Top 20 best prestashop modules, prestashop add-ons, prestashop extensions, prestashop plugins of 2013

Top 20 best prestashop modules, prestashop add-ons, prestashop extensions, prestashop plugins of 2013

Having a trendy looking functional Prestashop template is not just enough to get popular. You definitely need additional Prestashop modules, plugins and extensions to advertise, market, promote and sell your products/services/interests to the targeted audiences in a much easier, effective and efficient way.

Thus, we are happy to present you Top 20 best Prestashop modules, prestashop add-ons, prestashop extensions, prestashop plugins of 2013 to download and enrich your websites.

Social count share – Prestashop plugin

social count

Social Count Share –Prestashop Plugin is the thing that shares, markets and promotes your website information and content to people and fetch you great deal of traffic, followers, likes, comments and conversation with people together on one platform.

The main advantage of using Social Cont Share Prestashop plugin is to encourage website visitors to follow your social profile and share a word about your website to his/her friends via social networks such as Facebooks, Linkedin, Twitter, Google +1 and others there are as a whole 20 popular social networks to follow. You can even on/off the social button configuration, Share latest updates and posts and increase your visibility and web traffic rates as a whole.

Choose and place the Social Count Share buttons anywhere on your web be it to the rightColumn, leftColumn, home, top, extra- right, footer or other of your choice.

Legal Warning – Prestashop Module

leagal warning

Legal Warning – Prestashop Module is one of the popular Prestashop modules downloaded that limits or restricts users from accessing your website by redirecting the users to a warning page wherein you can include image, videos or any informative texts of warning.

Thus, this Legal Warning Prestshop module is a perfect choice for adult websites, and others concerned with erotic, alcohol, weapons, pornographic contents to redirect the page in case visitors do not agree with the terms and conditions before accessing the website.

Legal Warning – Prestashop Module gives myriad options to design the page as per your preferences and can even configure the windows size, the title and content, the cookie expiration time, and more.

Facebook Like Box – Prestashop Plugin

facebook like box

With millions of users using Facebook each day, having a plugin like Facebook Like Box – Prestashop Plugin is very essential and one of the most downloaded Prestashop Plugin that enables Facebook users to like and recommend suggestions to your website. This plugin acts as a free advertisement like functionality to enhance your website popularity and followers. Alter the dimensions of the plugin in pixels, or even on/off profile stream for public, on/off “Find us on Facebook” bar at the top, on/off the border around the plugin and much more with Facebook Like Box – Prestashop Plugin

Extra watch Pro live stats and Visitors counter – Prestashop Plugin

extra watch pro

Extra watch Pro live stats and Visitors counter – Prestashop Plugin is a tool that helps you track visitors count i.e. number of people visiting your website everyday in real time all from the admin back-end.

Not just that, Extra watch Pro live stats and Visitors counter – Prestashop Plugin also enables you to view the complete profile of the users visiting your website where you get to determine user’s IP addresses, countries, geographical location on a map, viewed pages, browser and operating system of the user to keep an eye on the visitors profile and hits statistics for future reference.

The other advantage of using Extra watch Pro live stats and Visitors counter – Prestashop Plugin is it helps block harmful IP addresses by evaluating the recorded parameters.

Extra watch Pro live stats and Visitors counter – Prestashop Plugin is translation ready and translates languages between Brazilian, portuguese, dutch, french, german, greek, russian, slovak, slovenian, spanish, swedish, czech, danish, lithuanian, polish italian, turkish, latvian, ukrainian, Bulgarian.

Brief advantages:

  •  Interactive HTML5 Traffic Flow
  • Enables to view the most common visitor paths
  • Get report of keywords which users used to find your website
  • User’s statistics
  • Database Status and more….

Extra Social Links – Prestashop Plugin

extra social links

Extra Social Links – Prestashop Plugin is a simplest and quickest way to add 16 most popular social links to your website including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Delicious, YouTube, Vimeo, Digg, Tuts+,, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Flickr, Bebo, & Tmz to share, promote and market your products/services in a more obvious manner. Extra Social Links – Prestashop Plugin comes loaded with nice css3 effects and 4 different hooks and is tested to work on IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome browsers. Extra Social Links – Prestashop Plugin can be configured accordingly and placed anywhere on the website, exactly as you want to advertise your products using the social platform.

PrestaShop Request Info – Prestashop Plugin

prestashop request pro info

Prestashop Request product Plugin info allows you to add a contact button on the product page that enables users or customers to request more information on the product features, availability, rebate and more which consequently establishes a trusted connection between the user and the owner and increase the website’s repute.

