Best Premium WordPress Security Themes

Best Premium WordPress Security Themes

WordPress Templates for Security

WordPress theme selection should not harbor any malicious or harmful coding put there by the hacker or author. The code must be clean, over and above being suitable as there is always a need for security.
Harmful coding does occur in free templates. Hidden or missing codes are also a reason for concern. Only experts with knowledge of PHP and HTML can undo the damage.

Choosing a Secure WordPress Template : –

  • Avoid being a victim of malicious codes by purchasing a WordPress template from a reputable and distinguished company.
  • Confirm if support is capable of dealing with your queries in addition to being technically competent.
  • An affordable theme with good security features will reduce your costs.
  • Spamming can be prevented by confirming the availability of security plugins. They block access to unwanted logins, comments and registrations originating from spam bots.
  • A good plugin will scan the WordPress installation and reveal vulnerabilities such as file permissions, admin security, database security, malicious passwords and more. This allows you to find quick solutions and fix them.

Significance of WordPress Security

Intrusions on websites have made people realize the need for security. WordPress sites need to be protected due to the theft of information from blogs and websites. This is where security plugins come in handy.
The use of WordPress plugins allows for backup of the database so that no information is lost during a disaster. This includes posts and pages as well as logout and logins. Thus, hackers and other intruders are kept at bay.
The key feature of WordPress is updates. This prevents you from receiving external attacks on your server, database, comments, wp-admin and logins via your blog or website.

Maintenance is provided through WordPress security update service and WordPress security Audit. Always update your website by using a professional to prevent breaking it.
Verifying backup and creating test copy will be done by a developer before updating your site. Your website will be protected through regular updates for your plugins and WordPress themes. The backup software for WordPress should be first-rate. Here are some premium security WordPress templates to choose from.

Sheriff Premium WordPress Security Theme

sheriffLIVE DEMO

Vestibulum has a straight forward and appealing design. It shares compatibility with WordPress 3.2.x and 3.4.x. It is navigable with a slider and has a widgetized theme. The Admin Panel is easy to locate.

Wahr Premium WordPress Security Theme


One of the strongest features of Wahr is that the theme can be modified without having to vary the underlying software, guaranteeing safety of the WordPress site. It shares compatibility with the renowned BLOG software system. Management and security services are available at a reasonable price.

Security Premium WordPress Security Theme

securityLIVE DEMO

The Security theme is conservative in design, making it suitable for a surveillance oriented security business website that can assimilate a number of features. It uses a widgetized theme that allows the display of content keeping the layout clean and direct. The posts page also offers an alluring slider.

Security Blog WordPress Security Theme

Security blogLIVE DEMO

Security blog offers an interactive design theme and powerful functions. This enhances your ability to achieve more with little effort. Industry savvy agents looking for better business organization benefit from its flexibility.

Guard Premium WordPress Security Theme


Guard focuses on content allowing you to showcase all the products and services. Its amazing colors of black and blue provide the professional look complementing the features of rich security and surveillance.

Security Pro Premium WordPress Security Theme

security proLIVE DEMO

Security is used for blog purposes. It shares compatibility with WordPress 2.1.x and 2.9.x. It has a widgetized theme with an attractive admin panel.
With frequent security updates and sufficient backup there is not much to worry about. WordPress hosts that are managed can opt for Amazon S3 or Securi as third party security services. Limit access to your security panel as well.

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