Top 15 Best Plone CMS Powered Websites/Blogs 2013

Top 15 Best Plone CMS Powered Websites/Blogs 2013

A powerful, flexible Content Management solution that is easy to install, use and extend.  Plone lets non-technical people create and maintain information using only a web browser. Here we present you some of the best top 10 Plone-based websites around the world that highlight an interesting use of the Plone CMS.

The Plone CMS has been and still resourceful and helpful  large enterprises, small businesses, non-profits, universities and governments to build websites, intranets, extranets making their presence online with security, scalability, accessibility and approachability count that Plone delivers.

Weymouth Angling Centre

Weymouth Angling Centre is one of the most amazing and best of Plone CMS based websites that promotes itself as the South Coast’s premier fishing tackle supplier.

This amazing ecommerce website system features a clean and perfect layout including a mini shopping basket on each page, widgets/modules, easy to order facility, making it easier for existing customers to shop again as well as finding more customers from further afield.

A well thought out and bespoke web design facilitating a easy to found and purchase!!!

Amnesty International Switzerland

Amnesty international Switzerland website is a prestigious activist non-profit organization built on the Plone CMS framework which undertakes research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of human rights across the world.

A super awesome Plone website integrated greatly with all the essential modules of social media buttons, search filter, language selection option, user friendly clear cut layout.

Have a glance!!! Get inspired from Plone CMS!!!

 Brazilian Government

Brazilian Government website an international leader in open source government site dedicated to Brazilian government, Brazilian president and Brazilian parliament powered by the Plone CMS.

As you can see this government website has been professionally designed in a well proficient and elegant way across a dark background.

Featuring integrated search option, sober menu tabs, language options, and white bright home page makes the entire website very intuitive and interacting.

Truly sensible Plone CMS website!!

Chicago History Museum

Chicago history museum is a non-profit website completely devoted to showcase America’s arts, past and its future in a more entertaining and interactive way.

As you can see, the layout of this website is simply exhilarating with wide array of menu tabs, widgets/modules, slideshow accompanied with navigational arrows, social media integration to help visitors tour the website in an enhanced and easy-to-go way.

Super isn’t????  It’s all done on Plone CMS a flexible yet powerful way to create wonders in minutes. Give a try!!

Discover Magazine

DISCOVER magazine is a leading popular science magazine website built on Plone CMS framework.

This is a perfect example to show Plone can be used in wide variety of domains for the website to be more compelling to its community and subscribers.

To add with, this website is one of the high-traffic site developed on the open source Plone content management system and contains every article of every issue since 1992.

Can imagine how many articles the site loaded with, but still its responsive and functional as before??? Truly Plone CMS is just awe-inspiring!!!!


KCRW is a website powered on Plone CMS, a community service of Santa Monica College.

This website is one of the perfect examples of Plone website showing how powerful and efficient Plone CMS is in designing varied websites outstandingly without losing a hook on modern look and feel.

Moreover, this website is Southern California’s largest National Public Radio affiliate, featuring an eclectic mix of music, news, blogs, talks, schedules, archives, events, cultural programming and information pertaining to KCRW.

Happy browsing!!!

NASA Science

NASA Science is a public website devoted to NASA’s science mission directorate, built on Plone CMS in a super simple, awesome, gorgeous, splendid, elegant, contemporary, interactive, superb and what not.

I personally recommend you to tour this Plone based website and learn a few things from the website and layout altogether.

All the modules/widgets, content, images, articles are in place, with Image of the day, spotlight mission, latest science cast being the highlights of the website.

Truly informative site for all the ages!!!! Simple, simpler, simplest Plone website ever!!! is a website that is constitutionally established Independent Authority for the ”Department of Children’s Rights” of the Greek Ombudsman, where you get to find information about laws on child rights, news from activists, brochures, content, photos, videos, and other options and suggestions for children.

This is again another best Plone CMS powered website designed in a beautiful layout.

It’s simple but powerful, effective and responsive altogether!! Sketch out something similar and get your website live in minutes with Plone.

My Action  Aid

My ActionAid is a charity website designed on Plone CMS.

An interactive site for the charity’s fundraisers and where donations can be made; more than that it is a social community for those involved featuring  people’s donations in real time, announcements, also a personal messaging function, and facilities to show blogs, photos and so on, making the site user friendly, participant-driven and above all, effective.

Tweak in the website, get inspired, make miracles!!!!

Agenture Lux

Agneture Lux is a casting Agency featuring actors, actress, directors,  database including show reel videos in a simple yet effective way.

This website has been designed using the Plone CMS framework in a super awesome and gorgeous way. The best of best pictures of the actors or directors are showcased all in a real good way. One click takes you to the actor’s page where you get to find more and more information.

This is one of the best of best Plone CMS website that can be used to stock ecommerce products, or can even go with sports, entertainment and other domains where details of products/services can be illustrated in a rich way.

Agro Team Consulting Community

Agro team consulting is an agriculture website formed by a group of professional agricultural experts for easy creation of a community to provide the industry of hazel value added services and access to white papers and publications, automatic notifications, advertise products or skills online.


Aini is a site dedicated to one of the reputed Arabic dance form the belly dance.

The whole website is designed using the Plone CMS framework where articles, guides, interesting facts photo albums, of well known Arabic dancers are portrayed in a fabulous way.

Have a look into the Plone website, as you can see, a lot of stuff has been included in the site within the limited webpage space limitations but in an effective and productive way.

Love the Plone CMS??? It’s time to get inspired and experience the best out of this open source!!!!

Alfie’s Mooo Char & Bar

Alfie’s Mooo Char & Bar is a Queensland, Australia based restaurant owned by former Rugby League footballer Allan Langer, specialized in Steaks and Seafood.

A yummy and delicious website made using the Plone with crystal clear navigational aid and attractive clean interface.

Be sure to visit!! Get Plone for your platform!!

Best Western Sites

Best Western sites are an amazing website developed on Plone CMS with simplified navigation and usability.

As you can see, it has a breezy free space loaded with catchy attention grabbing header image pertaining to the site while the features modules being another attraction.

Great site to get inspired!!!

Paradise Spa

The Paradise Spa one of the popular website in the Timesharing market in Italy offering a very high level travel service for all their members with particular attention for the Customer Care/Satisfaction.

The impression the site leaves to its visitors is vivid that is highly professional in both the content of the proposals that the approach to the potential customer with strong demonstration.

It’s simple but powerful, effective and responsive altogether!! Sketch out something similar and get your website live in minutes with Plone.

Take advantage using this Plone Websites as blue prints to build and design exceptionally well organized websites/blogs.

Happy browsing to all!!!

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