Top frameworks for the development of wordpress responsive theme

Top frameworks for the development of wordpress responsive theme

WordPress theme framework is a code library which is used to facilitate development of a theme. This framework acts as a parent theme template where all the functionalities are integrated. It makes the developers works more easy and simple. They need to add custom styling while leaving the functionalities of the framework. It any bug found in the theme framework, it will be easy to push out an update. There is no intention of modifying the child theme. This allows keeping the framework of your site strong and safe without any modifications. Here are some of the popular frameworks for the development of wordpress responsive theme.

Bootstrap framework for the development of wordpress responsive theme



Bootstrap is the most popular front end framework. It is loaded with grid system, navigation elements, unmatched features and many more. Creating a website is very much easy with this bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is compatible with all browsers. There will be a possibility of fixed width and fluid width layout. The main thing is it accepts responsive designs. It provides a set of stylesheets which provides and basic style definition for HTML components. It has a commonly used interface elements like advanced features and buttons. Translations can be done by using the bootstrap. It can be converted into various languages. When you include bootstrap scripts and styles, you can customize its components.

Gumby framework for the development of wordpress responsive theme



Gumby is the responsive CSS framework which is considered as the best for development. Syntactically awesome stylesheet is used to speed up the gumby development. This framework is developed by following latest standards and technology. Fancy titles, well defined UI kit, toggles & switches, responsive images and flexible grid are the features of the theme. Customization of the Gumby framework is simple and fit to the needs of your project which makes easier. Design changing of UI kit is simple. Check out the customizer and create your own gumby with your choice of color, grid, font and many more.

Genesis framework for the development of wordpress responsive theme



Genesis is fast, flexible and advanced secure framewok theme for wordpress. Mobile responsive design, seo options and convenient inbuilt layout are the features. Genesis themes are used for clean minimalistic websites. It is easy to manage and customize your site with effective features which are inbuilt in the theme such as custom widgets, comprehensive theme panel, custom widgets and automatic framework updates. Genesis theme settings are completely portable. You can import or export settings like restore, transfer and backup from one install to other.

Skeleton framework for the development of wordpress responsive theme



Skeleton is the development kit which provides most basic styles for your project. The collection of CSS files boost up your development speed. Using this framework sure your site looks more beautiful. It is the tool for rapid development. Typography is designed to create strong hierarchy with basic styles. Button need and appropriate weight to intended for action. Cross browser compatibility is possible with skeleton. Skeleton supports for buttons, typography, grid and forms which makes a choice to develop a responsive website.

Thesis theme framework for the development of wordpress responsive theme

thesis theme


Are you finding for quality wordpress framework? Then thesis is the suggestible framework which makes easy for anyone to run a professional blog or website. Thesis consists of comprehensive option panels helps in easy customization. One of the stunning feature of thesis 2.0 is it has an ability to create pixel perfect typography, template editor lets you make unique landing pages, create own 404 page in few clicks and many other specific designs without any need to getting into the code.

Pure framework for the development of wordpress responsive theme



A small set of CSS module which is used in a web project called as a Pure. Pure is considered as the wide range of CSS component which is responsive CSS framework choices. Menus, grids and many more make easy to build a responsive layout for all screen sizes. Pure is different when compared with other frameworks. It is design with minimal and flat. Customization of the pure is easy by adding few lines of CSS to your web project.

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