Get Your Splendid Website With This $149 Ready-To-Use Website Offer!

Well, here we are in 2019. Looks like today running your own online project is the easiest thing to do. There were days when website building was such an expensive thing. Thus, only famous brands and celebrities were able to have their websites. However, although business or personal site cost big money, the result still was kinda primitive. These sites were not trendy ones. They did not have a responsive design and, what’s even more important, they were not customer-friendly at all.

Today, a lot of things have changed. Still, comfort will always remain a #1 must-have for anyone who wants to develop their startup. For these simple reasons, your business should be online.

Why Do You Need A Website?

  1. First of all, it’s comfortable for your customers and prospects. Running a cool site for your projects, products, or services, you provide them will all needed info. As a result, people can find everything online without the need to go anywhere else.
  2. Secondly, a properly created website increases your chances to sell something. Just add a shop function to the web design! All in all, a lot of people have very busy days now. They simply have no time for real-life shopping. That’s why your shoppers prefer buying things online too.
  3. Thirdly, making your website responsive or at least mobile-friendly will double your chances to attract people to the online project. Over 50% of modern customers say they prefer to use the websites that come with a mobile version.
  4. In addition, don’t forget that you will need to create a connection with the audience. It should be a trustworthy partnership, so you will be able to share your news with customers, And there are so many ways you can do it with the help of a classy site!

Which Services People Prefer These Days?

For starters, let’s take a look at the statistics. Would you like to know how people prefer to build their websites? Which platforms are the most popular ones? Here are recent statistics taken from  WebsiteSetUp.

So, the statistic shows that today the most popular website builders (or content management systems) are:

  • WordPress (free) 52%
  • Wix (paid) 7%
  • Joomla (free) 4%
  • Progress Sitefinity (free) 4%
  • Squarespace (paid) 4%
  • Weebly (paid) 2%

Still, this list does not mean that you should work with the named CMSs only. Your resources should not be limited! All in all, whatever you choose, it should depend on your needs. So, in case you are sure that there’s another CMS to provide you with quality services and all these things that you exactly need, well, you know what to do!

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to run a website in 2019. And today you won’t need to overrun the budget for these reasons. What’s more, there are no coding skills or special knowledge required. You can do a lot of things without having any website building experience at all. So, how can it be possible? Well, that’s why I made this post. Today, I’m about to tell you about one cool thing called Ready-to-Use Website offer.

What Is Ready-To-Use Website Offer?

To make s long story short, this is a ready-made solution for a beginner who needs to manage their website. Needless to say, even skilled users will find this offer helpful. Basically, Ready-to-Use Website offer means that the team of professionals will set up your perfect site for less than $150! Would you like to design a groundbreaking business project without running out of the budget? Thus, here is what you should check before everything else!

So, thanks to the Ready-to-Use Website offer, you will get your long-awaited website for a flat price. And it won’t just a simple landing page! Next, to the ready-to-run website, you will have numerous trendy options, useful features, and much more. There is a rich pack of different must-haves for a beginner that, by the way, also includes 1-year hosting.

Keep in mind that the offer lasts only 4 days. It starts on February, 4 and ends on February, 8. You will have just a few days to make a choice, so don’t hesitate! In order to save your time, I’ll give you all the needed info about Ready-to-Use Website offer in this post.

To finish with, keep in mind that the offer lasts only 4 days. It starts on February, 4 and ends on February, 8.

Who May Need This Ready-To-Use Website Offer?

As you can see, this offer would be a nice solution for any person who wants to run their site. Actually, Ready-to-Use Website offer covers all business niches. That’s why anyone will find something special exactly for their kind of website. I’ll name all the options and features you will get in the next point. And now take a closer look at all the platforms you can choose from.

By the way, all the illustrations I’m using for this post are the websites made with the mentioned bestsellers.

So, which platforms you can work with? They are:

  • WordPress travel themes,
  • Moto CMS themes,
  • wedding HTML templates,
  • Shopify themes,
  • WooCommerce themes,
  • PrestaShop themes,
  • Magento themes,
  • Joomla themes,
  • Moto CMS HTML templates,
  • Drupal themes,
  • Muse templates,
  • VirtueMart templates,
  • OpenCart themes,
  • ZenCart templates,
  • X-Cart templates,
  • BigCommerce templates, and much more!

Finally, let’s see what else you will find inside the pack.

What Is Inside Ready-To-Use Website Offer?

Here is the most interesting point! As I already mentioned, everything will be made for you. And here is what you get paying only $149 for Ready-to-Use Website offer:

  • any best-selling website template made in 2018 or earlier,
  • any CMS you prefer,
  • a free domain name for the whole year,
  • professional high-quality hosting,
  • SSL certificate made for non-eCommerce online projects,
  • 5 pages full customization,
  • 10 posts full customization,
  • the possibility to add social media links,
  • full eCommerce setup which includes such points as currencies, shipping, and taxes,
  • quick and professional template installation,
  • your logo unique customization,
  • customization of your website’s color schemes,
  • payment modules set up for eCommerce purposes,
  • product import that will include up to 100 items,
  • screen reader support,
  • multiple modules, plugins, UI components, and trendy options the best-seller you choose includes.

