Importance of robots.txt file in SEO

Importance of robots.txt file in SEO

importance of robots.txt file

Do you know that one small text file could be the reason for a downfall of website? Robots.txt is the cause of that. It provides instructions to web robots regarding the pages the website owner doesn’t like to be crawled by search engines. Now the web pages won’t appear in the search engine results. Hope you can understand now how powerful the robots.txt file is.

Using the robots.txt file in the website is one of the best practices of SEO campaign. It is very important file if you want to gain top ranking on search engines. Most of the websites don’t offer this file but this txt file helps in staying out with unwanted search engine spiders like image strippers, email retrievers and many more. In clear robots.txt set a limit to spider to visit. If you want to hide any personal info this is better useful.

How far it is useful for SEO?

Before a search engine crawls the site, it naturally looks at robots.txt file and follows the instructions on where they need to crawl and index. So let’s see how this txt file is helpful to a webmaster.

  • You can ignore any repeated pages on your website from search engines.
  • If you don’t want to share your internal search results pages from search engines.
  • If you don’t like search engines to index specific area of your website.
  • Inform your search engine where your sitemap is placed.

What will happen if your website doesn’t consists of robots.txt file?

Search engines will be having a free run to index whatever they find on the website. It is fine for many websites but it is not really good practice to point out where your XML sitemap is. This reason search engines can find the updated content without having to crawl all the pages of the website.

Best practices of robots.txt file

  • In general the robots.txt file should never be used to handle the duplicate content.
  • There should not be any equity among the URLs blocked by the robots.txt. Make sure that this point is being highlighted while doing SEO.
  • Disallow URLs will wont work on being displayed in google’s search engine.

What should not do with robots.txt?

  • Avoid using comments in your robots.txt file.
  • “/allow” command is not their in robots.txt file so no need of adding this to robots.txt file.
  • Do not list all the files in robots.txt file; only list the files which you don’t want to share the files with the people.
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