Tips to improve video marketing for websites

 video marketingWebsite containing the videos is holding the viewers attention. Most of the people spend time on watching two minutes of video than reading an article for ten minutes. Visitor spending time on the site is the one of the major factor of search engines which is looking for relevancy. It adds big thumbs up to your site. Good online video strategy may result yourself in a Google rankings. Less competition but gives more traffic. Use the social media networks for promoting your videos.

Here are the some of the tips for how to improve your video marketing.

Use social networking sites for promoting your videos

Are you ready with your videos? Start uploading this in different video submission sites like youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, metacafe etc. Make sure that you are uploading the videos to the sites by giving a proper link of your website. Use the good description using local keywords naturally. Proper link to your site shows the search engines who is their behind this video content.

Video titles

Titles are the same like as you give to your website pages. It is just giving an idea to the search engine what the video is all about. Spend a short time to make the descriptive title for your video. Title can also target the user search. Proper keyword and keyword phrases should use in the titles. Place your phone number in the title with or without the branding name of the company may provides you some local seo value by allowing the calls directly from the Search engine result pages. So concentrate a bit on the video titles.

Add a link to website in video description

If suppose your customer visited your video in a video sites and want to know more about your products they need some link to come to your site from there. So link your site in the video description so that this renders your customers to visit your site. Proper link of the site may bring you more traffic. Link the landing pages on your domain is the effective way of capturing visitors and to leads them with video. This brings the video equity along to your money site which is so important.

Set the location of the video

Assign the location of the video in the video manager. There is lot of options changed in the video submission sites. This is the other feature where we can add the video location. This also works while crawling by search engines.

Transcribe videos

This is the best method to get your keywords into your video content. It is very easy to transcribe which gives your video content a great local SEO value. There is an option of using transcriptions in the description of the videos.

Add your citation to video description

Every video should include a citation in the description of video. Pointing the clear list of your business name, phone number, address in a standardized format so that it reaches the viewers and grab the visitors to you.

Back link videos

Back linking is the part of SEO (on-page and off-page). Just like a web pages videos also need back links. Back linking the video in social sites may yield you the impressive results.

Use videos in press releases

Don’t miss the opportunity including the video in the press releases. This may decrease your business. Videos placed inside the press releases gives you potential ranking. Videos give rich look for the press releases. It will also boost the placement of press release websites.

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