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Top 10 best premium quality restaurant Joomla themes & café Joomla themes 2013

Small café – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes


 Are you looking for a perfect solution to engage visitors on your café or restaurant website??

Here is the Small café – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes that has everything you need to showcase your, bar, bistro, club, cafe bars, restaurants, internet cafes, coffee resellers loaded with plenty of content, space, multiple widgets, amazing slider in a full featured theme style.

Skillfully baked pizza – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes



 If you are a restaurant business owner, this Skillfully baked pizza – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes is all you need to kick start your cafe bars, restaurants, internet cafes, coffee resellers website in an exciting fashion with the brand new full featured joomla theme.


Coffee – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes


 Coffee – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes is a premium joomla template that is very much useful in displaying your favorite menu images, recipe information or more about your cafe bars, restaurants, internet cafes, coffee resellers restaurant or café in an exciting and thrilling way.


Adriano Pizza– restaurant & cafe Joomla themes


Adriano Pizza– restaurant & cafe Joomla themes is for your online business that deals with restaurants, cafes and food just right to showcase some useful services your cafe bars, restaurants, internet cafes, coffee resellers restaurant or café facilitates all in a fresh and attractive layout.


Maestro– restaurant & cafe Joomla themes


Maestro– restaurant & cafe Joomla themes enables professional execution of your restaurant products and services giving you a good opportunity to start the effective online project that will be in the focus of attention of its visitors with amazing slider/gallery space, multiple widgets, and other customizable options to tweak with.


Coffee House – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes


Delight your customers with the unique design of your cafe bars, restaurants, internet cafes, coffee resellers website with this Coffee House – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes. There are many super striking features that make this theme stand out from the rest giving your restaurant or café website users a great pleasure browsing and accessing your website.


We love pasta – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes



 We love pasta – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes is the best solution while creating bar, restaurant, coffee shop, as well as, pizzeria websites to build a small but amazingly awesome online store which u may increase your sales by letting your customers order food online.


The Oliver’s restaurant– restaurant & cafe Joomla themes


 The Oliver’s restaurant– restaurant & cafe Joomla theme is just delicious, hot highly customizable, includes giving your customers accurate reflection of services provided. Fancy simplifying your business by giving customers a chance to make orders by themselves? Encourage your customers by allowing them to book a room or check your menu on line…


Small café – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes


 It’s high time for you to catch up with this restaurant and café r template to prepare a perfect project for building restaurant, coffee bar websites, the same as, hotel, use this Small café – restaurant & cafe Joomla themes that is

elegant and neat to create an amazing website!


Pizza house– restaurant & cafe Joomla themes


Prepare your eye-catching coffee companies, cafe bars, restaurants, internet cafes, and coffee reseller’s website in less than hour with this amazingly strong coffee like Pizza house– restaurant & cafe Joomla themes in minutes.


Best Free Textpattern Templates

Textpattern as we all know is a reputed PHP-based open-source content management system used by numerous bloggers and website owners for a very wide variety of purposes.

Here we have gathered some unique, comprehensive and resourceful Textpattern templates, the best way to manage your content in terms of creating, editing, and publishing to beautify your whole website outlook it in a professional way.

No more worries with these 10 free, flexible and secured Textpattern templates!!!! Textpattern is a highly regarded open source CMS running tens of thousands of websites. With a browser-based interface in over 30 languages, excellent support and fully-featured, it is easy to see why publishers, designers and developers choose Textpattern.

Give Textpattern Templates a try!!!!!

thumbEmpire Textpattern templates

Are you a bit tired of the boring present look of your site??? Revamp your boring website download the ultimate Empire Textpattern template that helps add colors and liveliness to it.

This exceptional Textpattern template comes with 5 color variations, social media integration, widgets for image advert, archive menu, blogroll, tag cloud, recent posts, recent comments, calendar, text , category listing, get in touch, contact us, feedback and Feedburner subscription.

To add with have your own logo image, display either a banner-ad image with link or a Google Adsense banner in the header and much more with this extremely cool Empire Textpattern template.

My Wishful Thoughts – Textpattern templates

Here is the ultimate, best yet one of the great looking blog templates – My Wishful thoughts Textpattern Template. My Wishful Thoughts a very flexible, easy to install and a unique template/theme to manage all your posts, pages and rich media as well as any other blogging CMS on the go. Get a good surfing feel to your website with this eye catching and soothing Textpattern template. A perfect Textpattern theme for journalists, authors, writers and for everyone who wishes to have an elegant website with valuable textual content organized all well in a productive way.

Sit Down Please Textpattern templates

Sit down please is a blog template as the name hints this striking yet pleasant Textpattern template makes all your website visitors stick to your blog with its interactive sand soothing outlook and user-friendly feature. No doubt the Sit down Please TextPatterns template will help you to create a professional looking website in just a couple of mouse clicks. Check out the features available with this free Sit Down Please Textpattern template, download and  quickly establish a personal or a company web site with a customized look all free of cost.

Green Dream Textpattern templates

Green Dream is truly a minimal template packed with a huge selection of functionalities and highly customizable features. Green Dream is sophisticatedly designed to work easily, interactively and beautifully on any website on the go besides being loaded with a great selection of icons, typography, colors, module positions and the list goes on. A simple, elegant, clean and green freebie Textpattern template you will certainly fall for!!!!

Profilo Textpattern templates

Profilo is a simple, elegant and clean Textpattern template designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind. This free Textpattern theme/template comes packed with copious highly customizable features and amazing modern professional design to make all your visitors addict to your website/blog. As you can see, there really is a style to every part of this template!!! Truly wonderful Textpattern template for all the simplicity lovers out there!!!!!

Yoko Textpattern templates

Yoko a brand new beautiful, sleek Textpattern theme/template is one of the best website themes you have ever come across. This absolutely free Textpattern template comes with multitude customizable features and options to adorn your website/blog as you like with simple mouse clicks at the backend supporting your ideas or thoughts. The complete template can be altered and styled from mesh to meal, so you can’t go wrong with this free download.

Boast Textpattern templates


Boast as you can see is a free Textpattern template designed completely on a grayish blue background featuring a room for main flash image or slider, featured products, modules, logo and much more all in a limited small webpage space.

Not satisfied with the color??? No worries!!!

This Textpattern template comes in 10 color variations that can be set at the admin panel. To add with you can tweak with every aspect of this Textpattern template to add company logo, specify sections, categories, slideshow options, articles, content and all stuff with simple alterations at the backend. Hope you like this Textpattern template that is set all free, just for you!!!!!

 Ambience Textpattern templates

Ambience is one of the best of best Textpattern themes available in the market till date. A beautifully crafted Textpattern template/theme in dark tint to make your entire content/articles/featured product images standout of the rest.

It’s elegant and energizes all your website/blog visitors occupied and engaged. To add with a great, very simple, dynamic and powerful free Textpattern template for all businesses around to showcase essential work productively and effectively. Ideal for bloggers who wants that super dynamic kick and spice feel whilst retaining some elegance.

Txp- Lazy days Textpattern Theme

Txp- Lazy days Textpattern Theme is the shiny theme for Textpattern with a lot of goodness, gorgeous features that you can easily tailor it to your needs. A smooth, clean, flexible and resourceful Textpattern template that comes with simple positions, modules/widgets, and  even more simple use of color and typography making this template a must-have  business template.

No hassle and no fuss!!! There is a lot of amazing stuff hidden inside this Textpattern template. Download and start digging some……..

10 Best Free Typo3 Templates 2018

 10 Best Free Typo3 Templates 2018

Typo3 is one of the best and top web based open source content management system that is very resourceful and useful in creating, editing, versioning, controlling and publishing any content/articles/featured products/stuff in an organized way.

With escalating Typo3 popularity in the present digital world, we came up a article that lists out 10 top most beautiful, interactive and responsive free Typo3 templates for the designers, bloggers and web site owners.

Here we present you 10 top best, free and Premium Typo3 templates/themes offering out-of-the- box operation with a complete set of highly customizable options and robust high-performance architecture to help you build more extensible sites quicker and  more customized for their users.

Checkout the free and premium Typo3 templates and install one that suits your business needs.


Abundant is a red hot yet free Typo3 template designed to work on design without understanding or interfacing with script codes. This robust Typo3 template is loaded with many unique and easy to handle mechanism features.

