themes, re-downloads them and determines if they have been changed.

If any changes are cited, the changes are marked clearly where Hacked midule will allow you to see the exact lines that have changed. Besides this module is integrated with so that you can see what files have changed from the command line.





Colorbox is another great Drupal module that is light-weight, customizable lightbox plugin that integrates well with Imagefield, Imagecache and Insert modules.

This drupal module supports images, image groups, slideshow, ajax, inline, and iframed content, appearance is controlled through CSS so users can restyle the box, preloads background images and can preload upcoming images in a photo group and many more handy features to help you build a solid and constructive website/blog all the way.

Quick tabs





The Quick Tabs are another great, productive yet super awesome drupal module that facilitates you to create block on your site containing multiple tabs with corresponding content specifically views, blocks, nodes and other quicktabs.

10 Best, Amazing & Incredible Expression Engine CMS Based Websites 2013

Getting started with Expression Engine or wanted to know the success secretes of Expression Engine CMS then, this page is for you. With online marketing escalating terrifically, the Expression Engine CMS can be found all over the web. There are plethoras of gems hidden in this dynamic CMS. Here we present you some 10 top best Expression Engine based websites to give you all the Expression Engine CMS usability in different multitude e website domains.

Discover the top Expression Engine based websites that have large number of unique visitors, entries, comments, forum posts, members, awards or buzz.

Why late??? Inspire to build one for you!!!! This CMS will enable you to create truly amazing websites/blog through easy-to-use features and a large contributing community besides handling huge traffic requirements, offering extensive add-on capabilities like wikis, photo galleries and RSS feeds.

We are confident; you will truly get inspired with this list!!!! Check out the 10 amazing Expression Engine based websites  2013.



    1.    Barack Obama

This is the official re-election campaign website of President Barack Obama that has all information about the Obama’s campaign latest news, facts, and much more. This ExpressionEngine based website layout is simple, smooth and elegant in white and blue color combinations and user friendly interface.


2.   iLounge

iLounge is one of the most popular and exceptional ExpressionEngine based website that is completely dedicated to provide information all about Apple Inc.’s products including iPod, iPhone, iPad, accessories, related software, and more. A fully functional website hosting daily news updates, independent product reviews, editorial content, discussions forum, galleries all in a well organized fashion and easily interactive with visitors. Truly informative ExpressionEngine website!


3. Sanctuary

Sanctuary is one of the best of best ExpressionEngine based websites that is completely a religious website that has information about church, worship experiences, worship and more.  This ExpressionEngine based website is designed to work on a dark background where enough space is dedicated to the slider showcasing essential information, tiny menu tabs in white, social media integration, and many more widgets to get connected with multiple landing pages.

Super elegant, catchy and ultimate ExpressionEngine based website to get inspired.

4.     Duoh

Duoh is an extremely striking and awe-inspiring ExpressionEngine based website that does branding, graphic designs, prints broachers, posters mailings, interface and icon design, websites, content management, and much more all in a very easily understandable and clear cut layout.

As you can see, the website CMS made it all with the good catchy background colors, segregation of tabs, widgets and content in a fashionable manner.

Love it!!!!

5.     Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade is one of the top online comic strip sites that deals with video gaming and includes news, commentary and regular updates of commentaries on the site. The whole website is filled in with the business color blue while the main tabs, text and content in white to make visitors catch with the site for a longer period. A truly addictive ExpressionEngine website to get inspired!!



6.     Sam Houston Project

Sam Houston Project is a website dedicated to discuss about professors, authors, descendants, native Americans, governmental leaders by the experts to help people understand the history more precisely.

This Expression Engine website has a different layout with main menus organized to the left and pertaining content in respective tabs in a beautiful theme.

Great work!!! Great website!!!!

7.     Lealea

Lealea is another ExpressionEngine based website that helps brands, websites and other small scale business fulfill their goals. The whole website layout is themed to be in dark pink, content text in white, header loaded with the company logo, footer shows the various galleries.

Pretty genuine, authentic and incredibly flattering ExpressionEngine website. Don’t miss a shot!! Have a look at this Expression Engine based website for sure.

 8.     Paula Deen

Pauladeen is an incredibly outstanding website that has brand new pool of yummy recopies in tons, the ultimate poolside bash to gear up your delicious home cooking skills with the most famous and reputed Paula Deen a down home, strong willed mom.

