Make use of facebook news feed ads – Tips for using facebook news feed ads

Make use of facebook news feed ads – Tips for using facebook news feed ads

 facebook news feed ads

News feed ads of facebook are highly effective. Advertisers are showing more interest to spend on facebook news feed ads. News feed which is placed on the center column of the home page. It will constantly update list of stories from people and pages that follow on facebook. The stories of news feed include videos, photos, links, app, likes and updates. Along with stories facebook announced that video ads are started rolling out in news feed.

You can observe stories and videos in news feeds. Facebook will gradually introduce 15 second video ads that will be having an auto play in news feed. These are called as premium video ads that target to give advertisers with deep pockets. Initial the videos will be played without sound if the user likes to see the ad they can expand to full screen and hear sound. But it will scroll down into the news feed within few months. The company is working with a small number of advertisers as it monitors how members are going to respond to the ads.

News feed ads are larger shift toward native advertising. These are integrated with brand messages directly into social networks and websites. Let’s see some of the tips to make facebook news feed ads.

Select the right page post format: Suppose if your goal is to drive sales or conversions then opt for post link ad to page. If you want to build a campaign objective to drive brand engagement then make use of page post photo ad.

Go half and half: Assign your facebook ad budget to news feed placements. News feed ads are the only eligible and widely appear on mobile devices.

Split mobile ads: Splitting the ads and targeting the desktop and mobile may give profit to the campaigns than creating single campaign for both devices. Pointing the customers in mobile can be done with less cost.

Go international: Your targeted customers may be outside the U.S. So spend on reaching the people from where you are getting more response.

Creative rotation: Some of the facebook advertisers use creative rotation in news feed. These manage the ad flow to maintain consistent CTR rates and impressions. This may help you in improving performance. Marketers look at the campaigns and wish to grow their programs as quick as possible.

Publish more visual content: Visual content is stronger than ever. Convert the photos and videos in the new news feeds.

Focus on key influencers: Users will able to see content posted by friends. So the more fans you share your powerful content on their pages may reach to other users.

Identify when your fans are online: Make a note when to post on facebook. Keep post when your fans or in online so that there will be change of getting more likes.

Feature the post in like box: When facebook users see the updates in the sidebar, it encourages the user to like your page. This like box may give you lot of profits. It helps in reaching the fans to your page by displaying the updates in the sidebar.

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