One of the best things about these Typo3 templates is that they are all for free. Install this free template and have a full fledge professionally functional website working in a matter of minutes.

There is also a premium Typo3 template made available that enables you to have multiple sub templates, sub menus, news extensions, comments, user login, mail form, tables, file links, and much more for your convenience.

Greeny Grass

Greeny Grass is another interesting and striking free Typo3 template that is all designed using green grass across a dark background. This Typo3 template facilitates a simple user interface allowing you to change numerous elements of your website. Tweak with the images, posts, content and a variety of other features and push them all live on your site in a matter of seconds.

Lily Pads

Here is the Lily Pad, one of the top best user friendly Typo3 templates boasting endless list of features that give you full control over your website.

As you can see, the front end of this template is quite soothing and smooth where you can organize all your stuff/content in a more interactive way. Manage our site like never before leaving behind all the boring blah Typo3 templates at bay using the dynamic features that is equipped with the Premium Lily Pads theme.


Turn your website into a fully functional website or blog with this extremely robust and amazing yet free Component Typo3 template. Component comes packed with tons of content and widget ready areas and functional features to showcase content/articles/product images and stuff in a more clear and readable manner. Look no further!!!! Go for it!!!


Amazing Colors TYPO3

Amazing Colors Typo3 template is a very clean, colorful, elegant yet free Typo3 template that perfectly blends with nay website or blog on the go. This free Typo3 template is packed with exciting features and options where all of the graphics elements, colors, gradient and shadows can be customized accordingly. Truly, a very unusual yet striking Typo3 template to make your website/blog standout of the rest.

Photo Template

Here we present you another collection of Typo3 template – Photo template – a CSS-based design loaded with a two-column layout, a dark background to highlight all your featured products, content, articles and stuff in a dazzling way. The red, black and white tint used in crafting this free Photo Template is really a awe-inspiring Typo3 template besides being entirely free of cost. To add with, all the graphical elements including color gradients, curves, shadows, backgrounds, and more can be easily customized to enhance the complete outlook of your website in seconds.

Musical Template

Music Typo3 template is another free yet easy to install and customize Typo3 template designed using a complete jet black background accompanied with reds and whites in the layout for a more appealing outlook to lure all your visitors. This free Typo3 template is a two-column layout where every aspect of the frontend can be easily customized at the backend. This free Typo3 template gives you the power to spice up your website with a unique and catchy template perfect for any retail and online business store.

Inspiration Template

Inspiration template  as the name hints is a cool, inspirational yet responsive Typo3 template featuring a huge array of colors, font and layout options that lets you customize just about any aspect of the template. Showcase wide array of content and almost any type of products on your website and make your store look more outstanding and modern without tweaking with a single line of code with this ultimate Typo3.

Travel Template

Travel Template is an elegant and flexible Typo3 template with an interactive layout and many interesting features that can be customized at the backend through powerful admin panel. This free Typo3 template is easy to setup and comes with a great features , perfect for a holiday, travel information, hotel, accommodation, surfing or destination themed website. Revamp the whole template as you like!!!!!


Barnyard is a classical, two column business free Typo3 template. As you can see the design is very clean and professional besides being loaded with massive and flexible features.  This free Typo3 template is targeted to bring in the easiest and effective system for you to configure and modify the content/design layout effortlessly  Make this Typo3 template yours!!!! Download now!!!

10 Best Free and Premium Prestashop Modules /add-ons 2018

With Prestashop being one of the hot favorite ecommerce store management application that has set a bit of power out of the box. It doesn’t   shine until you start deploying some interesting and attracting Prestashop modules or add-ons to it.

Now with the release of hundreds and thousands of amazing Prestashop modules floating in the market, here we present you 10 hot favorite Prestashop modules of highest quality that allow you to create videos, surveys, advanced product search, cross selling, install templates, use live chat on your site, accept payments and what not. Get set go!!!

Looking for some great Prestashop modules:

Advanced top menu Prestashop Module

Advanced top menu is one of the best of best Prestashop modules or add-ons that is designed to incorporate a horizontal navigational bar including categories with automatic building features, CMS, suppliers, manufacturers, custom links, images, rich flash, movies, multimedia texts and more.

Besides, this Prestashop module is loaded with a good set of catchy features including cache management for fast execution and menu display, automatic creation for category tree, advanced CSS editor, image management, search engine with auto-completion, dynamic overview form back end and much more.

Ajax Filter Prestashop Module

Ajax filter as the name hints is one of the resourceful and handy Prestashop modules or add-ons that filter the featured products or stock using price, stock, suppliers, manufacturers, categories, features or attributes.

Position this amazing Prestashop filter module option anywhere on your homepage, category, special pages, supplier, best sales, new products and also hook it to left, right or centre, as you like.

Ads and slideshow Prestashop Module

Here is another Prestashop module/add-on that is a crowd favorite and has been a hot favorite seller – Ads and slideshow – an excellent marketing tool that enables you to add slideshows highlighting all the advertisements, banners, offers, or services in a professional and straight-cut manner besides being very ease. Position the Ads and slideshow prestashop module anywhere on your site!!!!

Quick Shop Prestashop Module

Here we present you another ultimate Prestashop module or add-on the Quick Shop that enables you to showcase or display all your products in a window from any page. To be more defined, this Prestashop module facilitates you a quicker way to shop and customize products without getting into much of the detailing about the product. Your visitors will definitely love this Prestashop module button that helps them have a glance of all products listings all at a time.

Magic Zoom Plus Prestashop Module

Bored showcasing all the products or stock in a listings or row or column fashion? Here is a great solution to present all your product images in a more exciting and striking manner. The Magic Zoom Plus is here for you that enable users to either magnify/enlarge the product image to full screen. To add with, this prestashop module works beautifully on iPad, iPhone and android devices with many customization options.

Make your prestashop easier to use and more customized with this exceptionally awesome Prestashop module!!!

Manufacturer Logo Slider Module for Prestashop

Manufacturer Logo Slider Module for Prestashop is a simple but effective Prestashop module that enables you to add a cute and finicky manufacturer logo slider to your website’s homepage. Position this manufacturer logo slider as a drop down in the header to make the logo slider visible to all even when not in home page.


Most Viewed Products Prestashop Module

It is always necessary to showcase listings of the most coveted or most viewed products on your website. Please check out the More Block Viewed – Most Viewed Products prestashop module that sets a block left or right parade of the most viewed producers. To add with this Prestashop module is highly configurable and customizable where you can tweak with the transition effect, number of products in the slider, display the product name, price, and price before discount, redirect to product file option and many more.

Translate all v1.5 Prestashop Module

Here is one of the most sort for and top selling prestashop theme – Translate all v1.5 that enables you to translate everything without any hitches. Translate your product attributes, variations, CMS, categories and subcategories all in a single mouse click. Besides, you can even return to the original language of your product if required. Truly, a must have Prestashop module!!!!!


SEO internal linking Prestashop Module

Now, automatically build your internal linking and optimize your position on search engine all with the SEO Internal Linking prestashop module.

SEO Internal Linking prestashop module plays an essential role in your SEO strategy by optimizing the organization of navigation in your store, and thus promotes the pages of your choice, to maximize popularity to site in Google search results.

Advanced Background changer Prestashop Module

Advanced Background Changer is one of the top selling Prestashop modules that tend to spice up your website background with ultimate CSS compositions and images. Turn on an event or any other marketing operations quickly and professionally to your theme according to specific periods, pages or user groups. Moreover, there are numerous parameters and controls included in this Prestashop module that facilitates you to have full screen mode, slideshow mode, user group management and more

Plan the background accordingly with the Advanced Background changer prestashop module!!!!!

10 Best Free and Premium Shopify Themes 2013

Shopify app is one of the best hosted solutions to sell any products online without hitches of programming or coding. With several hundred and thousands of Shopify themes floating in the market we have gathered some unique and flexible shopify themes all at one place for your convenience to offer the best Shopify themes available.

We have unleashed 10 Best Free and Premium Shopify Themes 2013 that are professionally designed and promoted to make your Shopify store beautiful.  This collection of creative and innovative Shopify is all set to make your online shop look visually appealing besides being customer friendly.  Once installed your products shop is ready to go live into public in minutes.

