Review about media temple hosting


When I am entering into the door, i had seen a person leaving the room with disappointing face. I asked him what’s the matter, he said he is going to try another hosting service (a small orange) and the MT is not good enough.

I had hosting on hostgator, bluehost, ix webhosting and i am not happy with them. Hostgator and bluehost has lot of down times. IX hosting has high response time. One of my site has high traffic (15000 visitors per day) hence i need good hosting provider with almost no down time and low response time.

Five years back, i remembered, I had seen many websites showed MT banners saying (proudly hosted on {MT} ). I thought it is great hosting service and wanted to try it once for my high traffic site. I went for Grid Hosting plan which is $30 per month.

First and foremost thing is, as an experienced web developer (10 years) I found it is hard to move my site to media temple. They insisted me to learn the shell commands. I learnt it and hardly moved my site to Media Temple.

When ever I went for online support, the used to send me the links every time. They will not understand your problem and just sends the link from knowledge base. Which means, you have to go through all the knowledge base article and understand yourself and fix your problem yourself. That’s why I called Media Temple support as MT KB support.

One day, i found a dip in my Google analytics traffic due to the host down time. I have  a dozen sites and i hosted only three sites on MT. Found loss of traffic for the sites which are hosted on Media Temple hosting. I approached the “MT KB Support” they told it is not problem in their hosting service but it might be problem in the Google hosting for analytics (funny isn’t it?). I showed them the proof, but they did not accepted server down time (not honest).

After couple of months and down times, I found the response time is high(terrific) for this host too. I contacted them and they told some one is using the server resources high and they will find that account and suspend it. By this time my site traffic gone down from 15000 visitors per day to 3000 users because of high response time.

Its a bitter experience for me with Media Temple. Now I am going out of the room with disappointing and want to find a quality hosting service . Who is going in for MT?