There are a lot many things and widgets loaded in this website in a well organized and interactive way, the cool main menu has drop down sub menus, an informative slider, social media integration, galleries, schedules, and much more all in such a small space.

Truly recommended ExpressionEngine site to get inspired!!!



9.     Gear Live

Gear Live is another striking and one of the best top rated ExpressionEngine websites that gears up latest news on gadgets including latest tech news on Apple Inc., video games, TV, events, personalities, and more.

In general, starting news related website is no easy, but with the ExpressionEngine it is all easy and simple. As you can see, there are multiple tabs, widgets, galleries, videos, social icons, room for ads, latest stories, and much more all in a limited space.

Have a look at the website and start up a new website with ExpressionEngine in your own way.

10.           Red Flag Deals

Red Flag Deals is a popular and leading online shopping and promotions stores that provides thousands of deals and coupons across 14 categories to serve customers.

As you can see, there are multiple tabs in the header with pertaining multiple tabs, a search filter, social media integration, latest deals, popular deals, latest coupons,  opinion poll, all set in a effective yet productive way.


15 Best Free & Premium Expression Engine Templates 2013

Expression Engine is one of the hot selling and a robust popular content management system that has image galleries, mailing lists, and other useful aspects usable for big and small websites.

Expression Engine CMS is the highly effective and simplest to use commercial product with open source option and has been a great choice for companies like Apple, Sony, Disney, WB, Ford, and Nokia that combines a commercial product with open source code.

A perfect CMS with good commercial elements that includes a dedicated development and support while the open source being open, public, and extensible.

Thus, we present you 15 best free & premium Expression Engine templates 2013 to fit into any or every website/blog out there.

Check out!!!!

Murasaki Free Expression Engine Template

Murasaki is one of the best yet free Expression Engine template a clean, spacious theme specifically built to showcase your business, services or products in an exceptional and outstanding manner.

Featuring a stunning header with awesome layout and a logo is what that makes this free Expression Engine template stand out from the rest, while the widgets, main menu form other visual strikers.

Truly an inspiring web template to fall for!!!!

PhotoStudio Free Expression Engine Template

Now, manage single or multiple websites loaded with advanced control panel, high security protection, and great flexibility with the PhotoStudio – one of the best Expression Engine templates to suit any niche especially great for photographers or photography enthusiasts.

PhotoStudio Expression Engine Template is a very easy going yet free Expression Engine Template to display all your exceptional or essential work/product images/articles/stuff in an interactive and user-friendly manner.

Optimize Expression Engine Template

Optimize is another great Expression Engine theme/template that is all set to express your ideas and thoughts through your website/blog in a more productive and effective way.

The theme looks exceptionally stunning and functional to impress all your visitors of your website on the very first go despite displaying your products/services in fashionable and organized way.

Gibe more insight to your products with the featured slideshow, flexible layout, custom homepage, integrated Lightbox, backend theme options, cross-browser compatibility, auto-sizing thumbnails, documentation and more.

Template 7  Free Expression Engine Template

Here we present you another robust yet free Expression Engine template the Template 7 that makes it easy to create a robust site featuring related Entries at the bottom of each article, Styled Search Results, Styled Comments, and much more.

Use this Template for any of your upcoming or existing projects as it is very easy to create/modify and manipulate the entire outlook of the template without compromising on both performance and presentation aspects.

Love this template and the template will love you more!!!!!

 Fresh News theme for Expression Engine

Fresh news Expression Engine Template is one of the best selling and popular theme ideal for any Expression Engine based website/blog.

This premium Expression Engine Template features various styles, SEO support, Gravatar support, with myriad customizable backend options, cross browser compatibility, auto-sizing thumbnail options and much more for beautiful execution of all your work.

No doubt a highly recommended Expression Engine Template!!!!


Delegate is another best and one of the top most resourceful and flexible Expression Engine business template/theme jam packed with myriad functional options and customizable features to appeal all your web visitors.

The goodness of well-organized execution and clean layout is what that makes this website standout from the rest and will undeniably make the impact you aspire.

Kick start your website now with the Delegate Expression theme!!!!

 Coffee Break Expression Engine Template

Coffee Break as the name hints is a very functional yet responsive Expression Engine template built to showcase all of your company’s products, merchandise or services more interactively and amazingly.