Try out  and pick out the best one that suits yours website or blog!!!


Philadelphia is a brand-new yet readymade Shopify theme designed with customization and ease-of-use in mind. As you can see, the contrasting dark and light backgrounds emphasize products. Featuring a good banner space with price tag and title, modules, four presets are beautiful in their own way and are ready to be tweaked.

With Philadelphia showcase any amount of content, products, images on your storefront in more luring and exciting way.


Indie Art

Indie Art is an utterly customizable Shopify theme clocked in with multiple optional features ranging from full font, logo, sub-categories, related products and Facebook comments wall to testimonial, discus commenting, to contact form all organized very well into the theme. The Indie Art theme is one of the best Shopify themes which is easy to setup beside loaded with unique functionalities.

Facilitate an amazing user experience while letting your products shine with this superbly adorable and amazing Indie Art Shopify Theme!!!!!

OrangOOtan Blog Themes

OrangOOtan Blog Themes is a modest, unfussy yet elegant Shopify themes clocked in with many amusing features and customizable options to help you diaply all the content/products/stuff in the best possible way and transform your website more lovable and interactive. OrangOOtan Shopify theme serves 8 post format for blog to enable you to post images, texts, videos, links, quotes, chats, MP3, music and much more.

A must have Shopify theme to set a trend!!!!

Radiance wood style

Radiance Wood Style Shopify theme is a highly customizable, responsive yet easy to use free Shopify theme loaded with optional homepage carousel, support for displaying tweets in the sidebar, a completely optional sidebar, customer accounts, and much more which looks great on any device.

This free Shopify theme as you can see is deliciously prepared setting a little chocolate colored tint as its background.

Love it???? Your visitors would love it more!!!!


Clean color style

Here we present you another collection of stunning, dynamic yet responsive Shopify themes – Clean Color style – Shopify theme that is completely responsive and flexible besides being loaded with feature rich storefront.

This dynamic Shopify theme has 500+ Google fonts to choose from,  beautiful typography options, adorable drop menus, rich slider with 3 optional live-text overlays, image roll-over zoom & much more all designed to work on desktops, laptops, iPad, iPhone & more. A top class Shopify theme to give your store a pro-treatment!!!!

BajiGoor Woocommerce themes

Here we present you yet another best Shopify theme – BajiGoor WooCommerce themes brings in all the joy and happiness to your website/blog stocking all the essential products and stuff you have got.

Introduce or showcase your products attractively and more lovingly using big image sliders at the homepage, latest, random & featured products options, recent blog post feature to keep your customers informed about your products all with this exclusive Shopify theme.

A responsive Shopify theme with plenty of configuration options that give you the ability to create a unique look for your store!!!


OutFitter Shopify theme is designed for discerning store owners & web designers featuring rich unique functionality & comprehensive customization options to get your store up & running fast leaving the boring blah websites at bay.

Featuring a room for company logo, Menus, filter search, product images, modules, and others all well organized in place for easy reference and navigation.

A simple, effective yet elegant Shopify Theme to delight all your visitors!!!!

Modern Light

Here we present you a ultimate selection of Shopify theme that enables you to quickly introduce all your brand store products to the visitors in a more interactive and amusing way.

Modern Light is a clean and minimalist designed Shopify theme that makes it a suitable option for selling any type of product including some important SEO terms to better position your stores for all the searches out there. This Shopify theme features a built in slider, featuring products room for blog posts, Facebook, Like Box or your Twitter feed and much more in organized and interactive way.

Thumbs up to Modern Light Shopify theme!!!!

Vanity Shop

Vanity shop- as the name hints is a creative, universal, fully responsive, Shopify theme perfect to stock any products on the go.

This Shopify theme bundles with 5 backgrounds for menu, Cool animated preloader for background and product images, Easy translation, Flexible header, Drop down menu, Blog section, Nice styled comments integrated with Gravatar, Font replacement – Cufon, SEO friendly and much more for a more productive and effective presentation of products.

A great Shopify theme to unleash many rewards!!!!

DapurKue WooCommerce Themes

DapurKue WooCommerce Theme is a extraordinary Shopify theme that goes perfectly well with any ecommerce websites with culinary online store being the best option.

This Shopify theme brings in delicious flavor with undeniable features and widgets including big image-slider, Products Page, on-sale products, filter by price, filter by size, etc Blog and Facebook integration, you needed to make all your visitors focus on your stocked products.

Try Dapur Kue WooCommerce Shopify Themes  invite your customers, promote your products productively and increase your sales more and more.


20 Top Best Quality Zen Cart Premium Themes/Templates 2013

Zen Cart is a user-friendly PHP-based open source shopping cart and store management system that provides easy customization of your online store.

To add with, Zen Cart is easy to install, easy to customize e-commerce application integrated with automated tasks, simple navigation, SE0-friendly accompanied with numerous delivery, payment, special items, gifts, certifications and other options.

With Zen Cart getting popular and popular day by day here we present you roundabout of 10 exceptional Free and premium Zen Cart templates 2013 specially designed templates to spice up, save time and money.

Feel free to download these Zen Cart templates to establish a professional online store.

Piccadilly Posh Free Zen Cart Template

Piccadilly Posh Free Zen Cart Template as the name hints is a super flexible design integrated with custom header with header search box, shopping cart total number of items, dollar amount, header text ad, drop down header menu with quick links, social media integration, slide show, and much more to perfectly blend with any type of e-commerce stores on the go. The options are endless it’s up to you to now.

Jewelry Zen Cart Premium Template

Jewelry Zen Cart Premium Template is a theme, designed in a clean and minimalistic style for all the Zen shopping cart users out there. Whether you are a Zen Cart advanced user or just a beginner, you’ll have absolutely no problems working with this premium quality Zen cart theme as the theme options are very clear, editable and easy to use!

Tourism Zen Cart


Tourism Zen Cart Template is a free yet powerful Zen Cart template best suited to showcase all the content/products/gifts/stuff related to Tourism. This free Zen Cart template is all about Tourism and fun. If you have any other favorite places or holiday in mind then don’t wait tweak with the configurations at the admin area and get your website juiced up supporting your thoughts and views right way!!!

Unique Zen Cart Premium Template

Unique Zen Cart Premium Template is a clean and modern template made for Zen Cart that uses beautiful Sliders, featured product images, new arrivals, discounted products, and others in an exceptional fashion on the home page. The theme is kept elegant and warm throughout with feasible fantastic options for visitors to enjoy shopping.

Zen Cart Template v 1.5

Alogo Zone Zen Cart Template is a professionally designed, ready to use dynamic template package that is flexible to configure via admin area and easy to switch. This template features featured products image with little products description, pricing, titles, modules, company logo and name, and much more all in limited home page space. Enjoy the professional template for Zen Cart!!!!

Fragrance Zen Cart Premium Template

Fragrance Zen Cart Premium Template is very advanced, Premium Zen cart theme suitable for different types of e-shops.  This fashion theme is perfect for any clothing, apparel or other websites that wishes to stock their products in a truly awe inspiring fashion. The black borders and the big fat slider make this Zen Cart theme more catchy and appealing, highlighting all the featured products.

Animals & Pet Zen Cart Templates


Animals & Pet Zen Cart Template is a very richly designed template that facilitates great advertising space for product information, offers, best sellers, discounts, specials, and much more all on the main page. While, the landing pages are concise, non-messy and neat design to help visitors locate products faster and easily. To add with, this premium Zen Cart template design features a refined search module to quickly select or locate products in your mind.

Zen Cart Template.

Here is another collection of Zen Cart Template the Zen Car Template #35886 designed to flawlessly blend with any e-commerce website including fashion, jewelry, bags, clothes, gadget, gifts, electronics, foods and much ore.

The big front page slideshow/banner image delivers what exactly is your website all about, while the modules, featured images with pricing, titles and other information helps you know about every product more comprehensively landing into new pages.

CristaGrey Free Zen Cart Template

CristaGrey Free Zen Cart Template features a unique component design that will undoubtedly distinguish your website from any other. The simple yet clean light layout and spongy background colors makes your Zen Cart Template perfect for wide range of shopping cart website. All of the products can be stocked well to create a sense of beautiful experience to all the visitors shopping your website online.

