Top 10 best free and premium CMS Made Simple Templates/Themes

CMS Made Simple is a little, modular and extensible yet powerful goodie provides a fast and easy way to create a web site and manage its content on a routine basis for all the business owners out there. Use it to make a home page for your family or your big fat multinational corporation, CMS made simple works like a sit builder.

Likewise, CMS made simple templates or themes also play a significant role in building a very productive yet effective website all the way with SEO Friendly URLs, integrated and online help, easy user and group management.

Thus, we would like to pay tribute to CMS made simple platform by presenting ten best free yet top 10 best CMS made simple templates/themes that are easier to work with.

Deliver quality and affordable websites with this collection of free and premium template so you can share our idea also. Use it for free on your personal or commercial projects.

CMSMS HTML5 responsive parallax template



It is easy to install this free CMS made simple template. It is having latest features like responsive and parallax. Template is having sticky menu structure in the header for quick navigation. Rich content space for representing the information. Follow the simple steps to install this CMSMS template.

NichessFree CMSMS Template

Nichess Free CMSMS Template is a fantastic, well organized CMS made simple theme that captures the user at first glance, where everything has been thought of and integrated into the template quite well.

Very well designed template, I absolutely love this free Nichess template.

My top pick for 2013!!!!

Outdoor Free CMSMS Template

The Outdoor Free CMS made simple template actually embraces its name as its responsive yet interactive layout design, one of the latest web trends adapts to any and every website on the go.

A perfect template example for anyone looking at building and customizing their own travel website.

Culinary Free CMSMS Template 

Culinary template is another super awesome and beautiful free CMS made simple template that boasts awesome web layout and content blocks perfect for a blog or small magazine.

I found this free CMS made simple great example for an excellent and inspirational design to really connect and convey a message to target audiences in an easier yet effective way.

The use of texture, typography and illustrated elements throughout the website are just fantastic and very well done.

Teraafirm2 Free CMSMS Template

I love the design of Teraafirm2 Free CMSMS Template where careful attention has been applied to various parts of the layout.

Beautiful use of typography in the website, subtle drop shadows great use of the menu system and very well laid out template, perfect for an app developer website but can very easily be adapted for many other uses.

A clean cut straightforward website template design that allows to really showcase any products on a website clearly.

Concept work Free CMSMS Template

Whether you are looking for some inspiration CMS made simple free website templates for your personal blog design or premium CMS made simple themes for a professional company website you’re developing for a client.

Here we present you the high-quality free CMS made simple themes worth downloading.

Build sophisticated website templates that can be easily edited or updated

Modern Living Free CMSMS Theme

Built a reputation creating clean, uncluttered simple website layout designs using the amazing free Modern living CMS made simple template.

Stop using boring and unexciting themes to your website, where adding unnecessary design elements does not necessarily add to usability and that when it comes down to it.

Modern living theme minimal CMS made simple template design can convey your message in a focused and powerful way.

Go for it!!!

Be productive

Be productive as the name hints is one of the very productive, simple, unobtrusive yet premium CMS made simple template.

This CMSMS template clocks in room space for a picture in the header and two menus, one for just the first level and the other one starting at the second level.

A very good template to fit in any and every company to enhance its identity with its catchy color schemes, included gallery module, tabbed content, advanced support, GB file picker, XML Made Simple, Font Panefresco and many more.

Be serious

Be serious is another best of best CMS made simple template that comes with social media  integration including like box, open graph protocol, and Facebook app data to share your page online.

This Be Serious CMS made simple template/theme is sure to attract numerous visitors with its attractive layout and segregation of content and products in a well organized way.

The template is loaded with an advanced content module, GB filepicker, Gallery module, XML made simple and many other customizable template controllers to modify the look and feel of your website as you like,

Adjust everything in just one admin page!!!!

Be versatile

Be versatile is another utmost CMS made simple template that is highly customizable template with three completely different skins, advanced content module, GB file picker, gallery module, XML made simple and many other resourceful options that makes the template more functional and operational all the way.

This template enables you to edit almost everything including skin color, without writing one line of code.

Very quick and intuitive!!!!

tpl-buddy-002Full Template (Theme) for CMS Made Simple

Here we present you another best and amazing looking CMS made simple website/blog templates/themes to make your website layout look more responsive and eye catching.

The layout of this CMS template has 2 0r 3 columns choice, 1 level top horizontal menus including a 3 levels sub navigation option, gallery module for photos execution,

Feel free to download and modify the template to your needs!!!!

Responsive template for CMS made simple

Responsive template for CMS made simple



This bright responsive template is best suitable for designers, site admins and web developers. Template requires some modules like GBFilePicker, FormBuilder and gallery. Static menu bar in the header floats throughout the home page. Running image slider on the home page displays high quality visuals. Three promo banners explain the content. Give a clear idea about the business by placing the content in the content area. Social network icons are given in the footer area.

Bootstrap responsive template for CMS made simple

Bootstrap responsive template for CMS made simple



This is an advanced responsive template for CMSMs. Unique features and easy customization provides a friendly atmosphere to surf of the site. Some of the key features are bootstrap, blog style & templates with CGblog, animated blog posts, Google map, contact form, open sans, parallax image effects and dropdown top. Footer area is filled with social network icons and take to top icon.

Responsive template for CMS made simple

Responsive template for CMS made simple



Another simple responsive template for CMSMS projects. This template is best suitable for all business related projects. Drop down menus, contact details and small icon shaped social network icons are given in the header. Slider occupies the center portion of the page. Rich content space describes the information clearly.

Premium Full responsive CMS made simple template



Here is a fully responsive CMSMS template with bright features. The drop down top 3 levels and 1 or 2 columns responsive are the layout options available in this CMS made simple theme. Standard header and footer are clearly observed in this theme. Huge space is assigned for representing the information in a efficient manner.

Company logo fully responsive template for CMS made simple



Are you planning to construct a nice company website? Then this responsive CMS Made simple template is best choice. Theme looks pretty cool with required features and options. Template occupies to the center portion of the page. Banners and buttons are highlighted to grab the attention of readers. Footer is filled with useful links and contact form. Make use of this premium CMS Made simple template.