Top 20 Best Free & Premium Joomla Templates 2013

Joomla! Content management system (CMS) – an open source solution that is freely available to everyone is getting popular day by day tremendously. Best of all being the free joomla templates thus, we are here to provide you with some possible information on 10 best, brand new and latest free Joomla 2.5 templates.

This 10 best roundup of free 2.5 joomla templates definitely saves your valuable time to hunt for some exceptional and superb templates. Let’s review them all one by one:



Phinolex is a beautiful, clean and earthy free joomla 2.5 template that comes with usual flexible functions perfect to go with any commercial sites, forums, personal websites, company websites, websites in the industry and most lovable of the target Web site.

The template is integrated with a flawless header to index logo/custom text, drop down main and sub menus, space dedicated for slideshows/galleries, modules and more.



Bayolax is a clean, stylish yet free template that is fast – easy – free template designed for all the joomla compatible websites out there like product websites, creative or blogs. The search engine optimized layout, multiple collapsible module positions in 3 columns, slideshow module of this free 2.5 joomla template helps you turn the overall layout of the template design into any type of stunning design.

Eternal – free joomla template

Eternal free joomla template as the name hints is a modern, extremely flexible template that blends in perfectly with any sort of website offering lot many customizable options, room for slideshow/gallery, and module positions to organize your content effectively. Don’t touch the code and set up the entire layout as you like with simple mouse clicks.

This free 2.5 joomla template is absolutely one of the coolest and ideal accompaniments for your Joomla news portal or magazine site!!!

Infinity – free joomla template

Infinity is a colorful, elegance and impressive readymade free 2.5 joomla template designed specifically to meet any and every variety of business projects and stand-out from all your competitors. This free 2.5 joomla template comes with a 3 sliced module columns (left, right, and centre), room for slideshow/gallery, social media icons, main menu and sub menu drop downs and much more.

As it is crucial for every website or company to have an engaging and organized website layout, this free joomla template may really create a sensation online.

Premium Joomla Template

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Building websites or templates manually are far gone with readymade Joomla CMS and Joomla templates ruling the internet world to operate all kinds of personal pages, portfolios, blogs, business websites, online stores and magazines.

Premium Joomla Template is a well built Joomla template designed to go with any domain of websites built on Joomla cms especially great for a business or a blog.

This creative yet premium quality template has a custom design layout with Powerful Gantry Framework across a beautiful bluish color background, simple menu tabs, room for slideshow and multiple other modules/widgets arrangement. Besides, you have lots of admin customization features to make your website or blog look unique all the way.

Premium Joomla Template

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Premium Joomla Template is an easy-to-use, high quality, cool responsive Joomla Template with a clean layout and elegant look.

This Joomla template’s look and feel makes it best suited for a community, social site, or any other site, packed with dozens of niceties and an intuitive admin option panel which allows building and managing powerful online websites and apps.

To add with, this Joomla template works wonders on desktops, tablets, Smartphone’s and other mobile devices.

Premium Joomla Template

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Here we present you one of the best of top best premium Joomla templates feature the capabilities of the system and the options of the most stunning and amazing website templates all in a utterly simple and clean responsive Joomla Template.

This gorgeous Joomla template carries a lot of space for slider, modules/widgets/, menu tabs, company logo, and what not, a very simple Joomla template to go.

You can use this best joomla template on different website, use this template for any kind of beauty, business, entertainment, travel, food and drink related website, and more as you like.

We hope you’ve found something really special in this Joomla template, enjoy!!!!

Premium Joomla Template

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Here is another great Premium Joomla template# 39390, the Joomla template design that you’ve been seeking for a long time. Check out this creative and catchy Joomla Template that comes with pre-made style menu tabs combines a spectacular background slideshow with intelligent responsive layouts that scale to suit your browser width, in what could be the perfect Joomla template for photographers, NGO’s and artists.

To be more precise, a neutral breathable template great for any Joomla based website loaded with lot of build-in-extensions to give you a new experience in Content Styling. Enjoy!!!!

Shaper Zaara – Free Joomla 2.5 Template

Shaper Zaara is the perfect free joomla 2.5 templates that is all set to spice up your website changing its entire look and feel. This free 2.5 joomla template clocks in loads of flexible features including 68+ collapsible module positions, RTL & LTR language supported, Google analytics supported, module positions, built-in Google fonts, mega drop down or drop line menu and many more.