Travel store Zen Cart template

Travel store Zen Cart Template offers a balanced yet attractive way to display all the travel related information while displaying discounts and offers on the travel packages with featured images more excitingly. The background image of this Travel store Zen Cart template is squishy and it is very apt for the design. The layout, modules and showcase of the tour offers are more attractively organized that is just easy to find and locate stuff.

Maximum Zen Cart Premium Template

Maximum Zen Cart Premium Template is a powerful yet aesthetically pleasing quality theme made especially for Zen Cart loaded with many custom options and powerful theme panel, which allows you to change virtually anything about its appearance.

A clean yet gorgeous looking theme!!! Get Maximum out of this amazing Zen Cart template!!!

Photo Zen Cart Premium Template

Photo Zen Cart Premium Template is a clean and elegant ecommerce stores which suits for any kind of shopping cart category like women’s, fashion, garments, gifts shop, lingerie stores, etc.

This exceptionally super cool Zen Cart template  boasts  a beautiful gallery plugin accompanied with thumbnails, space for showcasing featured images, multiple pother widgets/modules to help stock all your stuff in a well organized layout.

Fashion Boutique Zen Cart Template


Now, set up your ZenCart stores with state of the art professional designs and optimized layouts with the Gift Zen cart Template. This appealing Zen Cart template offering great product advertising online on the main page with number of beautiful slideshows or banners accompanied with great color combinations perfect for any ecommerce websites. Customize the template accordingly to seamlessly match your business line and highlight your products on the go.

Zen Cart Template

Zen Cart Template #36754 is a very user-friendly template loaded with multiple special features and can be easily installed easily even by the little experiences users. The simple and clean layout of this template design is sure to woo all your visitors displaying the banner image with description, featured products with titles, price range, and much more which will give a clear picture of your whole website in seconds. Perfectly a winning solution for running prolific and profitable on-line business!!!!

Awesome Zen Cart

Awesome Zen Cart is another best Zen Cart Template that is simply simpler and lightly designed to go with any website and highlight the products productively and effectively. This Zen Cart Template surely provides the simplest solution in setting up your online store that best suits your business or organization. Stock all your featured products at the peak banner for huge promotion effect, feature multiple product images and improve your site conversion rate as a consequence.

Format Zen Cart Premium Template

Here is another top best of best Zen Cart template – Format Zen Cart Premium Template – a clean, beautiful and Cool Zen Cart theme where the modern and universal design of the template is suitable for almost every e-commerce site including boutiques, fashion stores, accessories, cosmetics, electronics, and furniture and so on. To add with every feature is editable and is controlled from the admin panel.

No second thoughts!!! Check out!!!

Art & Photography Zen Cart Premium Template

Art & Photography Template is a professional looking, clean elegant yet quality Zen shopping cart template offering an elegant and clean design to showcase any or every products/services in a super awesome and gorgeous fashion. This template is very much different from most of the other Zen Cart templates that helps your website standout from the rest.

Mega Zen Cart Premium Template

Mega Zen Cart Premium Template is a Powerful Premium Theme designed in a clean and minimalistic style for all the Zen Cart powered websites out there. This theme provides all the main functionalities you need to present your products, work and your website as a whole in an elegant and professional style.  To add with this theme is easy for customizing and well documented. Could be great for any Zen Cart shopping website!!!!  Download Template and expose your products/services and website online!!!

Book Store Zen Cart Premium Template

Book Store Zen Cart Premium Template helps you to sell or stock or stuff all your products/services online using this exceptionally super simple Zen Cart Template. This template ships in an amazing slider that rolls all the websites products making it easy for customers to shop their hot favorites, new arrivals or best selling products from the home page itself.

Simply adorable!!!!

Sweets Zen Cart Premium Template

Sweets Zen Cart Premium Template is personally my hot favorite top best Zen Cart template that keeps away all the messy yet clumsy things off to display the products/services straight away in a clean and minimalistic style.

This theme as you can see provides all the main functionality you will need to present your products, work and yourself in an elegant and professional style, best suited for any portfolio, business and photography.

Highly recommended!!!!

20 Top Best Free and Premium Quality OpenCart Templates/Themes 2013

OpenCart one of the best and robust Open Source PHP based online shopping cart system makes the process of store management easier.

With OpenCart being so popular, there are hundreds and thousands of OpenCart templates out there in the online market but here we present you some best of best OpenCart Templates crafted with best features to guarantee high quality and good-looking designs for your online stores. A great opportunity is here for you to create professional online store with effective design and user friendly interface.

Happy browsing!!! happy OpenCart!!!!!

FLO OpenCart Template


Flooring OpenCart Premium Template is considered as one of the strictly advanced and amazing template for Open Cart with super awesome organization of modules, sliders, widgets, featured images making this premium template visually beautiful all the way. The color schemes of gray tints, orange, yellow makes the template look elegant, attractive, clean and warm to browse through.

Kitchen Supplies – Kitchen Furniture OpenCart Template + RTL


Kitchen OpenCart Premium Template is yet one of the most advanced yet productive high quality themes for Open Cart. The super stunning universal template design makes it perfect to stock and promote any of the latest technology product/services amazingly. This template for Open Cart suits almost every e-commerce web site including  boutiques, accessories, fashion stores, cosmetics, furniture, electronics, pet shop or any modern Open Cart website out there.

Love Coffee – Coffee House OpenCart Template


Coffee store OpenCart Premium Template is yet another super clean, quality and elegant professional Open Cart shopping template to handle more and more products/services and users as a whole.

This modern and easy to install Opencart Theme is perfect for any kind of web shop, once installed your store will look great besides allowing you to change configuration colors, fonts, and background textures directly from page store.

Silk & Soft – Underwear & Lingerie Online Store OpenCart Template


Lingerie OpenCart Premium Template is one of the top best Open Cart Templates/themes that are truly clean and modern. This template is loaded with an amazingly attractive slideshow to present all the essential or featured products on the home page itself which helps users for effective clicks which ultimately increase the sale.

Electronic Store OpenCart Template


Photon OpenCart Premium Template is another striking, decent and easy to install template for OpenCart that bestows many editable elements to tailor your website as you wish.

The color schemes, well designed layout, room for slider, featured images makes this template perfect to stock any products/services in interactive yet entertaining way.

Download, install upload, and select that’s it!!!!

Shopz-Mart 3.x Responsive OpenCart Template


Toys Store OpenCart Premium Template is a premium, OpenCart theme featuring stunning, clean and slick design suitable for stocking wide variety of products/services. This Open Cart Template comes with multiple modules, attractive background color, room for sliders, product images and more to contribute to an enjoyable and functionally exhaustive user experience all the way. It is very easy to install and customize!!!!

Wedding Responsive OpenCart Template


Wedding Boutique OpenCart Premium Template is a very smooth, slick, yet powerful Open Cart theme which suits both store owners who want nice looking, easy to customize Open Cart theme/template to showcase all the essential website work/products/services/stuff amazingly super. A really great looking store front page and a clean and simple layout to get inspired!!!

The Fashion Store – OpenCart Template

Clothes OpenCart Premium Template is the latest yet stylish Premium Open Cart templates that comes with ships with a lot many modules/widgets/slideshows/ and totally reworked layout to use the theme for every kind of online shop.

To add with, this powerful Open cart template facilitates you to change the entire element’s color, besides giving you the possibility to make a unique e-commerce website that stands out of the crowd!

BM Style – The Fashion Store OpenCart Template

Hands bag OpenCart Premium Template is another top best and my personal favorite Open Cart theme loaded with a healthy simple layout to display all your products/services in exciting yet electrifying fashion. The dark color theme of this open cart looks more attractive and helps in attracting users.  As you can see, every detail of this amazing Open Cart template has been carefully designed to keep the clean and beautiful design.

Checkout for more details!!!!

Sports Store Responsive OpenCart Template

iSport OpenCart Premium Template is a very elegant OpenCart theme that allow your shop to be viewed and look great besides helping website owners to maintain and attract online customers to their portal. Perfect template to display the entire essential, newly arrived, discounted products all at a time in the home page. The simplicity of this template makes users attracted and comfortable using the website all the way.

Truly, a resourceful template for Open Cart!!!