Give break to all the boring and blah Expression Engine templates out there and install this premium template to have complete control over every aspect of the website.

This amazing theme features multitude options to add sliders, buttons and other features to highlight and accentuate most anything you desire to promote your business and interact with your customers, clients or visitors.

Daily Edition

Daily Edition is another great and dynamic Expression Engine theme that has simple, clean, elegant yet spacious layout to present all your website’s products/services well organized besides being easy to navigate throughout the website.

To add with this Expression Engine template is loaded with a large variety of page modules, video player, and other collapsible options to alter the website’s color and style, add Google Analytics, and much more all at the backend.

Add professionalism and sophistication to your website with Daily Edition!!!!

With its clean and inviting look, this capacious Daily Edition The layout is simple and is crafted in the style of a simple-to-read newspaper that provides easy access for your customers. They can easily flip through the web pages just like a traditional magazine. It uses simple to structure side boxes that provide up-to-date information along with a place for visitor’s comments and feedback.

Headlines Expression Engine Theme

Headlines is another top most Expression Engine templates built to make all your upcoming or exiting websites reach out the world on the go leaving behind the boring, dreary websites at bay.

Display all your content/stuff with the world in an eye-popping design layout, easy accessibility, creative design tons of requested features including social bookmarking, author highlighting, and more supporting your own ideas and thoughts.

Get inspired!!!!Get popular!!!!

City Guide Expression Engine Template

Themes????  For Expression Engine?

Here is the City Guide Expression Engine template a super functional and responsive theme that provides additional link-associated information to the visitor’s search results including custom content, Geo tags, locations, step-by-step navigational directions and other valuable information generally sought for.

As you can see, the design layout of this Expression Engine is intuitive and interactive enabling your site visitors to easily navigate around the website Manipulate the look and feel of this layout as you like with the City Guide Expression Engine Template!!!!!

Inspire Expression Engine

Inspire Expression Engine theme is a highly functional, informative, valuable and highly customizable template set to perfect to blend with any business/personal website/blogs to execute services, products or merchandise in a more effectively and resourcefully.

As this theme is highly customizable you can easily add images to each page, use its fade transitions abilities, along with fade timeouts, adjustable transition times and auto-fade, update information, continually show a transition of photographs and provide easy-to-access archives and links that can keep visitors informed.

Inspire all your visitors, customers, speculators with the Inspire Expression Engine theme!!!

Bueno Expression Engine Template

Bueno is a professional Expression Engine theme built specifically to display and executes your business, services or products content/articles/product images in extraordinary way.

This premium Expression Engine is loaded with lot many options to have complete control over what pages display on the home page. It is no wonder this Bueno  Expression Engine has become such a popular template in creating finest websites that function properly, look extra special and built to put forward the best experience for all your site visitors.

The station Expression Engine Template

The station is a super elegant, professional business Expression Engine template loaded with myriad options and highly customizable features keeping visitors and simplicity in mind.

The theme has featured tabber section on the homepage to emphasize important messages, back end theme options, cross browser compatibility, auto sizing thumbnails to scale post images for pixel perfect display in template and more. This theme is a step ahead from the traditional CMS mold adding flexibility and freedom to the web professional’s abilities to use the theme in successful, creative ways to uplift the website/blog look, style and feel all in all.

Over Easy Expression Engine Template

Over Easy as the name hints is a very easy to use, minimalistic Expression Engine template target to fit in any commercial and non-commercial websites.

As you can see, this theme has a header citing logo, main menu, room for slider, many other widgets, and many more other functionalities positioned well in such a limited space.

Moreover,   the landing pages or blog has been modernly designed to publish all the important information pertaining to the widgets and website efficiently to promote engagement and make your visitors navigate through your blog/website for longer hours.

Dark Shine Free Expression Engine Template

Dark Shine is a responsive, vibrant red/orange yet free Expression Engine theme loaded with myriad features and options to make all your visitors get addicted to your blog/site.

This free Expression Engine template has two columns one for content and one for another navigational menu in the main content area, a header with several blocks for navigational menus, plus a block for advertisements and a block for photos and footer.

Amazing and flexible theme for personal sites, or even corporate sites wanting to have a bit of an edge in their sites!!!


