Top 10 Best Premium Quality Food & Drink WordPress Themes/Templates 2013

Below you will find a list of Top 10 Best Premium Quality Food & Drink WordPress Themes/Templates 2013 that would be awesomely perfect for any and every food or drink related website be it best restaurant, food recipes, cakes, wines, chocolates, snacks, or more.

Cake Blog – Food & Drink theme

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Cake Blog – Food & Drink theme is aimed to deliver extra style to your yummy blog/site dedicated to food and drink, meals, cooking, diets, potables, restaurants, cafes and bars. Get the new look for your Food and Drink blog.

Online Recipes – Food & Drink theme

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Online Recipes – Food & Drink theme is perfect theme to aptly blend in well and easy with any food & drinks web blog/site with a clean and modern interface and tons of customizable features. The layout as you can see has the ability to convey message without distraction which is vital for a site devoted to food & drinks.

Recipe Blog– Food & Drink theme

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Recipe blog is here to impress your visitors by showing awesome dishes all in a super beautiful slider in big images, welcome message invites you to know what the website serves, while other widgets/modules helps you store information/products related to food and drink.

Good Cook– Food & Drink theme

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Good Cook theme design and layout is just lip smacking and reminds us the old cooking book on the table, doesn’t it?

The unique presentation of the recipes with mouth watering recipe images right on the homepage, the black bordering, different categories of weight loss, fast food recipes makes this WordPress stand from the rest.

There is a lot more to unleash!!!!

Tasty cooking – Food & Drink theme

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Tasty cooking is a conventional Food & Drink theme solution to attract attention of your visitors. This premium WordPress theme my personal hot favorite theme that has got a varied and unique look and feel.

The homepage slider itself unleashes the delicious recipes via slider, beautiful integration of content/widgets/modules all across the white background.

Hope you like it!!!!

Savour – Food & Drink theme

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If you want to make your contribution to food recipes, tips, information to stay healthy, then startup a blog/site with the Savour theme in auction.

Savour theme is indeed a relish and delights theme to take pleasure of building an amazing yet delicious food or drink website all the way. The white layout with black bordering, red hot menu tabs, categories, dishes, desserts, makes browsing easy and entertaining.

Recipes Wealth – Food & Drink theme

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With this amazingly designed Recipes wealth – create your own food & drink related website to share some useful advices, publish recipes and pay attention to amazing healthy eating and cooking tips. No doubt, this theme certainly will help you to develop your site in a more enhanced and special style.

Cooking Recipe – Food & Drink theme

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Here is the super cool, smooth, awesome Food and drink WordPress theme in a white 3 column layout, featuring an amazing widgets on the home page, room for featured recipe images, and much more to tweak with.

Health food recipe – Food & Drink theme

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Here is the unique and special food and drink WordPress theme the health food recipe all in amazing vibrant red, orange hue, green colored menu tabs, categories and more. If you’re looking something different and unique then this theme is for you to drive loads of visitors.

Wine Blog – Food & Drink theme

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The wine blog theme aptly suits the main theme of the website, the dark navy deep blue and black colors are used amazingly to set the high mood and make users fall to download this theme and help visitors experience a dynamic browsing portal.

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