Top most reasons to get my website redesigned & refreshed

Top reasons to get my website redesigned & refreshed

Is your website responsive?

The out-dated look and feel of your website may not fetch you good number of visitors to your website with expanding internet and technology all across the globe. Make sure you have a well designed outlook of the website that reflects today’s technology.

Does your site take time to load?

If yes, then you are no way in the game!!! Long load time irritates visitors and many don’t wait for your website to get load, load and load. Make sure you speed up your site to open up as fastest, faster and fast as possible.

Does your site design look updated??

You may have your website designed years ago that’s when you have started your online business may be – keep your site updated and current – upgrade or redesign your website subject, products, services and essentials with expanding and growing businesses and technologies to benefit from your products and services.

Is your website user-friendly?

In this digital world, people are at very speed pace in every aspect and do not have patience to wait for your website to load or waste their time with poorly structured website design. So, make sure your website can be easy to navigate and browse through in simple clicks.

Web traffic:

This is one of the major issues many business website owners go through besides having a very straight forward, modern, up-to-date website due to constantly changing SEO optimization techniques, outdated links, broken links, and the major problem being the browser compatibility i.e. how your website looks on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

No productivity?

Well, if your website is all set with a good looking layout, mobile friendly, SEO optimized and complimented with almost all the latest features but visitors doesn’t buy your products or services your web products , can be one of the biggest blunders. To saturate the situation, all you can do is come up with basic strategy to get attention from your visitors and then engage them.
The homepage is what that really matters in this case, keep it simple, uncluttered and very clear-cut using amazing sliders, galleries, pop-ups, highlights to grasp attention from visitors and aid them in buying your products/services/interests – to show some excitement about your products.
Make sure the product features are clearly explained and help them buy your products by putting icons, easy navigation or hyperlinks that directly take your customers to place an order – which is a vital step.

Is your website boring??

Take help from friends and people from your circle ask them how your website actually looks. Take the feedback positivity and try to improvise things. Don’t stick to rules – try to connect your target audiences with your website – websites organized in a too formal or too funky way may not work-out – experiment with new looks and latest technologies.

Content Management System:

The Content Management Systems are the one that helps you your website go global with its responsive design, translation-ready, retina-readiness, SEO optimized options unlike the traditional Flash or Dreamweaver tools that takes lots of time to build a website besides are very complex to use.
Here I would like to suggest you with 10 best CMS for your reference:
1. WordPress
2. Joomla
3. Drupal
4. Expression Engine
5. TextPattern
6. Cantao
7. SilverStripe
8. Umbraco
9. Concrete5
10. Cushy CMS