5 Best Free & Premium X-Cart Slideshows/Galleries 2013

5 Best Free & Premium X-Cart Slideshows/Galleries 2012

With X-Cart becoming one of the hot favorite shopping cart software programs there will undoubtedly be super demand for X-Cart sliders/galleries and modules.

In this Internet-run world, X-Cart free or premium slideshows will present all products or services in a more productive, interactive and effective way, no matter how many thousands of products.  Thus, here we came up with 5 best free & premium X-Cart slideshows 2012 all for your reference and convenience.

Browse them all and install one that suits your blog/site. Increase your sales now!!!! Hope you like them all!!!

Powerplay for X-Cart

PowerPlay for X-Cart is one of the best and popular premium image gallery modules for X-Cart that is designed to be highly functional and customizable. This X-Cart slideshow module enables you to customize every bit of the slideshow in order to get the best results possible from it.  Accelerate your products with this popular X-Cart slideshow module right away!!!!

Explorer for X-Cart

Here we present you the extremely free and adorable X-Cart gallery the Explorer for X-Cart. Create a compatible modern and dynamic gallery showing off all the products/services using the big slider images, thumbnails, descriptions, price tags and much more.

This incredible Gallery for X-cart will make your X-cart Shopping cart attractive and will get instant attention from users.

Featured products slideshow

Featured Products slideshow for X-Cart enables you to showcase all your website’s essential products /services in the slider that helps all your visitors navigate through the products and access complete details about the products clicking the product image.

Manage/edit/update the cart of products as you like on the go. It’s very simple, simpler, yet simplest X-Cart plugin.

Product slider for X-Cart

Happy to present you the product slider module one of the popular, powerful and trendy slideshow for your X-Cart store.

Featuring 3 types of products sources, option to define thumb dimension, automatic or manual slider option, define slider dimension, define different slider styles and much more in such a limited Products slider room.

Clocks all the customizable features and functionalities you need for a perfect slider on your website/blog.

X-Cart slideshow module

Here is the ultimately adorable, gorgeous and beautiful X-Cart slideshow module that enables you to add unlimited product images to our X-Cart shopping cart. This X-Cart slideshow module creates rotating banners with multiple transition effects and myriad customizable options to help you design slider the way you want it to be.

No more waiting!!!! Download and install now!!!!

20 Best Free and Premium Concrete5 Templates 2013

Concrete5 is no doubt a very popular and easiest CMS that has become the choice of many to create complex and powerful online applications. The great advantages using the concrete5 is that it is open source based CMS, so it is free to use. Moreover, it is very easy to understand and use Concrete5 and Concrete Templates.

Over internet there are myriads and numerous Concrete5 templates/themes made available. To make t easy for you, we have gathered some interesting and mind-blowing best, free, premium and amazing Concrete5 templates 2013 of all niches, just for your reference and convenience.

I love Concrete5 and you will love it to!!!! Give a try!!!

Slate Concrete5 Template

Have you been looking for some interesting Concrete5 templates? If so, Slate Concrete5 template may be exactly what you are looking for!

Slate is a clean, minimal, responsive, and mobile-friendly grid styled Concrete5 template recommended and works amazing for any startup or boring website/blog to add some sense of feel and confidence to the site.

Loaded with lots of advantageous features, including four different styles/skins, 16 different page types/layouts, drop down navigation, and four custom page list templates and much more, this Concrete5 template can really showcase all your work or art in a simplified manner.

Elegancia Concrete5 template

Elegancia is yet another showstopper Concrete5 theme you have ever come across that lets you have a unique and outstanding homepage layout with a full width or three column layout and many other customizable elements to suit your needs and requirements.

Dispense all your stock in an organized and more complete way and transform your site into something amazing with just a couple of mouse clicks.


Explode Concrete5 Template

Explode Concrete5 theme is a smart, sophisticated and extremely inspiring Template that offers a bright layout with a varied collection of style and design to explode any website. Its responsive design adjusts to look good and amazing in any browser or device.

It’s fast, customizable, and picture perfect. Redo your whole site with this extremely smart Concrete5 template!!!!

Anim8ed Concrete5 Template

Here we present you another great and top best Concrete5 template the Anim8ed a classy professional template designed to work exceptionally well with any commercial or non-commercial website on the go.

Play with this Concrete template as you like, choose from the 7 amazing colors and change the text color, link color, heading color, footer and background color. Besides, there are numerous other options to work and play with.