Use it as a portfolio, showcase, blog, business, and many other Joomla powered websites.

Premium JoomlaTemplate

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A very unique presented high quality Joomla template #39773 apt for any business, events, that comes loaded with a lot of cool features to get the maximum out of each feature.

A professional Joomla 2 template with a stylish look & clean layout gives the theme an immeasurable weight of flexibility and agility, fast loading that assures your web site will look perfect on all modern Internet browsers.

Great Joomla template to go!!!!

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Premium JoomlaTemplate is a professional Joomla Template with a clean layout and elegant look, making the template best suited for any and every corporate or business website/blog.

This amazing Joomla template comes packed with dozens of widgets and intuitive admin option panel, enabling you to manage or control your website as you like.

No second thoughts!!!! Be selective.

Eco-joomla template

Eco Joomla template is a gorgeous new joomla 2.5 template inspired from the go green, nature and environment concept. It’s eye-catching, green, fresh and really refreshing template layout you will definitely love. A perfectly free joomla 2.5 template for designers or bloggers to showcase/highlight the main theme or subject of the site/blog in a more visual and interacting way.

Premium JoomlaTemplate

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Premium Joomla Template is another high quality Joomla template built keeping modern websites in mind.

This quality Joomla template carries a very easy to setup and customize features that you will ever need, where the template will automatically adapt itself to your website design and layout in seconds.

A perfect yet permanent Joomla template to shape up any and every website on the go. Check out the demo and download!!!!

Optimus Joomla template

Optimus is one of the most powerful, robust and feature-rich free joomla 2.5 template out there capable of some really stunning designs through the use of modules and built-in display customizations. This highly flexible and intuitive Joomla 2.5 template has been designed to accommodate various types of content and customizable features allowing you to have complete control over the layout and design of your website. Your site will stand out from the rest and be remembered with the Optimus free 2.5 joomla template.

Premium Joomla Template

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Here we present you, Premium Joomla Template #39500 truly a gorgeous yet beautiful Joomla template you will fall for and make your visitors fall for.

Premium Joomla Template is a versatile responsive Joomla template with a unique simple, smooth yet light design! This Joomla template design can be used on any website that wants and seeks for a modern metro style feel and look to it.

Check out the demo and see its full fledge features. This high quality Joomla template works great!!! Give a try!!!

Jubilee joomla template

Jubilee Joomla template is coolest, slickest, most eye-catching free 2.5 Joomla template designs that comes with 14 module positions, 3 flavors to choose (strawberry, chocolate and mint), 960 grid support, built in slideshow and much more. No more messy modules or overflow of content, all the content can be dispersed well into respective modules and position modules all well, images into sliders and you are done. Create delicious and yummy website for your website all for free with this Jubilee joomla template and start getting more traffic to your website.

Get live your website or blog in minutes!!!!

Premium JoomlaTemplate

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Premium JoomlaTemplate a futuristic template for Joomla loaded with the best full width slider, beautiful template overrides and unique customizations, sticky Search Module with a unique look and feel, and multiple other modules to make your work easier than ever before.

This high quality, best of best Joomla template is appropriate for building fashion shop, ecommerce stores, and many other websites and blogs in an exceptionally beautiful fashion.

Don’t waste your time; use this elegant and neat Joomla template to create an amazing website!

Fresh joomla template

Fresh joomla template as the title hints is a clean, simple and elegant layout that helps visitors understand and easily refer to things they want quickly and swiftly.

This free 2.5 joomla template is loaded with 6 light colors, 30 module positions, multiple layouts, 960 grid powered, SEO-ready template, multi-browser ready template with customizable functions to dress up the template layout all in the way you want your project or your client requires it. At the end, your website will definitely stand-out from the crowd with its unique look and its elegance.

Simplify your work. Save time. Download this free 2.5 joomla template now.

Premium JoomlaTemplate

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Premium Joomla Template #39503 is a simple, modern and impressive joomla template loaded with best and selected extensions to give you a great experience on styling content/information/stuff to work with and it’s very powerful for businesses, artists, website designers, books and more.

This Joomla template is really a unique theme that allows the creation of an online website or blog more interesting and intuitive all within its simple and elegant design boasting some impressive features that make Premium Joomla Template #39503 both easy to customize and manage.

Highly recommended Joomla template!!!!