Prestashop Request product Plugin is compatible with any Prestashop template and is tested to work on any cross browser with multi-lingual support.

Feel free to download!!!

PrestaShop Ajax Manager – Prestashop Plugin

ajax manager

PrestaShop Ajax Manager – Prestashop Plugin is a “click-and-go” plugin that enables you to edit/manage/delete files with a security system protected by username and password to access and make alterations.

Main features:

  •  Edit the css files, html, php, tpl, email templates, images (Image Editor) and others
  • Create directories
  • Rename, delete or move files
  • Upload files
  • Download files
  • Search files

PrestaShop Ajax Manager – Prestashop Plugin has cross browser compatibility and is boasted with multilingual support.

SEO Manager – Prestashop Plugin


Here is SEO Manager for all the Prestashop templates, as the name implies the plugin enable you to automate the configuration of all the SEO data at one place wherein the built in shortcodes and powerful meta data generator controls product pages, category, CMS, manufacturers, suppliers, search pages, and contact form across an user-friendly interface. The content in your website is made search engine friendly using the SEO Manager – Prestashop Plugin which in reciprocal drives traffic to your websites and increases productivity.

Show WordPress post on Prestashop – Prestashop Plugin

show wordpress post

Show WordPress post on Prestashop – Prestashop Plugin is the power of both WordPress and Prestashop wherein the Prestashop integrates the WordPress into your store to help feature WordPress blog posts.

This Show WordPress post on Prestashop – Prestashop Plugin can be shown right in your site home page or in the columns and even configure the number of post to show, order of the post, colors, dimensions of the posts, show full content or partial content and much more!!!

This Show WordPress post on Prestashop – Prestashop Plugin supports multilingual and is cross browser compatible.

Swiss Mscis payment gateway – Prestashop Plugin

swiss micss payment gateway

SwissMicsi Payment is one of the most pouplar Prestashop payment gateway module that is integrated with different payment technologies and services offered by diverse banks and financial institutions to offer different types of payment methods to your customers be it credit cards, Bank Transfers, Direct Debit, E-Money, Postfinance, cheques and other local methods in order to increase your payment transformation rate and consequently enhance your business productivity.

Besides, SwissMicsi Payment gateway – Prestashop plugin is highly reliable, secure, easy to use and requires no transaction fees to use the services.

SwissMicsi Payment gateway – Prestashop plugin once installed automatically opens up on your e-commerce website working live in action.

CSS3 Slider – Prestashop Plugin

css3 slider

CSS3 Slider – Prestashop Plugin is a eye-catching, dynamic yet highly super responsive slider to show off/display/sell/market/promote your products and services, no matter what you are selling in an amazing fashion.

The CSS3 Slider – Prestashop Plugin is integrated with an extensive administration panel that enables you to add unlimited number of slides to your slider and helps you alter the slider dimensions, position, enable/disable slider options, appearances, color backgrounds, fonts, navigation arrows, thumbnails, manage several languages for titles, sub-titles or links and almost every elements of the slider.

Besides all this, CSS3 Slider – Prestashop Plugin is extremely user friendly i.e. it is very easy to use.

Presta Social module – Prestashop Plugin


Presta Social module – Prestashop Plugin manages a social networking tab that enables visitors to log into web stores using their social accounts by avoiding the annoying standard registration procedures.

Many a times, you could have noticed a website asking you to fill your personal details wherein the website asks for first name, second name, date of birth, mail address and other frustration personal details to access the website which is quiet irritating at times and so people often ignore to visit the site by crossing the windows tab.

But, Presta Social module – Prestashop Plugin helps website owners to keep their visitors connected by allowing them to login or access the site using social accounts of Google ID, Facebook ID, Twitter ID, AOL ID, Clavid ID, Flickr ID, MySpace ID, Yahoo ID, WordPress ID, LiveJournal ID, & Open ID networks.

These 11 popular social network icons are styled to be minimalistic and elegant to be easily placed on the “Log in” page (choose between 10 positions) and is integrated with CSS effects.

Prestashop elastic slideshow – Prestashop Plugin

elastic slideshow

Prestashop elastic slideshow – Prestashop Plugin as the name implies is another slider add-on for Prestashop websites that is highly flexible and versatile to add unlimited number of slides to the slideshow

This Prestashop elastic slideshow can be positioned anywhere on your homepage any number of times. Yes, place the slier in multiple locations to highlight your essentials to the targeted customers in a single shot.

Why download Prestashop elastic slideshow?