Looks like some of these points need a more detailed explanation. Let’s see how everything works.

How Does It Work?

In case you want to  use Ready-to-Use website offer, here is my simple step-by-step guide:

  1. To start with, just buy the Ready-to-Use website offer online. To do it, you’ll be asked to provide your contact info.
  2. Secondly, the manager will contact you within 3 hours after the purchase is made.
  3. Thirdly, you’ll need to choose which bestseller, flagship or any other theme you want to be used for your site. You can do it by yourself directly in the gallery. On the other hand, you can do it with the help of your manager. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions you have. You can also highlight which design you’d prefer and name the features you are looking for before everything else. As expected, your manager will help you to choose the very product and will confirm all the project’s details.
  4. Once you are through it, the manager will ask you to choose additional details and provide the company’s info. I’ll list them below.
  5. Finally, you’ll need to wait for 7 business days for your unique business or personal online project to be ready.

What Details You Will Need To Provide?

To make your website 100% original, you will need to provide a few details. Here is the full list of things needed to complete your site:

  • the logo of your company;
  • high-quality images related to your business, your projects, your team, etc.;
  • the texts, posts, promo, and other textual content you want to place on the site;
  • hosting credentials (this point is only for those users who prefer to use third-party hosting because the pack already contains a free 1-year hosting for you)
  • in case you are running an online shop, you’ll need to provide CSV with your products.

The Hosting You Get With This Ready-To-Use Website Offer

As it was stated above, the Ready-to-Use Website offer contains a 1-year-long hosting from Inmotion Hosting. Why IH and what are the man advantages? Let’s see. According to the feedbacks, today, Inmotion Hosting collected over 12.500 happy customers and their 100% satisfaction guarantee leaves no doubt.

To illustrate, here are the main reasons for using IH services.

  1. First things first, Inmotion Hosting is a commitment to open source. It means that the company has ongoing scholarships to the most popular open source programs. The list contains such best-sellers as WordPress, Joomla, b2evolution, and PrestaShop.
  2. On the other hand, IH has fast and friendly customer service. Without a doubt, this point is extra important for the beginners.
  3. In addition, IH is capable of handling all the web hosting needs the modern web audience has. It was made especially for different growing business niches and startups. The list includes everything and anything from shared hosting for small businesses, to VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers for scaling and enterprise businesses.
  4. What is more, the company’s data centers are Category A, PCI compliant. It means that, with advanced Smart Routing technology, advanced DDoS protection & premium bandwidth providers, we maintain 99.999% network uptime.
  5. Moreover, IT team use top security measures like auto-updates on web apps, FREE SSL, hack protection, custom firewall, and DDoS protection to keep your websites safe.

And IH hosting is so easy to set up! There are many hassle-free setups you can use.

What Will Be Next?

So, let’s imagine that you already choose a top-notch theme and used the pre-packed 1-year-long hosting. What will be the next step? Well, if you enjoyed these services, you can continue working with IH, here are the web hosting types the company provides:

  • Shared Business Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Cloud VPS
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Enterprise Hosting Solutions
  • Reseller Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Launch Assist™
  • Managed Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Web Design Services

And The Next Step

Another great thing about the Ready-to-Use Website offer is that you can work with the website even when the year has passed. In fact, all the templates you are going to choose from are absolutely creator-friendly. They are so easy in additional customization and come with the regular updates. The last ones will be installed automatically, which means that you won’t even need to download something.

Here are the features you will find inside the packs of the best-selling themes:

  • live/ real-time preview;
  • immersive and creator-friendly interface;
  • thoroughly designed element categories, etc.;
  • 100% intuitive design;
  • numerous ready-made UI components;
  • the built-in library of presets and the possibility to create your own templates that will be saved to the gallery;
  • lightning-fast speed;
  • trendy visual effects like Parallax scrolling;
  • multiple readable web fonts that are 100% eye-friendly;
  • SEO-friendly code;
  • and lots juicy Elementor-oriented plugins.

In case you are about to add a shop function, you will get such pre-designed CTA buttons like:

  • Chat;
  • Contact Us;
  • Shop;
  • Cart;
  • Wishlist, and more.

Plus, don’t forget that there will be color schemes sets you can change in 1 click. You will get colorful ready-to-use designs and different sets of such pre-styles pages as:

  • Contacts;
  • Maps;
  • FAQ;
  • Gallery;
  • Our Team;
  • Blog;
  • Our Projects;
  • Reviews;
  • Shop, etc.

Thanks to the intuitive and 100% code-free design, you will be able to change any detail of the website. Twist the colors and replace the elements without touching a single line of code! Now it’s possible thanks to the modern drag and drop page builders. They come with a real-time preview that creates an excellent WYSIWYG experience. To sum everything up, don’t forget that the Ready-to-Use Website offer will be available only for 4 days. It starts on February 4 and ends on February 8. Start grabbing your perfect themes!