Opencart Electronics Store Template OC1002

Here is one of the best yet free OpenCart Template the OpenCart Electronics Store Template a very clean, simple, powerful, nice looking, easy to customize theme to use in any kind of online ecommerce store. Your featured products can be executed exceptionally well and organized with this free OpenCart theme.

Vanity Shop

Vanity Shop is a visually fantastic looking beautiful, technically advanced OpenCart theme that would perfectly blend with number of different websites including clothing, cars or anything.

The design is clean, attractive and is packed with some nice effects bringing in new life to your website and making it a better shopping experience for your customers.

Spicylicious –Premium OpenCart Theme

Spicylicious is another best OpenCart theme that has top notch design, eye-catching style and well balanced color combinations all integrated well into the theme making it popular and magnetic.

Perfect for any kind of stores as it is loaded with many exciting features including 140 transitions, thumbnails, effects on every page, slider, social media integration, vast number of customizable options and more.

X-MAS gift shop OpenCart Template

X-MAS gift shop OpenCart Template is a very advanced, modern and universal design theme for OpenCart suitable for almost every e-commerce site including kid’s apparel, toys, boutiques, fashion stores, accessories, cosmetics, electronics, furniture or pet shop. This extremely red hot and gorgeous template helps you stock all your online stuff in an exceptional and dynamic way.

Sports and Fashion Theme Blue For OpenCart

Sports & Fashion is a clean and modern template made for OpenCart. It uses a beautiful flash image to present your essential featured product images on the home page in a eye-catching way, while the entire theme is kept warm using elegant colors. A fantastic option for e-stores wanting to sell Sport, Fashion, Computers, gift shop, flowers, Clothes and more online.

EROS- Premium OpenCart Template

EROS is a responsive, modern, easy to install ecommerce OpenCart theme instilled with lots of features and unique design perfect for any kind of web shop.  Set unlimited features and have full control over the colors, custom bg colors, textures, images, font options, slideshow, header banner, footer module and every aspect of the template through the admin panel.

Create amazing shopping cart store for your business with this amazing theme!!!!! Your store will definitely look great!!!

OpenCart Chocolate Theme

OpenCart Chocolate theme is a delicious and lip-smacking elegant and well-organized OpenCart Template designed to stock all yummy chocolates, candies, sweet bitter wafers or any other ecommerce products exceptionally well. This is a solid solution for all online store owners wanting to have a responsive, easy, stunning and slick OpenCart Theme as many elements are editable from admin.


Phantom Shop OpenCart Template

Phantom Shop OpenCart Template is a premium, responsive OpenCart theme that features dazzling, sparkling and polished front end design that woos all your wide array of stocked featured products in a very productive and revenues earning manner.

This OpenCart theme ships in plenty of exceptional features and customizable options to contribute to an enjoyable and functionally exhaustive user experience all the way.

 Mochee Stores OpenCart TEMPLATE

Here is an seye-catching and more efficient in driving sales OpenCart template – Mochee stores OpenCart Template is the out-of-the-box solution that enables you to customize the way your online store looks and works through the

Best Free & Premium X-Cart Templates 2013

X-Cart is a one of the best and universal ecommerce cart software to integrate exceptionally well into any exiting websites with special functionalities reflecting all edges of the business and fulfill every requirement of every online business owner on the planet.

Here we present you some of the best/top 10 free X-Cart templates for smooth performance of your website and modify the look & fell of the shopping cart the way you need should you require any business specific features with no PHP or other programming knowledge

Run a world class online store now with this absolutely beautiful and easy to set up X-Cart templates. Trusted by thousands of successful global business owners!!!

Vivid Dreams – Aquamarine X-Cart Template

Here we present you one of the most advanced yet free x-cart templates on the market, vivid dreams – Aquamarine – simple, elegant, fresh and breezy free X-Cart theme that combines slick professional design with amazing fully configurable template settings.

This free X-Cart template offers a good deal of space for the company name, categories, main flash/banner image, featured product images with pertinent content space, multiple module options all in one.

HandBag X-Cart Template

Want to make your X-Cart based website look more unique and improve your conversion, increase your sales and make your customers happier? Here is the best of X-Cart Template specifically designed for X-Cart that is pretty straight forward and completely customizable. This premium X-Cart theme is loaded with blocks, carts and checkout progress pages, product catalog pages and customer pages all customizable.

Busy Kitchen X-Cart Template

Busy kitchen XX-Cart template brings together all the untouched, modern, professional, extreme experience and a whole lot more on every mouse click with its many adorable features and amazing configurations.

This one of the top best X-Cart template includes comprehensive template settings manager, easy to upload logo, favicon, page BG image, category listings, featured products, social media integration, easily collapsible menu color schemes, in built Google map option for contact page, tabbed product details and much more.

Wine Store X-Cart Template

Wine Store X-Cart template is best of X-Cart templates that blend in perfectly with any e-commerce website/blog as it is crafted out of good striking colors. A nice and professional looking premium X-Cart template heavily crammed with blocks, cart and check out progress pages, product catalog pages and customer pages and more all of which are highly customizable.

Furniture X-Cart Templates

Furniture is a responsive, clean and beautiful X-Cart theme where every aspect of this premium template can be controlled from the admin panel.

The combination colors used are very attractive and striking to get massive attention from customers, while the clean layout and well organized content or products help locate products easily & effortlessly.

Health Store X-Cart Template

Health Store X-Cart template is a quick turnaround, surprisingly a stunning finished template all readymade to provide a strong, stunning design, allowing you to compete with all your competitors and attract your customers with easily understandable and usable front end.

As every competitive is essential, adding a custom designed X-Cart template like Health Store X-cart premium template for your X-Cart-powered site will help you make lasting impression on your customers as a consequence leading to increase in overall revenues at an affordable price.

Classic style Template for X-Cart

Get an outstanding, fresh and innovative look to your X-Cart website/ blog using – Classic template – designed flexibly to fit perfectly into any e-commerce website to sell wide array of products.

This template comes with a drop menu, products details tab, customized promotional areas and more accompanied with easily updatable template design and features.

Aixo X-Cart Template

Whether you are starting a new X-Cart Shopping cart site, or want to modify your existing X-Cart template here is a clean, professional Aixo X-Cart template design that definitely takes your site to the next level. Aixo X-Cart template is a professionally designed ready to use premium X-Cart template that includes everything you need to easily make any customizations accordingly.

Extreme Gear X-Cart Template

Want your X-Cart based websites to be visually stunning and functional, here we present you a simple yet beautifully crafted x-cart template the Extreme Gear – crammed full of exceptional features and heavily customizable options. Perfect match for every X-Cart stores, guaranteed to impress customers!!!!


10 Top Best Joomla Powered Websites 2013

Best Joomla websites is a list of cool joomla powered websites. Please submit your joomla site there if you want to get listed there.

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS programs to build web sites, portals, internets and ecommerce stores. Joomla not only blends perfectly with business and corporate websites but also gets well with any fun related and other entertaining websites. Here in this post, we present you 10 best joomla websites 2013 that match or sometimes exceeds regular CSS website all powered with Joomla. Enjoy and get inspired!!!!!

Here are 10 best Websites built with Joomla:

The Hill

The Hill is a reputed electronic news publisher in Washington, D.C with 11 blogs dedicated to specific political and policy issues.

This joomla based website is one of the most heavily traffic websites – the hill – as you can see is loaded with loads and loads of articles accompanied with featured images, video and social media integration, multiple modules, blogs and loads more.

Truly, a perfect example to cast how easy it is to work with joomla to execute tons of content in a well organized and efficient manner.

Impact wrestling

One of the most exciting and striking joomla websites is here – the Impact wrestling joomla website – how terrifically the website layout has been made mind-blowing isn’t it???

Definitely a different and creatively designed website using Joomla CMS, featuring interesting multiple modules, videos, slideshows, social media integration, featured images with content, and other interesting aspects concerning wrestling.

Take this joomla based website as an inspiration and build your upcoming websites more innovatively and unusually.


Linux is another one of the best and heavily traffic dense joomla based website which is the central source to facilitate all the information pertaining to Linux.

As you can see, this Linux Joomla website is simple, light, neat and soberly designed with minimal menus, a pleasant slider to showcase images, another slider to present articles, latest stories, latest questions, tutorials and other multiple modules, videos, social media integration and many more.