  • A responsive, Mobile-ready and adaptive theme
  • 5 carousels at the same time
  • Hook at same time in top, footer, left column, right column, home
  • Support for multi-store feature
  • Highly configurable to alter colors, font, size, duration of the animations, dimensions of the slider, background images, and loads more
  • Cross browser
  • Multilingual

Prestashop minic slider pro – Prestashop Plugin

minic slider pro

What makes the Prestashop minic slider pro – Prestashop Plugin so special?? Prestashop minic slider pro – Prestashop Plugin has more than one option to choose from to present your web products in a fresh, eye-catching and modest fashion to impress the targeted audiences to buy the product.

Key Features:

  • Fully compatible with multilingual sites
  • Easy to manage on multi-stores
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • Easy linking (featured live search)
  • Full html and CSS accessibility
  • Easy installation
  • Campaign featured slide scheduling
  • Options to schedule the slides so they appear/disappear when you want.

Social Tech – Prestashop Plugin


SocialTech is a another popular social networking module for Prestashop, that allows visitors to access your site from their social network accounts like (facebook, twitter, linkedin, google +1 and Pinterest) and share or freely advertise or suggest your web products to friends, relatives and others connected to the social networks.

Social Tech – Prestashop Plugin is thus a resourceful tool that helps people share a word about your website using the popular social networks as platforms.

Social Tech – Prestashop Plugin enables 100% configuration all from the back end to position the social buttons module in a float position (top, bottom and left, right), alter the background social button color, animation speed, and the links to your social sites.

Coolshare Plus – Prestashop Plugin

coolshare plus

Coolshare Plus – Prestashop Plugin is a module that freely advertises or shares a word about your web products using the social networks as a platform where the module enables you to or link your site to your social pages.

Coolshare Plus – Prestashop Plugin is associated with Facebook, Twiter, Google +1, Pinterest, Technorati, Delicious, Reddit,Stumbleupon, Yahoo,Digg, Linked in and email to share your web products and content to targeted audiences.

Besides, Coolshare Plus – Prestashop Plugin has several configuration options to position the module (header, footer, columns), to select from various types of images for social network icons, alter the size of the images and the width / height, Colorize option, enable/’disable social network icons and loads more.


NivoShop – Prestashop Plugin

nivo shop

NivoShop is a powerful slider module for Prestashop that enables you to construct dynamic looking slides to present any media be it images, videos or banners in an awe-inspiring and striking manner.

The highly customizable admin panel at the back end has an extensive number of configurable options to alter slider dimensions, slider auto-play, slider image resize to fit the slider and much more options for modifying the slider display as per your web page space and requirements.

Key features:

  •  Completely configurable
  • Compatible with all major browsers including ie7 to ie9, Firefox Chrome, Opera, Safari

Create your own unique elegant slider and place the NivoShop – Prestashop Plugin at the most noticeable position on your site and impress your visitors.

AquaSlider – Prestashop Plugin

aqua slider

We all know and have experienced that an amazing looking website definitely has an adorable slider with moving product images to call for attention.

AquaSlider – Prestashop Plugin is one of the popular Prestashop slider that you should download and use as it attracts your customers eyes with many cool transition effects.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited images
  • Multilingual images
  • Set the text color, size, description, duration, type of effects, and more!
  • Add products to each slide
  • Enable or disable slides and buttons, and hook into left, right, top, footer or home
  • You can have multiple slider: On top, home, left/right column and footer.
  • Direct link to images
  • Multilingual support for URL links
  • Multi-store
  • Compatible with all browsers

Last orders – Prestashop Plugin

latest orders

Last orders – Prestashop Plugin justifies its title, as the module enables you to display the last orders placed by the customers in the columns, in the upper section (as a scroll) or anywhere in  the page where you feel is apt to let people make out the best sellers and encourage people to buy the most popular products.

You can even add items to the cart from the PrestaShop Back Office and let people understand the importance of such highlighted products.

The highly customizable features of Last orders – Prestashop Plugin enables you to customize the dimensions of the “Last Order” column as per your requirements and page space   and even alter the speed of rotation, the number of orders to display, and the minimum value of an order to be shown, among other options.

TinyMCE plus – Prestashop Plugin

tinyMCE plus

TinyMCE is the text editor used by Prestashop. TinyMCE plus is a Prestashop Plugin that enables you to customize TinyMCE wherein you can alter, add or remove all the buttons from the TinyCE toolbar.

TinyMCE plus Prestashop Plugin Features:

  • Enable or disable hidden options
  • choose the skin of the editor
  • Add or edit text templates
  • Easily create links to products, categories or CMS pages
  • Easily insert products and categories images
  • Free and automatic updates of the module
  • Access personalized support directly from the module page

Happy browsing!!!!

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