Successful social media profile optimizing tips

Successful social media profile optimizing tips

social media profile optimizing tips

Social media optimization is the method of social activity which attracts visitors to a website through search rank. SMO is based on the contents like images, videos and words. There are lots of brands trying for more visibility and generating business on the web. It is easy to optimize social media profiles. But the optimization can be implemented as soon as you create the account. Here are the top five recommendations to help optimize your social media profiles.

Cover photos and images

For every social network there are different image dimensions. The cover image is the first thing where the user eyes goes. So make it an effective cover page with your logo. Adding logo in the cover photo gives a giant brand. Sometimes it helps in recognizing the brand by the logo. Social networks tend to improve profile features very often. It’s worthwhile to review and improve yours at least once a quarter. Keep in mind that profile views are the gateway to targeted website traffic.

Link to your website

List your main website on each of your social profiles. This will improve branding. The best trick which you can implement in Facebook is “add site URL” in the about section. This will help users distinguish between official versus unofficial profile pages. Make sure that your link is front and center so that people can easily identify and quickly click on the site. If you build your social media profiles but if you didn’t grow your network then no one will be knowing about yours site.

Fill the profile field

Don’t maintain incomplete profiles. Fill every profile field with quality descriptions and accurate information. This will improve your brand and add value to your followers. It will take a few minutes to complete the fields so don’t neglect.

Link to other social media profiles

Link varies from one social network to the next. But make sure that you get the link on the main page of the social profile. One more great idea is to create a social network specific landing page. This helps you in tracking that which profiles are bringing your site the most traffic. So do maintain giving links on the social networks about your website. An easy way to solve this problem is to have an easy to find links to your other social networks within your profile. Some of the best opportunities to link to your site are google+, facebook and pinterest.

Profile descriptions

No need of having the same profile description for every social profile. But you should use most of the same keywords.

Be consistent

Spend a time to build your network and engaging with network. Use the native platforms and apps for each network until you understand the rules of each. Consistency in social media will build trust. This leads to a great relationship.

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