Link building techniques for SEO 2014

Link building techniques for SEO 2014

Link Building techniques for SEO 2014

Link building is king for SEO skill. A solid link building strategy is the key for SEO success. Search engines judge a webpage based on how many links to it. Web is like election, the more people that links to your page, the more search engine treats that your page consists of valuable and trust worthy content. Same way it’s not just about the links it is all about the links. Link building may take time to get your page rank you can’t expect the overnight results from it. It will need some time to build quality links and then search engines also needs some time to index the new links and show in the SERP rankings.

What factors search engine consider in determining the value of link?

Search engines consider many factors and give some value for each link. Lets see some of those.

  • Relevance: Relevancy is the relation between originating link and target site. Topical authority’s links are very powerful.
  • Google page rank: Popularity of the link is estimated. Google provides a toolbar for finding the page rank. There are lots of tools to find page rank in the market.
  • Back links: No.of sites that links to a particular site or page.
  • Domain authority: There is no single metric that describes the domain authority. It measures the age of the site, importance of links; popularity and content are some among them.
  • Traffic: It considers the traffic like how many people visited the site via target links.
  • Ranking keywords: What and how many keywords the site ranks for in google.

Building links is never ending task. Suppose if you have a website, you can find slow trickle of new websites linking to yours. So need some patience and you have to put some effort to build a genuine links. Here are some techniques for you.

Build links in this way sure you will achieve the results.

  • Identify the current backlinks: Search for the links that already linked to you but you may not aware of it. Contact theme and ask for link to your website.
  • Contact friends: Contact the people you already know. And start building the links.
  • Identify the competitor’s backlinks: Analyze the competitors how they got success and try to follow them.
  • Submit to local directories: If you are serving to local business then try to link up with local business directories to get more exposure and backlinks.
  • Submit to general directories: Submit your site to the directories which gives proper link and visibility of the website.
  • Quality content: High quality content is the major success for gaining the backlinks. If people like your content they naturally offer you the link to your webpages.
  • Buy links: If you want the immediate success to your site they are lot of websites which offer natural links. Search engines will get into trouble to identify whether it is paid or natural link. We generally don’t recommend for this task.
  • Offer free stuff: People like free stuff. They like the website more that gives things free.
  • Comments on blogs: Comments won’t directly affect the rankings. This gives an easy chance to readers for visiting your link to your website.
  • Post forums: Forums can interact with the people easily. Link your website within signature and posts is the quick and easy method to get links.
  • Register in social networks: Register into social networks for creating the brand and links.

Follow these simple techniques and gain lot of links. Stand as a unique in the market.

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