Social media signals are not part of google search ranking algorithms

Social media signals are not part of google search ranking algorithms

Google search is the most used search engine on the web. The aim of the google search engine is to provide relevant information for the visitor’s questions. There will be frequent updates in google algorithms to maintain a genuine data. A lot of questions raised about the social media signals. Whether the social media signals important? (Or) Are they part of google search ranking algorithm?  Most of the SEO professionals are focusing on the social media for the ranking potential, others looking for traffic and many more benefits. But need to be answered for this.

Matt Cutts who is the head of the googles webspam team discussed about the subject and answered for the question.

Whether Facebook and Twitter signals are part of ranking algorithm? If so how much they matter?

He answered to this question and it seemed a quite interesting topic for addressing to him.

Facebook and twitter pages are treated like any other pages in web index. Like all the pages the facebook and twitter also crawl and maintains the data so that it can return that in our search results. Matt cut also mentioned that their wont be any special treatment for these social media sites in google algorithms. Though you have many followers in twitter or many likes in facebook we don’t currently have any signals like that in web search ranking algorithms.

Matt goes back to the argument of correlations does not equal causation. A well piece of content doesn’t rank well because it has a lot of facebook likes. But it ranks well because its awesome and gets shared on facebook a lot. There will be a frequent change in the social profiles and it will be a big problem for crawling more over google only samples the web at specific time.

He warned the people making the conclusions that a lot of facebook likes will give high page rank. Having too many likes is really awesome, but it won’t be considered in the page ranks. Due to various reasons the social media profile is blocked from public view or links marked as no follow and many other reasons we can get the proper information. This results in not able to access the social signals.

Cutts pointed that there is a lot of value for both social networks. The services represent the fantastic avenue. Knowing the updates about news, company and website is really awesome. This helps you to build up your personal brand. Tweets, Facebook likes and shares won’t show any impact on search rankings.

Looking to the next ten years we are trying to understand the identity of social connections between people. But as per now we need to deal with the web as it is. So as of now google doesn’t include the Facebook and twitter social signals in the rankings. Matt ends the discussion by saying that in future he expects google able to identify more who is writing content where and place more importance based on the influence of individual. But now Google has to crawl the web.