Top 5 best image/file selling extensions for joomla

Top 5 best image/file selling extensions for joomla

picsellNo more boring lengthy descriptions and information is now required to present your products/services. With the Top 5 best image/file selling extensions for joomla 2013 you can now sell almost any type of products or stuff to download in simple clicks.

These Top 5 best image/file selling extensions for joomla 2013 enables users or website followers with great looking images of the products to sell accompanied with short descriptions, payment icons, and download options all right in position for easy downloading.

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PicSell is one of the top best of the image/file selling extensions for joomla that lets you sell any media including images, files, videos, music, and stuff that interests you to help targeted audiences download their favorites in simple clicks.


According to updating technologies PicSell is also modified with some latest features and functionalities. PicSell is the perfect component to sell stock images, fiv, swf files, zip files and videos online with joomla. Now PicSell is fully responsive so that it is compatible with all device platforms like tablets, laptops, desktops and mobiles.

PicSell app


Are you using android device? Then here is the PicSell app for you. Manage the PicSell store on android device by installing it from Google play store. Modifications like update, edit, upload and delete are easily done from your mobile.

Payment gateways and currencies supported by PicSell

PicSell file/image selling joomla extension is integrated with the advancements of latest technology including  PicSell supports payment gateways like PayPal, MoneyBookers, Google CheckOut and 2CheckOut and supports USD, AUD, GBP, EURO, CAD, CHF, SEK, DKK, NOK, NZD, ZAR currencies.

file/image selling joomla extension collects shipping address before payment all automatically

PicSell customization

PicSell file/image selling joomla extension comes with a user friendly interface to help you upload bulk media, sell images/videos/downloads/ flv and swf files/ CSV export and import.

Customize rows and column numbers, customize for your own language with the help of language file, VAT tax option added in PicSell file/image selling joomla extension.

What’s the best that PicSell offers?

PicSells file/image selling joomla extension enables you to create Watermark on your selling products and is integrated with Order Management, Links Management, Click limit downloads, Time limit downloads, Renew expired links, Send free downloads, and Enable free downloads.

Turn PicSell file/image selling joomla extension into showcase hiding prices and cart. Isn’t it amazing??? Why late?? Downlaod PicSell and enjoy!!!

ZJ FileSeller

ZJ FileSeller is a brand-new file/image selling extension in Joomla shopping cart system that is light in weight, easily portable, simple and a very powerful media selling system complimented with responsive design.

You do not need other third party extensions or components. All you need is to download, install and configure ZJ FileSeller – you will have your store selling MP3, softwares, eBooks or images, etc in minutes.

The best aspect of ZJ FileSeller – the responsive design that displays your selling’s on mobile devices too. The multiple categories system to create multi-level categories of your products, coupon code system to provide discount codes in percentage or amount to your customers, the Multiple Templates system helps create abundant product selling interface which is totally different in comparison with other websites – are added advantage downlaoding ZJ FileSeller.


MediaShop is another great working joomla extension to sell software, documents, or any other type of file to your targeted audience’s right from your website.

MediaShop file/image selling joomla extension is robust file sales solution to sell almost any kind of files using PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers) and four other payment options per product and grow your business.

MediaShop also helps redirect the download page after payment and emails the download link to the customer all automatically.

What makes MediaShop file/image selling joomla extension so special??

The advanced features include:

·        Product descriptions on any content plugins of photo galleries, media players and other downloads

·        Advanced product grouping options

·        Statistics, charts, reports

·        Detailed logging of activities

·        Handling pending PayPal payments

·         Controls link validity time and number of downloads

·        Help create download links in the back end

Media Mall Factory

MediaMall Factory as the name dictates everything – sell or distribute almost any kind of media stuff online ranging from music, images, downloads, video files –  flw, swf, mov and wmf; avi files and archives include zip, rar, gz, bz2, arj, arc, ‘7z  others that interest you to showcase on your joomla website.

Why download Media Mall Factory??

Media Mall Factory has a user friendly interface to tweak with the payment options, access to guest/logged users, create and manage categories, user notifications on certain actions and also help your website followers to rate and place comments on the media files for free without any credit purchase.

Downlaod, install, and configure Media Mall and post your media files on your website and the payments made by the visitors are transformed automatically into your credits with a built in Credit System.

JEasy File Sale – PayPal

JEasy File Sale – PayPal is another popular file/image selling extension for Joomla. It is packed with many advanced and latest features to make your media selling’s more effective and popular. It has the Payment gateway system integrated with support for PayPal, Web Mone, and 2checkout.

JEasy File Sale – PayPal is robust, secure and reliable fort both you and your website followers for the following reasons:

·        JEasy File Sale – PayPal requires users to register before they want to download any media files from your site; until then you can restrict users from downloading files or allow download without register and login

·        Once the user has registered/paid/donated they will then have access to the files.

·        Helps create an individual download page

·        Add any other information on files they might require.

·        Displaying your payment buttons anywhere  on your site

·        Records the amount of ‘purchases’ and ‘downloads’ for each file

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