Here we present you one of the most famous and well rated website the Quizilla, which millions of page viewers per month. This joomla based website as you can see is made simple and neat without overloading loads of content heavily and more of it is all about taking quiz, stories, polls, poems, lyrics, games, and stuff. To be more precise, this joomla website has been organized well with simple menu titles and sub menus to read/post the content easily.

Rocket Theme

Here is one of the 10 top joomla websites – Rocket Theme (2.5 million page views per month) – that caters premium professional themes and templates for Open Source platforms such as joomla, WordPress, drupal, magneto, phpbb3 and more.

Talking about this joomla based website, the layout is simple in black with orange colored menu buttons, a slider presenting all the themes with features, while rest of the website includes featured images with pertaining content supporting the images, multiple modules, social media integration and more.

Paris Cheap Hotel

Paris Cheap Hotel is a reputed travel & tourism site dedicated to facilitate information concerning to Paris for booking cheap hotels in Paris – the capital city of France full of monuments, historic centers and museums.

As you can see, this joomla based website has a clean and elegant design featuring a flash image with content scattered all over in respective modules for easy reference, while the landing pages are all loaded with featured image and pertaining content.

Great right!!!!!


Cricbuzz as the name hints is a cricket oriented website constructed around Joomla CMS. This is one of the most popular joomla based website around loaded with immense content pertaining to Cricket.

This joomla website holds good amount of space for main menu tabs, advertisements, latest in news with featured images, schedules in line, opinion poll, and many other interesting widgets.


This joomla based website is again a sports oriented website completely filled in loads of loads of widgets, a flash image banner, featured images with respective content, and more. This joomla website is the best example to show how website can be loaded with loads of data all in segregated form that is just easy to navigate.

Baglar Saray 

Baglar Saray is one of the most excellent and reputed hotels in Safranbolu. This user friendly website is beautifully crafted in a dark background highlighting every aspect of the hotel in bright colorful slider, minimal widgets, menu and social media integration. Simply a minimal, sleek yet exceptionally built joomla based website!!!



SuperStrands website home for the hair extension specialists is one of the best joomla based webistes that is crafted well using social media icons, interesting modules, flash images, elegant menu bar, latest products and more. A simply simpler website designed out of joomla.

Thus, Joomla is a flexible and easy to use CMS to showcase all your exceptional content/images/work/stuff all well organized and structured, brining in life to your content.

From the above listed 10 best joomla based websites, it is obvious that joomla can be used to stuff loads and tons of stuff, or keep it minimal, simple, complex, colorful, interesting, just as you want it to be. Visit http://vm.xmlswf.com for free joomla templates, free joomla slideshows or free joomla galleries and more.

10 Best WordPress Based Websites 2013

With WordPress creating huge hype and popularity across the web, its winning hearts of many general inexperienced designers an opportunity to flexibly and liberally start-up a website or blog in matter of minutes. Keeping WordPress revolution in mind, here we present you 10 most best free WordPress based websites that will hopefully inspire you for your next project.


It is one of the most famous and reputed WordPress based website that is dedicated to showcase only WordPress theme designs.

This WordPress based website features minimal widgets with most of the space dedicated to the flash images of the stocked WordPress themes, advertisements, social integration, and other interesting widgets to get inspired from.

Vtravelled blog

Vtravelled blog is another best of best WordPress based website completely dedicated to travels the whole website is beautifully laid out with a big room devoted to a slideshow showcasing all the latest and essential travel related clicks with beautiful descriptions and title. While, rest of the blog talks about important vacation and recreation places to eat, dine and roam around.

Simple, elegant and enthusiastic WordPress website!!!!

Francesco Mungai 

Francesco Mungai is an extremely well crafted and constructive website blog run by a web and graphic designer unveiling all the creative ideas, work collection and tutorials. This WordPress based website features a unique elegant layout, a slider, room to showcase all the featured articles, latest events listings, work collections and more that is easily understandable and explicable.

OH SHE glows – glow from the inside out

OH SHE glows is an amazing website features many yummy and delicious vegetarian recipes leaving meat, dairy, and fatty products at bay by Angelina Liddon to improve eating habits and well being of readers all the way.

This gorgeous website is integrated with a very catchy and elegant company logo, recopies explained all in detail with appropriate big sized pictures accompanied with articles, social media icons matching the logo, recent posts and other great modules set out well.

Truly a very inspiring WordPress based website!!!!

The Perse school

Here is another beautiful website that used WordPress as CMS designed keeping simplicity in mind – The Perse School – a 400 year old reputed historic school knows for its exceptional academic merit and extracurricular movement. The Perse School is a full featured WordPress based Website equipped with a pleasant layout featuring effective homepage slider, featured images with pertinent content, and other modules.

Citizen Cope

Citizen cope is an official website run by American songwriter and producer Clarence Greenwood (stage name – Citizen Cope). This innovatively designed simple WordPress based Citizen Cope CMS-style website showcases all its work in effective and easily understandable  manner using clear menus, a big flash image, videos, photos,  social integrations and other modules for a more easy-to-browse and inspirational site.

Amala Foundation

Amala Foundation is a humanitarian service org website to encourage and serve youth of the world including refugee, immigrant child, poor, religious persecution, child labor, gang violence providing a space to heal, express and share their stories and connect with supportive community.

This WordPress based website is embedded with good reality pictures in slideshow accompanied with description box, a donate now bar to collect donations, featured projects content, and promote the charitable work more productively.

Dusty Cartridge

Dusty Cartridge provides high quality consistent content, editorial articles, reviews, previews, features, videos, podcasts, round-ups and more within gaming community. This WordPress based website is constructed strikingly using custom taxonomies, featured gaming images, custom Meta boxes, threaded comments, social integration and several other plugin to present well-furnished and user friendly style website.

Simple but very intuitive WordPress based website!!!!!


Pousta is one of the most amazing and beautifully designed WordPress based digital magazine website that is sure to be get noticed and splash some inspiration.

This WordPress website presents all its design, advertising, fashion, music, trends, and more all integrated in the Flash slideshow, widgets, featured images accompanied with articles, social media integration, and more. The homepage is truly amazing while the landing pages being more interactive and clear.

Wolverine Worldwide 

Wolverine WorldWide is a reputed WordPress based Website dedicated to advance the footwear and apparel portfolios using the WordPress CMS to promote its brand. This one of the best WordPress website features room for flash image, slideshows and many other widgets to showcase all its latest products effectively and productively.


Thus, WordPress with its ease of use and versatility opens doors to the Virtual universe that allows users to install, customize, and work with. The above mentioned 10  best/top WordPress based Websites are sure to lure you to download and install some amazing and interesting WordPress themes, Slideshows, Galleries and other plugins to your existing WP websites.

To download interesting free WordPress themes, free WordPress Slideshows, Free WordPress Galleries visit http://www.vm.xmlswf.com/ now.


10 best free social media icons set 2018

Social Networking/media Icons plays a vital and essential role in any and every website out there to drive huge traffic to your blogs or sites.
Here we present you 10 best free social networking icons set all designed uniquely and beautifully in distinctive shapes, standing out form regular squares, rounds and rectangular social media icons. Know the importance of social network images and incorporate them into your blogs/sites and experience the results.

3D Glossy buttons – Free Social Network Icons

Here we present you some fresh and free social media network icons – a collection of 12 high-quality button styled 3D social media vector icons that are dimensioned beautifully giving a crisp and textured look.

All the 12 free social network cute icons are imprinted with logos some hot favorite social networking sites including Facebook, RSS, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Blogger, Skype, WordPress, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, GooglePlus and Technorati.

Truly a lovely yet free set of social icons pack. Download now!!!

Art flower – Free Social Media Icons

We are pleased to unveil the 12 Art Flower free social networking icons set loaded with extremely colorful and beautiful flowers in a row, while the logos stand out so perfectly showcasing logos of some hot favorite social media networks including Facebook, RSS, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Blogger, Skype, WordPress, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, GooglePlus and Technorati.

This free pack of social vector icons are designed with versatility and perfection can certainly give user interfaces a distinctive and unique look.

Ideal for any web, desktop and mobile app use these icons however you like!!!! Download right away!!!

