Secure your website from Negative SEO

Secure your website from Negative SEO

Are you serious about building an online brand? Then focus on negative SEO, the right topic that you should not ignore. This article gives you a clear view of what is negative SEO? How to protect your website from Negative SEO? Do you have any idea that your competitors could hurt your rankings in search engines? Don’t panic here we are to guide you and let you know about all these questions. Let’s have a look.

What is negative SEO? Is it really danger?

Negative SEO points to the practice of using unethical and black hat techniques to destroy the competitor rankings in search engines. This may happen in few ways like

Building bad links: Negative SEO happens when someone builds a bad links to your website.

Harmful attacks on site: Suppose if someone hacks your site, changes the robots.txt file by blocking the google and injecting that with spammy content by linking to your web pages.

Spam reports: As we know that if website doesn’t maintain relevant content or crossed the search engine guidelines then search engine is having chance of throwing into spam. If not the people is also having chance of reporting to the search engine. A handful of people report may affect a lot.

There are still more chances to attack negative SEO like building huge links, creating fake social network profiles, deleting the best backlinks from your site, copying content and pointing bad links to your website.

How to identify that your site got affected with negative SEO?

Lot of websites in day to day life is experiencing problem with negative SEO. One of the saying proves that preventing is much better than fixing. Here are the tips to identify that your site got affected with negative SEO.

  • Their will be a notice in google webmaster tools for unnatural link building or malware notification.
  • You will be finding a great drop of analytics data report in search traffic. This is simple identification that negative SEO had happened.

Be safe from negative SEO attacks

Google webmaster tools and email alerts: Google can send an email alerts when the website is affected with malware or server connectivity problems or if any penalties or if any pages are not indexed.

Monitor the backlinks that linked to your profile: This is the major point that you need to focus because most of the spammers get success from this method. Keep an eye on spammers because they will build low quality links or redirects. It is important to identify when someone redirects or links to your website.   

Protect the backlinks: Spammers mostly concentrate on removing the best backlinks linked to your site. They usually contact the site owners by mentioning your name and ask to remove your backlink. So be careful and frequently check the backlinks.

Secure your site from ethical hackers and malware: For any project security is well important. Secure your website, there is lot of options given to protect yourself from hackers like creating a strong password with special characters and maintain the backups for files and database regularly,

Social media networks: Spammers will create fake accounts on social media using your brand and promote. Before get followers to them just recognize and click to spam.

Duplicate content: Content duplication is the popular technique where most of the spammers follow. They copy the content and post it everywhere. So you will be penalized and chance of loosing the rankings.

Search engine impressions and website security are most important for any site to stand first in the market. So just be clear on the above mentioned things and get prevent from negative SEO.