Top 5 Best joomla Twitter Extensions 2013

Top 5 Best joomla Twitter Extensions 2013

Twitter one of the poplar and hot favorite social network and a microblog that allows one to quickly send messages, or tweets, to user page where others can read it, the ability to update from the internet, SMS, smartphones, and third party applications, making it the ultimate in on-the-go networking.

Thus twitter has become a platform to let know people what you’re up to, thus integration of twitter in every website has become a basic norm.

Have a website powered by joomla??

You are incredibly lucky, as there are hundreds and thousands of joomla Twitter extensions out in the market in all styles, features, and levels of complexity – allowing you to match your extension to your site look.

Here we present you 5 top best joomla twitter extensions 2013, a personal collection of those Joomla Twitter Tools, to get familiar with the topic and get inspired to find some exciting joomla twitter modules or extensions to fit into your website.

Find your perfect Twitter extension for Joomla, now 🙂

JT Tweet

Happy to present you the JT Tweet, one of the most popular, fantastic, extremely customizable Twitter extension for Joomla  that offers a beautiful interface for displaying your twitter tweets in your Joomla site in an exceptional and fabulous way.

The features of this Joomla Twitter module includes a drag and drop tweet templating option, pagination and scroller option, new theme options, refresh the tweet stream automatically, display retweet, favorite and reply button and many more.

JF twitter

Here we present you another amazing joomla twitter module the JF Twitter that helps you see the latest messages sent from your Twitter account with options to group them into multiple pages through the control buttons, chose whether to display the avatar and the profile name allowing visitors to directly get into your personal page on

It’s incredibly a great joomla Twitter module option simple and suitable to any and every website, while a gift for those who runs their own blog.

Simply and adorn your websites now, with this adorable Joomla Twitter extension.

Twitter Following Counter Joomla 1.5 module

A Fantastic Joomla Twitter Module that is embedded with a Follow me button besides being loaded with an option to display the amount of Twitter followers you have in the button.  To add with, this Twitter Following Counter Joomla 1.5 module has a PSD graphic file that enables you to play and edit the look & feel of the button.

The configuration is simply simple where a username, password and Twitter RSS feed number is required for counting the followers.

No doubts go for it!!!!


Tweetme is a sleek, stylish Joomla twitter extension which has got a little more oomph than other Twitter Extensions available for Joomla.

With this Tweetme Joomla Twitter extension you can now define your own Twitter Username in the Retweets, no more RT @tweetmeme, choose between the Standard button or a Compact button, can exclude or include the button from specific Section, Categories or Articles, define your own CSS for the button placement or background, what more you have everything to tweak with.

If you’re using a Tweetme Joomla Twitter extension it’ll fit snugly to match your template flawlessly.

Twitter Feed

Twitter feed is an ultimate in simplicity yet powerful Joomla twitter extension that settles in naturally with any site and great for those sexy-sleek sites that aren’t looking for anything fussy hanging around in the sidebars.

Twitter Feed may look extremely basic, but provides you with all the best options, including the ability to display a configurable number of updates (Tweets) based on the Twitter Search API, enables you to have a great deal of control over which updates are posted to your website, filter out certain hashtag, display items with links, apply a custom CSS styling to the rendered links, what else there is a lot more please check out this amazing Joomla twitter extension.

Simple, simpler, simplest Joomla twitter extension!!!!

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