Better SEO rankings with Google plus

Better SEO rankings with Google plus

Improve SEO rankings with Google plus

Do you have an idea in which way the Google plus can improve your SEO results? The content on google plus is being treated by google search engine like any other page on the web. These pages are efficiently crawled by the google. As we know that google + is one of the leading social media platform in the market.

Why can’t you use this weapon in your SEO? Do you know the main reason why google + became a SEO goldmine? The first links that added to google + page post is Dofollow link. That means it passes link to the website that you share. If you share that link you are gaining the link juice. DoFollow links are the building blocks of SEO. Let’s see some reasons why google plus is essential for SEO.

Do follow links helps in rankings

Not every link is dofollow. Try to earn multiple links.

Google owns: Showing the evidence will give more popularity on google plus. It is a huge factor and gives good rankings.

Fast indexing of pages: It’s true that google is fast in indexing. Whatever the site may be the indexing would be very fast. So having the content on google + will be a great advantage.

Links from google+ get relevant anchor text: Anchor text generally won’t hurt the rankings moreover it sounds natural.

Use google+

World has change a lot and google search is reflecting the connections. You can share the content in group of people who are in a circle. There is a possibility for people to find that content not only in google + but also in google search. Growing the relevant network will make a huge difference. Let’s see some points that how google plus will improve your SEO.

  • Google plus posts will capture search engine result pages as they appear on google search page results. This leads to find yourself to your audience in google search.
  • Google + can gain page rank and appear in results for a long period. Google plus helps in ranking the post in fast manner compared with old posts.
  • We want our site to be first in search results right. Google authorship is closely related to content authority. Google search engine gives more priority to the authoritative content in search results.
  • Both the google authorship and plus combines and provides a clean layer of social signals which improve the social media optimization of content and SEO. It increases the network of your site.
  • The featured link in a google plus will transfer page rank to the page which it links. Suppose if you connect the google plus post to your website this will increase the relevancy of the website and support your search ranking.
  • Regular website links to google plus content can pass page rank authority.
  • Use of hashtags in google+ builds a link to every post to a search on the platform.

Google plus is a real diamond for SEO. Many websites are achieving good rankings with this plus. Don’t lose the opportunity try to work for better and check out the results. If it works start expanding it to other sites.

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