Top 11 premium responsive animals and pets joomla templates

Top 11 premium responsive animals and pets joomla templates

Design your animals and pets website with effective templates. Here are the top most 11 impressive themes for your taste. Designing the template keeping in point of user’s interest is very important. Animal and pet templates are especially good for pet stores, animal related stores.  Migrating through menus is easy. Let’s see some of the animal and pet responsive templates.

Horse club responsive Joomla Template


Brown horse template is one of the top most responsive templates in joomla which is user-friendly. The template supports different types of image slides with effective headers and footers. It has an advanced theme options, module layouts, dropdown menus, social bookmarking options, Google maps. The template is given along with the set up and instructions in a folder format as document. It gives you more interaction with the template. The colours used in the template are more attracting and places the attention of the visitors. Additional features of the template are Admin panel, Bootstrap.

Cute Toony Cat responsive Joomla Template


Cute tony cat is the responsive template of Joomla. Do you want to build an effective website of cats? So this is the best theme which is more supportive to your website. It has an header which consists of menus which are more attractive. And the background of the theme is filled with light watermarks of cat’s images looks amazing. The slideshow with lot of cat images can be uploaded according to your wish. It supports the entire social book marking operations. Lot of features allows you easily navigate through the website. The template will grab the attention of the cat lovers.

Cat Club responsive Joomla Template


Black cat joomla template is the one of the most responsive theme in Joomla. The template is famous for displaying the varieties of cats. This site consists of menus with black background. The whole theme is covered with black background and the images slideshow is available. Displaying the images with titles shows more attractive. And you can also add the some fun videos of cats. At the bottom of the theme you can find the social bookmarking options. The Admin panel and responsive is the feature which is effective.

Dog responsive Joomla Template


Dog responsive joomla template is the most helpful for the dog lovers. The template is design for the website developers who want to design the site on dogs and mostly the dog breeding. This theme is more user friendly and interactive for them. The theme consists of large menus and the below that the slides show of the images with content. In this theme you can display the different types of dogs, their breeding, and training. The layout is 2 column and the features are admin panel with responsive. Installation of the template is easier. You can follow the guide provided along with the theme.

Bright Dog responsive Joomla Template


Bright dog joomla is the one of the special responsive theme. The colours used in the theme looks more bright and impress to visitors. The theme background is filled with a dark colour which is more eye catching. The theme has an additional features like sample content, favicon, goggle maps, social book marking options.  This is mostly used for the animal and pet websites. Theme supports lot of widgets which are more useful

Pets club responsive Joomla Template


Pets club is the joomlas responsive theme. This template is mostly used for the pets websites. The theme is designed with a white background and the dark colours show more attractive.  The header of the page consists of social operations which easily link up the site with the social networks. Display of the menus is little bigger compare to all the other themes. Some of the additional features are Google map, Google web fonts, advanced theme options, dropdown menus. The layouts are clear and help in easy navigating through pages.

Animal charity responsive Joomla Template


Animal charity responsive joomla template is used to design a website on wild life. It is a ready-made theme which is friendlier to the people who want to design the site on wild life. The theme is developed with some of the in build items which are ready to use when installed. Theme is covered with colours like sappy green, green and brown colours. The menus are on the header part and the gallery slide show is available to display the images. This all made the website more attractive and grabs the user’s attention.

Animal shelter responsive Joomla Template


Animal shelter is the most attractive responsive joomla template. This is best use for expressing the views of the pets, care, shelter and adoption. This theme helps you in designing the site by adding beautiful images. The menus are presented in a white background with red colour text looks more attractive. The images slides along with text box on its side allow you to tell info about the image.

Minimalist vet responsive Joomla Template


Minimalist vet care template is one of the responsive joomla templates. If you want to make an colourful site on pets you can use this beautiful theme and make your site more colourful. Seeing the images in the site can easily understand that the site is about veterinary needs. The layouts are clearly designed by the css sheets and best viewed in the tablet and mobiles. The theme is the completely white background and the content is highlighted with the dark colour so that it looks more expressive.

Dog club services responsive Joomla Template


Doggie is the responsive joomla dog template. Features for this doggie template are admin panel, gantry framework, k 2 component, responsive. The joomla template has premium design made with various technologies. The template is dynamic with complete collection. This template also contains setup instructions and installation process for the clients.

Reptile pet responsive Joomla Template


Reptile pet is the joomlas responsive template. The theme looks like short but it is fit for the monitor screen. The theme looks brighter with red colour and the menus are nicely placed. Everything is in visible mode. No need of using the scrolling the side bars. The social networking options are provided. Expressing your views on reptiles in a nice format by selecting the this theme gives you more result.

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