SEO poisoning- how to protect your wordpress from pharma attack

SEO poisoning- how to protect your wordpress from pharma attack


Sometimes you may receive an email saying that your website had been hacked. Situation will become worse when you see no changes in your content, design or in the source code. The reason behind is that your website may show up in Google with different links and these may be promoting unrelated content and the black market.  This situation makes you a Pharma Hack Victim! At this situation your Google search engine optimization ranking may drop dramatically. Moreover, your most common keywords had been turned into spam keyword terms such as ‘Cheap Viagra’. Here, the goal of hacker is to gain backlinks from all the high-ranking pages on your website. So understand the threat behind this and try to know how to defend and blog your website from it.

The attack can make three effects and are:

1.Invisibility of the content

The content of you site would be visible to the visitors who are entering your website from Google. The main problem is that the administrator can’t even see that their content has been tampered with. In these situations, you have to go through HTML source code. Check it for changes, and correct them if you find any. So be aware about the content as well as these kinds of threats.

2. Difficult to clear

You can use any content management systems, but this hacking method can defeat them all. Pharma hack manipulates your website code by placing malicious files within your site. So always use a proper Word Press security system since the manipulation is very difficult to find and clear.

3. Highest ranked pages are targeted

Another aspect worth knowing is that a Pharma Hack does not affect all website pages. It’s specifically setup to target pages that receive the most traffic. These hacks gain access to the highest ranked pages of your website and make changes to your title tags to reflect the keywords the hacker wants to promote. If you thought that wasn’t bad enough, the hacker goes one step further and inserts spam links directly into your content!

In order to prevent such a threat, or to find and remove an already planted Pharma Hack, you need the help of a good website monitor.

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