Juice glass – Free Social Network Icons

Juice glass styled social network icons are one of the best and unique social vector icons you would rarely come across.

This unusual set of free social vector media icons collection showcasing 12 juice glasses floating with logos of some most popular social networking services including Facebook, RSS, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Blogger, Skype, WordPress, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, GooglePlus and Technorati into the juice as ice cubes.

Lovely set of free social bookmarking icons!!!!

Greenish style – Free Social Media Vectors

Go Green!!! with this extremely simple, sober and elegant set of greenish social network icons signifying the importance of nature and greenery around. This amazing free set of 12 social media vectors are super finished to glossy green social freebies solidly filed with nature green hue and embossed logos of popular social media networks on to each including Facebook, RSS, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Blogger, Skype, WordPress, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, GooglePlus and Technorati into the juice as ice cubes.

A must have set of free social network icons set. Have one. Have fun!!!!

Sunshine style – Free Social Media Vectors

Sunshine styled free social network icons are here to add some sense of feel, look, jazz, spice, traffic, and revenues to all your websites. Look, how beautifully the sun and logos of some 12 popular social media network shines brightly.

No doubt!!! These 12 set of dynamic and energetic free social media vectors are bright, colorful and striking to pop right through your site to add a dash of shine and spice to any website out there!

Environment style – Free Social Network Icons

Bored of squared, circled, rectangular and simple social media icons??? Here is an ultimate yet gorgeous set of free social networking icons set.

Here is the ultimate roundup of some of the best of best social network icons set the environment style social icons loaded with logos of some extremely popular social media services.

Goes perfectly with any eco-friendly related web content and thrives to deliver go green concept to all the visitors helping environmental-conscious companies to drive traffic all the way.

Truly the best and free social bookmarking icon set!!!

Reading style – Free Social Media Icons

Here is another extremely funny, beautiful, incredible and amazing collection of free social vector icons that are sure to get noticed consequently leading to better traffic and revenue results.

As you can see, the cute ZooZoo mascots are resting in the park chairs holding journals each where the logos of some famous social media platform printed on to the journals in a very amusing and attention grabbing way.

A perfect choice of freebies social vector icons to embellish any website!!!

Zoo Zoo style – Free Social Media Vectors

ZooZoo mascots are here again!!! Almost all of us know how these popular these cute mascots are. We bring you an incredibly distinct and lovely set of free social media network icons just for you. All the ZooZoo styled icons are cozily designed as-is in white giving a feel of realistic mascots all the way.

Moreover, this series of free social vector icons are tattooed with logos of some well-known social media networks.

Love these crafty ZooZoo style social images??? Download now!!!!

Truck style – Free Social Network Icons

The idea of this specific social media icons set is the “Trucks” where all of the 12 free social network icons are loaded with logos of some well-accepted social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Blogger, and many more.

As you can see, how funny and creative these free social bookmarking vector icons are. The detailing made to every corner of the tracks is worth praising, while the overall execution of the tracks is exceptional. Hope you like them as much as we do, download them all now!!!

Cake style social media icons

Are your websites hungry???? Here is the delicious and incredible collection of yummy, tasty and juicy social networking icons set the cake style social media icons – to adorn and complete the overall look and feel of your websites.

These 12 fresh yet social media vector icons styled in sliced cake creamed with logos of some 12 hot favorite social network platforms are sure to get noticed by all your regular and new visitors.

We hope this free set of social images will help your website be more “liked” and “retweeted”, take a bite!!!

Want more???? Please visit http://social.mediaicons.in and check out some interesting and amazing free social media images to add some sense to your website.

Top 20 Best Free & Premium Joomla Templates 2013

Joomla! Content management system (CMS) – an open source solution that is freely available to everyone is getting popular day by day tremendously. Best of all being the free joomla templates thus, we are here to provide you with some possible information on 10 best, brand new and latest free Joomla 2.5 templates.

This 10 best roundup of free 2.5 joomla templates definitely saves your valuable time to hunt for some exceptional and superb templates. Let’s review them all one by one:



Phinolex is a beautiful, clean and earthy free joomla 2.5 template that comes with usual flexible functions perfect to go with any commercial sites, forums, personal websites, company websites, websites in the industry and most lovable of the target Web site.

The template is integrated with a flawless header to index logo/custom text, drop down main and sub menus, space dedicated for slideshows/galleries, modules and more.



Bayolax is a clean, stylish yet free template that is fast – easy – free template designed for all the joomla compatible websites out there like product websites, creative or blogs. The search engine optimized layout, multiple collapsible module positions in 3 columns, slideshow module of this free 2.5 joomla template helps you turn the overall layout of the template design into any type of stunning design.

Eternal – free joomla template

Eternal free joomla template as the name hints is a modern, extremely flexible template that blends in perfectly with any sort of website offering lot many customizable options, room for slideshow/gallery, and module positions to organize your content effectively. Don’t touch the code and set up the entire layout as you like with simple mouse clicks.

This free 2.5 joomla template is absolutely one of the coolest and ideal accompaniments for your Joomla news portal or magazine site!!!

Infinity – free joomla template

Infinity is a colorful, elegance and impressive readymade free 2.5 joomla template designed specifically to meet any and every variety of business projects and stand-out from all your competitors. This free 2.5 joomla template comes with a 3 sliced module columns (left, right, and centre), room for slideshow/gallery, social media icons, main menu and sub menu drop downs and much more.

As it is crucial for every website or company to have an engaging and organized website layout, this free joomla template may really create a sensation online.

Premium Joomla Template

Demo Link

Building websites or templates manually are far gone with readymade Joomla CMS and Joomla templates ruling the internet world to operate all kinds of personal pages, portfolios, blogs, business websites, online stores and magazines.

Premium Joomla Template is a well built Joomla template designed to go with any domain of websites built on Joomla cms especially great for a business or a blog.

This creative yet premium quality template has a custom design layout with Powerful Gantry Framework across a beautiful bluish color background, simple menu tabs, room for slideshow and multiple other modules/widgets arrangement. Besides, you have lots of admin customization features to make your website or blog look unique all the way.

Premium Joomla Template

Demo Link

Premium Joomla Template is an easy-to-use, high quality, cool responsive Joomla Template with a clean layout and elegant look.

This Joomla template’s look and feel makes it best suited for a community, social site, or any other site, packed with dozens of niceties and an intuitive admin option panel which allows building and managing powerful online websites and apps.

To add with, this Joomla template works wonders on desktops, tablets, Smartphone’s and other mobile devices.

Premium Joomla Template

Demo Link

Here we present you one of the best of top best premium Joomla templates feature the capabilities of the system and the options of the most stunning and amazing website templates all in a utterly simple and clean responsive Joomla Template.

This gorgeous Joomla template carries a lot of space for slider, modules/widgets/, menu tabs, company logo, and what not, a very simple Joomla template to go.

You can use this best joomla template on different website, use this template for any kind of beauty, business, entertainment, travel, food and drink related website, and more as you like.

We hope you’ve found something really special in this Joomla template, enjoy!!!!

Premium Joomla Template

Demo Link

Here is another great Premium Joomla template# 39390, the Joomla template design that you’ve been seeking for a long time. Check out this creative and catchy Joomla Template that comes with pre-made style menu tabs combines a spectacular background slideshow with intelligent responsive layouts that scale to suit your browser width, in what could be the perfect Joomla template for photographers, NGO’s and artists.

To be more precise, a neutral breathable template great for any Joomla based website loaded with lot of build-in-extensions to give you a new experience in Content Styling. Enjoy!!!!

Shaper Zaara – Free Joomla 2.5 Template

Shaper Zaara is the perfect free joomla 2.5 templates that is all set to spice up your website changing its entire look and feel. This free 2.5 joomla template clocks in loads of flexible features including 68+ collapsible module positions, RTL & LTR language supported, Google analytics supported, module positions, built-in Google fonts, mega drop down or drop line menu and many more.

Use it as a portfolio, showcase, blog, business, and many other Joomla powered websites.

Premium JoomlaTemplate

Demo Link

A very unique presented high quality Joomla template #39773 apt for any business, events, that comes loaded with a lot of cool features to get the maximum out of each feature.

