Top 15 Best CMS Made Simple Modules 2013

Top 15 Best CMS Made Simple Modules 2013

CMS made simple is a web based Content Management System (CMS) that enables anyone even the non-technical minded people to manage the tasks required for updating a website. As CMS made simple has no restrictions on the design, functionality or underlying programming anyone on earth can alter the features and enhance the website performance by implementing CMS made simple modules – during any stage of the website life cycle.

Developing a website using CMS made simple is the initial set up and configuration.

As out of the box CMS made simple is not exactly end-user friendly, there requires a lot of face lifting to be done before your CMS made simple website gets live online

CMS made simple framework is only the start to promote your products/services through a framework, there are numerous CMS made simple modules that embeds your website to get that right look and feel.

Every business online endeavors to display or market its products/services as best as it can, thus, whether to sell more, enhance website’s navigation, gather valuable marketing information or just make your site look better, the CMS made simple modules have something for everyone.

Improve look and feel!!!!


The CMS made simple Gallery Module allows you to add pictures into your website in a structured way, helps you create various folders with number of photos in each folder, organize your web photos, and display photos in a different yet attractive way.

This gallery module is thus a fully functional CMS made simple module with amazing features including multiple image upload, automatic thumbnailing, sorting, drag & drop, the use of multiple Lightbox-like templates or any css/javascript template you like, give titles and descriptions to your galleries as well as your photos, define custom fields, pagination, pretty-urls etc.

A must have CMS made simple module!!!

News letter made simple

Having a newsletter is a must in every and any CMS made simple websites to publish whatever you want, maintain contact with customers, disseminate information to readers, make product announcements or updates.

Thus, Newsletter made simple module is one of the best CMS made simple module useful both to website owner and readers that facilitates an easy to use, administer, and support newsletter system for CMS Made Simple.

Ajax Star Rating

Here we present you one of the perfect CMS made simple module the Ajax Star Rating that would be great on any site needing a ratings method.

Create your own custom starts in the shape you want or one that blends perfectly with the website or can even customize the star rating bar.

The purpose of this CMS made simple module is it allows users to vote their favorite products/services using the stars.


Bookmarks help users or website visitors to keep going back to the site whenever they like using the Bookmark option that saves time and effort to get back to their well admired sites on a go.

It is a practice of saving the address of a website you wish to visit in the future on your computer.

Thus, Bookmarks is one of the best CMS made simple modules for displaying bookmarks on your web page.

Social Bookmarking

With Social media integration getting popular and popular day by day the Social bookmarking technique is one of the significant yet powerful CMS made simple modules to attract immense visitors to your website through marketing your website in popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, YouTube and more.

To be more precise, it is a practice of saving bookmarks to a public website and tagging them with the keywords.


Statistics is one of the best of best CMS made simple modules that provides a few advanced options to the core Statistics module to track ‘unique’ views of content, by gathering and presenting visitor-statistics of a website.

Form builder

Formbuilder is the next generation of Feedback Forms, which includes an API for modules to use and a general structured data system that allows you to create feedback forms with the added power of database storage.

The forms thus created using this simple CMS made simple module may be inserted into templates and/or content pages.

Frontend users

Frontend users is another fantastic module for CMS made simple that allows creation and management of front end users where users accessing your site, may need to log in for some reason or another, but have no access to administer the site.


Here is one the most ultimate CMS made simple modules the Flickr module a very flexible module that allow you to integrate your photo albums at into you CMS Made Simple based website.  As the output of this module is templates based one can easily modify the features to suit needs.


Cataloger is another best CMS made simple modules that helps you create online catalogs or portfolios consisting of “Catalog Items” which could be products, works of art, or the like, and “Catalog Categories” which could be item categories or other natural divisions of the catalog.

To add with, this catalogue module has built-in support for “Content Aliases” which allows you to place any Catalog Item into multiple Catalog Categories.


iCalendar is another great CMS made simple module, that helps to display important or general events on your page. Once downloaded and installed this module allow you to manage your events. This module handles recurring events in a different way has better template control, is more stable, and is easier to work with. This Tag can be handy for example in combination with CGCalendar module.

Owners Manual

Owners Manual is a very simple yet informative CMS made simple module that allows the site developer to leave instructions for the webmaster and other contributors on how to run the site, ranging from editing pages, updating news articles, calendar, instructions on how to use any custom features installed, UDTs, GCBs are placed in the Owners module for reference.

To be precise it is an owner friendly module!!

Guest book

Happy to present you the Guestbook CMS made simple module that allows tour website visitors or audiences to leave a message to your pertaining to his /her own experiences touring the website or so. Download Guestbook on to your CMS based website and learn what your visitors feel about your website products/services/design and more.

Download manager

Download manager is yet another top best favorite CMS made simple module that helps you to manage all your website downloads from admin panel.

The download manger module is loaded with a category tree, possible do add one download to many categories, own templates, possible to take sums and intersections of category tries, easy to add to Google analytics, automatic thumbnail generation, also possible to restrict access for FEU or after mail.

Themes made simple

Themes made simple as the name hints is a CMS made simple module that eases themes. To add with this themes made simple is an improved version of the Theme Manager that allows you to export and import theme packages consisting of templates, stylesheets, content pages, module templates, global content blocks, user defined tags, module settings and any files.


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