The Top 5 Video Players For Today’s Playback

The Top 5 Video Players For Today’s Playback

The Top 5 Video Players For Today’s Playback

This article is going to explain how to select and use one of the top five video players that work in multiple platforms. This will allow you to see your favorite videos is more than one player and device without the need to transcode the video into another format.

There are two main formats to consider. The first is HTML5, the latest HTML standard whichhas the best performance but less support. The second is flash player that works on everydesktop and laptop computer but fewer devices such as MP4 players which are not firmware upgraded recently. There’s another point you need to consider which is the video and the
audio container. These features are independent and can work without interfering with the other. For the video container you can use WMV, MP4 or Flash. Both have their advantages, quality and size. The best of the moment is MP4 considering encoding and decoding speed along with quality and size. The same is true for audio. Try to use AAC that can be contained
into the MP4 file.

1. Video for Everybody


The fastest and simplest video player. With Video for Everybody you can take advantage of HTML5 and also Flash. One of the greatest advantages of this video player is the lack of use of Javascript, increasing the chances of being supported by more devices and computers. Javascript is presented in almost every device, but not in the simplest video players, so this
is really an advantage when maximum cross platform support is considered. No advantage comes without a disadvantage. In this case the disadvantage is that it won’t work on Android after version 2.3 which is bad for heavy Android users.

2. Video JS

Video JS is the video player of the future. It supports only HTML5 and lack the proper support for older video codecs such as Silver Light or Quick Time. The encoder code is based on Video for Everybody code and it also has the autoplay and preload features. Javascript is needed to make this player work. It seems like a disadvantage but note that the Javascript libraries are
independent so the cross platform support is ensured and forget about the need to use jQuery or MooTools.

The best features of this player is the integration of the API for further development and consistent user interface. The API can be used to edit HTML and CSS and also affect the playback.

3. JW Player

The oldest player from this list but don’t let age impress you negatively. This is the best player considering the massive features it possesses especially when HTML5 is considered and the most powerful when Flash Player support is taken into consideration. Some of those features are progressive download, RTMP streaming, adaptive bitrate and DVR support. Finally it also offers native support for Akamai, Amazon CloudFront and other content delivery network services.

4. MediaElement

This one comes with HTML5 video and audio player along with custom Silverlight and Flash players. These two mimic the HTML5 MediaElement API to be supported by the older browsers which enables this player to be supported by virtually all browsers and devices. With the extensive features you can modify the skin, colors etc.

5. SublimeVideo

This is the last player tested. This is different from the above because you can’t just download a distribution. Instead you will have to register for a subscription on their website and use their hosted player to play the videos. Don’t worry, the basic plan is free and has few limitations including unlimited plays. Most features are just like other players when it comes to HTML5
and Javacript. Since Javascript is independent, you can play it with almost all devices and computers.

These 5 video players tested were built for the present and the future. They can play all modern file types and codecs and with consistent updates, the will continue to rule the digital video world for many years to come. Playing video is getting more and more important as internet and computer speed is increased every day. Companies and individuals are relying
more on video than on text to deliver the message and with these players you can be sure you will always be at the top of the market.

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