Tips to double your traffic without marketing

Tips to double your traffic without marketing

Marketing is the one of the most important success factors for online businesses. Don’t depend only on traditional traffic strategies there are many other things to be considered. Many people think that having a awesome website will get tons of visitors but this is wrong. Gaining the traffic to the website needs hard work. Here are the some of the strategies where you can double your traffic without marketing. Spending time and money on marketing your website? Still you are not finding any results. Don’t worry here are the small tips have a look and gain traffic to your site.

Use Long tail variations

It is is more easy to identify and research short terms but in general most of the people start search with long tail queries with more than four or five words. The keywords which are having long tail gain high rate than shorter. Using keyword tool and make note of all the useful long tail variations. Follow this long tail gems to increase potential ranking opportunities and boost your traffic.

Rich snippets

Stay out from rich snippets. Snippets are designed to summarize the content of a page which makes the user to understand what the page is all about in search results. Rich snippets are the search listings that include information regarding the products price, review count and availability. These are very powerful because they can increase the no.of people that click on your page. There is a snippet testing tool use this and make rich snippets. Though it will take time to see them in search results but later the results will be high.

Rich snippets are mostly applicable for many merchants but there are two more types of listings to know. They are Video thumbnails and Google Authorship.

Authorship helps in conveying the google what the content is all about and your picture will be listing alongside. This will be well useful for stores blog posts in search results.

Video thumbnails are the thumbnails of a pages embedded video that appear side on the page. If you want to get video thumbnails you need to create a video site map for google.

As same as the rich snippets these both have also proven to dramatically increase the CTR of the pages.

Internal links

Links are important for any website. This links are can change your rankings. Getting links from high authority pages will definitely shows impact on your site. Try to gain links to your site. Have a list of high value target pages. Add the link to your target pages. Its better if you integrate that link into home page because the opening page of the site gives more authority.

Make sure of titles and descriptions

Do you that titles and descriptions will help visitors clicking on your site in search results? Yes it’s true. Maintain the titles and Meta descriptions effectively. Write a compelling title and interesting description sure you will stand up in the results. While writing the title and description think that you are writing an advertisement. Keep SEO and keyword optimization in mind.

Make small adjustments to your site and gain huge traffic.