Love it, your client or visitor will love this concret5 template even more!!!!

Revero Concrete5 Template

Revero is a Premium yet one of the best and beautiful Concret5 template ever designed so amazingly and elegantly giving space and focus to the content artless to enable your visitors enjoy your website completely.

A super simple, sleek and high quality theme that helps you create review scores, low down of products at glance, and much more with its clean uncluttered design layout and feel.

Monetize your website!!!!



Office space Concrete5 Template

Office Space is not only a professional and easy to work with Concrete5 theme but is a reasonably priced and uniquely designed theme for corporate/business websites/blogs to showcase all your business, services, or products and stuff in a grid-based Concrete5 theme.

This Concrete5 template uses a 960 grid system besides being loaded with 3 Color Variation (Blue, Green & Red) options, 7 Different Page Types / Layouts (Home, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Full, One over Three Columns, One over Two Columns, News Article) and much more, all for you.

Can’t get better than that! Download and install Office Space and make your site a marketplace!!

Classique Concrete5 Template

The Classique Concrete5 Template is a fully featured theme and best of all it’s a lucrative Concrete5 theme. This exceptional Concrete5 template features multi column layouts, unlimited background color options, number of custom templates enabling you to style the template as you please. Build a professional/funny/personal/business or anything you wish for your Concrete5 based website in juts minutes rather than hours or days.



Eye theme Concrete5 Theme

Eye theme is one of the dynamic, best, amazing yet free Concrete5 templates you have ever come across. This freebie Concrte5 template is packed with numerous customization options to showcase all content/articles, products, images/stuff clear and easy. The highlight of this free Concrete5 template is the adjustable width of the container.

There are many more magical features included in this free Concrete5 template download and enjoy!!!!

Elengancia Neu Concrete5 Theme

Here we present you another super quality Concrete5 template Elengancia Neu mobile and tablet friendly theme supporting the ChadStrat pro-blog add on giving you access to familiar blogging functions like categories, tag clouds, author selection and more.

Additionally, this top Concrete5 template ships with numerous custom templates, search block for headed and non-headed search, slider with 3 different drop shadow templates, different color variants and much more for a rich and quality layout of your website.

Have a look at it!!!!!

Abstarcts Concrete5 template

Abstracts Concrete5 template is another professional yet constructive theme jam packed with amazing collapsible features including multiple layouts, over 12 positions, JQuery menu, stylized backgrounds, font replacement and many unique features.

A unique, unusual and differently styled Concrete5 template to make all your work and website stand out from the general and usual template design layouts.

Truly a must try and must-have Concrete5 template!!!!


Clear View Concrete5 template

Clear View as the title implies is a very open, crystal clear and more precisely an amazing Concrete5 template/theme loaded with a very big space dedicated to the background image, overlaying content and slide out navigational menu all included to impress and explicate what your website deals with in one simple image.

Moreover, this Concrete5 theme comes with 3 different page types/layouts home, right side bar, full, sliding main navigation, background images scale and much more all for your convenience.

Want to try something different?? A better Template option to go!!!!

Elegancia Onyx Concrete5 Theme

Eleganca Onyx is a rich, more complete, and one of the most popular Concret5 themes/templates out in the market.

There are lot many exciting features and options shipped into this template including a new drop down navigation, enhanced typography, new color variants (Rich burgundy, a stylish black gradient) and numerous custom templates to make all your website visitors journey happy and entertaining all the way.


Snowblind Concrete5 Template

Snowblind is a vibrant, clean and modern  free theme for Concrete5 built specifically for corporate/business websites to showcase business, services, products in a more enhanced, productive and effective way. As you can see, this free Concrete5 template has a very nice top navigation and pretty good design.

Start up or revamp your Concrete5 website beautifully all free of cost with free Snowblind Concrete5 Template.

Interactive black Concrete5 template

Here is a professional, clear, dark yet elegant Concrete5 template – Interactive black template – a free Concrete5 theme where you get to pay for a chrome or safari background and awesome new mega menu. Features a 2 page types, Google web fonts integration, logo builder, and much more.  To add with, this dark Concrete5 theme is literally loaded with many customizable options to change every aspect of the layout to suit your own needs and style with no programming skills.