A professional Joomla 2 template with a stylish look & clean layout gives the theme an immeasurable weight of flexibility and agility, fast loading that assures your web site will look perfect on all modern Internet browsers.

Great Joomla template to go!!!!

Demo Link

Premium JoomlaTemplate is a professional Joomla Template with a clean layout and elegant look, making the template best suited for any and every corporate or business website/blog.

This amazing Joomla template comes packed with dozens of widgets and intuitive admin option panel, enabling you to manage or control your website as you like.

No second thoughts!!!! Be selective.

Eco-joomla template

Eco Joomla template is a gorgeous new joomla 2.5 template inspired from the go green, nature and environment concept. It’s eye-catching, green, fresh and really refreshing template layout you will definitely love. A perfectly free joomla 2.5 template for designers or bloggers to showcase/highlight the main theme or subject of the site/blog in a more visual and interacting way.

Premium JoomlaTemplate

Demo Link

Premium Joomla Template is another high quality Joomla template built keeping modern websites in mind.

This quality Joomla template carries a very easy to setup and customize features that you will ever need, where the template will automatically adapt itself to your website design and layout in seconds.

A perfect yet permanent Joomla template to shape up any and every website on the go. Check out the demo and download!!!!

Optimus Joomla template

Optimus is one of the most powerful, robust and feature-rich free joomla 2.5 template out there capable of some really stunning designs through the use of modules and built-in display customizations. This highly flexible and intuitive Joomla 2.5 template has been designed to accommodate various types of content and customizable features allowing you to have complete control over the layout and design of your website. Your site will stand out from the rest and be remembered with the Optimus free 2.5 joomla template.

Premium Joomla Template

Demo Link

Here we present you, Premium Joomla Template #39500 truly a gorgeous yet beautiful Joomla template you will fall for and make your visitors fall for.

Premium Joomla Template is a versatile responsive Joomla template with a unique simple, smooth yet light design! This Joomla template design can be used on any website that wants and seeks for a modern metro style feel and look to it.

Check out the demo and see its full fledge features. This high quality Joomla template works great!!! Give a try!!!

Jubilee joomla template

Jubilee Joomla template is coolest, slickest, most eye-catching free 2.5 Joomla template designs that comes with 14 module positions, 3 flavors to choose (strawberry, chocolate and mint), 960 grid support, built in slideshow and much more. No more messy modules or overflow of content, all the content can be dispersed well into respective modules and position modules all well, images into sliders and you are done. Create delicious and yummy website for your website all for free with this Jubilee joomla template and start getting more traffic to your website.

Get live your website or blog in minutes!!!!

Premium JoomlaTemplate

Demo Link

Premium JoomlaTemplate a futuristic template for Joomla loaded with the best full width slider, beautiful template overrides and unique customizations, sticky Search Module with a unique look and feel, and multiple other modules to make your work easier than ever before.

This high quality, best of best Joomla template is appropriate for building fashion shop, ecommerce stores, and many other websites and blogs in an exceptionally beautiful fashion.

Don’t waste your time; use this elegant and neat Joomla template to create an amazing website!

Fresh joomla template

Fresh joomla template as the title hints is a clean, simple and elegant layout that helps visitors understand and easily refer to things they want quickly and swiftly.

This free 2.5 joomla template is loaded with 6 light colors, 30 module positions, multiple layouts, 960 grid powered, SEO-ready template, multi-browser ready template with customizable functions to dress up the template layout all in the way you want your project or your client requires it. At the end, your website will definitely stand-out from the crowd with its unique look and its elegance.

Simplify your work. Save time. Download this free 2.5 joomla template now.

Premium JoomlaTemplate

Demo Link

Premium Joomla Template #39503 is a simple, modern and impressive joomla template loaded with best and selected extensions to give you a great experience on styling content/information/stuff to work with and it’s very powerful for businesses, artists, website designers, books and more.

This Joomla template is really a unique theme that allows the creation of an online website or blog more interesting and intuitive all within its simple and elegant design boasting some impressive features that make Premium Joomla Template #39503 both easy to customize and manage.

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Top 10 Best Premium Quality Personal Pages WordPress Themes 2019

Top 10 Best Premium Quality Personal Pages WordPress Themes 2019 are awesome perfect for anyone who loves simplicity and clever design including photographers, designers, freelancers, businesses, or anyone craving a unique blog/website design that stands out.

Baltazar – A Masculine Blog WordPress Theme

Baltazar - A Masculine Blog WordPress Theme

Baltazar is a minimalist template designed for men who want to create an up-to-date lifestyle blog. It follows the latest trends both in design and functionality. It has four ready-made demos, unlimited colors and layouts, and social media integration.

Faminine – Woman Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Faminine - Woman Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

This elegant is going to impress women who are interested in getting a top-notch personal blog. Its package comes together with multiple pre-designed pages with sophisticated designs, relevant images, and Google Fonts.

Personalus – Web Designer Multipurpose Creative Elementor WordPress Theme

Personalus - Web Designer Multipurpose Creative Elementor WordPress Theme

Personalus is one of the greatest solutions that captures attention by means of its modern appearance and functionality. There are many options that allow engaging more and more visitors. As an example, it is possible to mention portfolio and about pages, commenting system, social options, and many others.

Manawa – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

Manawa - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

Manawa is one more attention-grabbing template that can turn out your perfect assistants in getting your blog ready. There are 12 ready-made designs among which you can find variants for such topics as traveling, photography, bakery, art, writing, yoga, and others. It is also intended to help those people who are not familiar with coding.

Freestyx – Freelancer One Page Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

Freestyx - Freelancer One Page Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

This unusual ready-made solution will make it possible to create an engaging website for a freelancer. There are five variants of header, three amazing footers, and four blog layouts that you will find in its excellent package.

Lady Marry – Photography Ready-to-use Creative Elementor WordPress Theme

Lady Marry - Photography Ready-to-use Creative Elementor WordPress Theme

If you are looking for an eye-catching template for photographers, it is crucial to take a look at this one. Its mobile-first paradigm allows people to browse presented projects using different kinds of devices. You will also be ready to translate your website into several languages.

Artores – Personal Elementor WordPress Theme

Artores - Personal Elementor WordPress Theme

Artores is an extremely exciting template that will make a great first impression on all possible visitors. It will take you only one click to install this ready-made solution. In addition to this, WordPress Live Customizer allows working with color and typography options.

Handmade Artist Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Handmade Artist Personal Blog WordPress Theme

This stylish template was developed for those people who want to share their handmade decorations and gifts. Your personal page will stand out from the crowd thanks not only to a remarkable design. It will happen thanks to multiple custom widgets, background options, commenting system, and other helpful options.

Carmen Design Portfolio WordPress Theme

Carmen Design Portfolio WordPress Theme

Carmen is a minimalist template that should meet all requirements of designers regarding a professionally-looking blog. It will provide you with visual editing opportunities and drag-and-drop functions. Do not forget about an ultimate pack of Cherry Plugins to give your website some advanced functionality.

Ablogia – Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Ablogia - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

One more excellent ready-made template that can be called your great choice for creating a personal page. There are many dynamic features that you should take into your consideration, including a wonderful contact form, Google Fonts, cross-browser compatible nature, and so on and so forth.


Best top free Joomla templates for May 2013 to download

We present you the huge repository of Best top free Joomla templates for May 2013 to download complimented with rich styling elements, to invigorate any of your online Joomla powered website be it fashion, Health & beauty, shopping, travel, food and Children websites that you should definitely explore at a time of your convenience. Experience fun, working with the Best top free Joomla templates for May 2013 to download.

JF Vihrea Joomla Template

jf vihrea

 JF relaxio Joomla Template

jf relaxo

 JF Texturia free Joomla Template

jf Texturia

 JF Well Benessere free Joomla Template

jf well benessere

 JF Grafeeze free Joomla Template

jf grafeeze

 JF Holiday Nature Joomla Template

jf holiday nature

 JF Architec Design Joomla Template

JF architec design

 JF Audiokasti Joomla Template

JF audiokasti

Best new free Xoops themes to download

These are the best free Xoops themes.So download it for free and use for your Xoops sites.

Mflower free Xoops theme to download


Medical free Xoops theme to download


 Clouds free Xoops theme to download


 bState free Xoops theme to download