Sitemaps are important for seo – Is it necessary to submit sitemap to search engines

Sitemaps are important for seo – Is it important to submit sitemap to search engines

There are lots of SEO tricks and tips that help in optimizing the site. One among those is sitemap. The name sitemap itself implies that it’s just a map of your site. Do you know the purpose of using the sitemap? It indicates both the search engines and visitors where to find the data on the site. For building a sitemap to a website there are lots of tools available. Sitemaps navigate the site easier. Moreover having an updated sitemap is beneficial. Using the robots.txt you will suggest the search engines which part of the site to be excluded from indexing where as the site map tells the search engines where you’d like them to go. Sitemaps are always been part of best web design practices.

What is the use of sitemap?

Sitemaps informs the search engine immediately about the changes on your site. It conveys the spiders to index the changed pages faster. Sitemaps will help with messy internal links. Building a perfect sitemap is nothing but building a perfect website.

  • It gives a quick and easy overview of your site.
  • It provides text links to each page of the website.
  • It shows pathway for the search engine robots to follow.
  • Uses important keyword phrases.

Sitemaps are majorly important for two reasons. Firstly the sitemap serves as a food for the search engine spiders that crawls your site. This provides spider links to all the pages of your site. This is a good idea of having the major pages includes in the search engine database. It makes the site more visible and comes up in the search results when user raises a query. Having the site map for individual pages of your site make the search engine easier to retrieve the data than hunting around for links.

Site map should link from your home page. By linking it gives the search engines an easy way to find data in the site.

  • If you are maintaining the small site then place the sitemap in every page.
  • Most of the SEO experts believe that the site should not have more than 25 to 40 links on your sitemap.
  • Anchor text of each link should contain a keyword and should link to the relevant page.
  • Make sure that all the links are perfect after creating a sitemap.
  • Pages which show on your site should contain a link back to the site map.

Points to remember before creating a sitemap

  • Create clean and simple HTML code.
  • Sitemap may reflect the structure of your website means the category headings on your website must be the top level category pages on your website. Build a sitemap at the same time plan your website content and structure.
  • For knowing how to organize the website, monitor the sitemaps of leading websites.
  • Make simple lists and don’t panic about the ordering.