Nighty city Concrete5 template

Nighty City is a smooth, dark, elegant yet professional Concrete5 theme loaded with many awesome unique features.

This template loads in with rounded corners, cross browser support, optional sidebar, drop down navigational menu with plenty of highly customizable options to design template as you like supporting your own ideas and thoughts even if you are not a skilled programmer.

A faster and beautiful Concrete5 template/theme to execute all your work and stuff outstandingly!!

Bildpunkt Concrte5 template

The Bildpunkt theme is a very  responsive, stylish and fully customizable Concrete5 perfect for designers, bloggers and website owners to create a simple, elegant yet picture clear layout to execute all the essential work in enhanced way.

This Concrete5 template adds a nice touch to your creative work to impress all your visitors and make your website stand out of the crowd.

Perfectly fits into any website as it s loaded with multiple customizable options to tweak with every aspect of the template layout. Last but not least: the Bildpunkt Concrete5 Theme also includes Shadowbox a very nice mediaplayer to present your creative work.

Cultivate Concrete5 template

Cultivate is a highly flexible, simple, stylish yet professional Concrete5 theme with many great customizable features that can be easily customized to fit your needs. Currently, this Concrete5 theme comes in Red, Blue, and Green to give you possible options to match with the main subject of the website. Downloading and installing this concrete5 Theme Framework is your cup of coffee it’s awesomely easy, even if you are not aware of coding and programming. Responsive, smart and the best Concrete5 template!!!!

Diamond  Concrete5 theme

Here is another magical, unique yet smart Concrete5 template design the Diamond theme loaded with three different page layouts, many style variations to fine tune minor aspects to enhance the entire look and feel of the website.

This crazy Concrete5 theme enables you to define your very favorite color to almost any part of the layout, giving your viewers a visual treat all in all.

Featurist Concrete5 Theme

Featurist is a highly flexible yet professional Concrete5 theme that can be easily customized to fit your needs without having to use any codes or programming.

To add with, this Concrete5 template layout is designed to suit a wide range of websites featuring several customizable features.

Use it as is or bend it to achieve your own unique styling!!!!

Maximo Concrete5 template

Maximo as the name hints ships in numerous features and customizable options for a picture perfect and interactive website layout.

This browser friendly Concrete5 template boasts in excellent typography, styling, attractive effects, a full width slider space and room for 3 or 4 column layout options to give maximum visual impact to your website visitors. To add with, there is also an excellent Twitter bootstrap giving your visitors a more coherent experience no matter what their choice of browser.

Click, edit, change your website layout as you like!!!!!

Ever After one page parallax concrete5 theme

Ever After one page parallax concrete5 theme



Use this powerful design for creating a nice website. It is consists of array of features like parallax, sticky navigation bar, Full screen galleries and Google maps. Theme is build with elegant features like full screen HTML5 video, lazy load capabilities, infinite scroll, responsive design, instagram theatre, full screen slider, Google map and scrollspy integration are the features of this concrete5 theme.   

Passport – A premium concrete5 theme

Passport – A premium concrete5 theme



Create a powerful website using this premium concrete5 responsive theme. Full width image slider impresses the site visitors. Lot of content space is given for expalning the points. Footer area is filled with lot of useful links. Stylish design, clean website, contact form design, 15 beautiful layouts, lazy load support, jquery animations, HTML, CSS, downloadable content and fully responsive are the features of this concrete5 theme.

MetroMe concrete5 responsive vcard theme

MetroMe concrete5 resposnive vcard theme



Adding of the content and editing is easy with this concrete5 CMS theme. It is fully responsive so that it can adapt to any screen resolutions. Some of the features of this responsive concrete5 theme are 13 custom blocks, customizable theme background, 29 hand picked backgrounds, 15 premade themes, change menu icons, powerful Google map block, preadded content, quick previews in blocks and unlimited customizable theme colors. CSS, Js and PHP files are included. Check the live demo of this concrete5 theme.

Vision one page flat concrete5 portfolio theme

Vision one page flat concrete5 portfolio theme



This flat one page concrete5 theme is best for creating a unique or modern theme. It is best for any creative website. Custom blocks, fully editable, dynamic portfolio, responsive, 2 color skins, 2 pagetypes, complete HTML template, parallax slider and documentation are the features of this portfolio theme. Concrete5 5.6.x is the software version. Bootstrap 2.3.x is compatible.