Make money using google adsense – Tips for google adsense

Make money using google adsense – Tips for google adsense

Google Adsense is one of the easy methods to make money online. It is one of the biggest platforms for monitoring blog content and gets paid online. Adsense program is reputed ad network where google pays when advertisers get clicks. The ads that display on your site will turn into revenue. These are very powerful if you implement them correctly. Most of the internet users are aware of google adsense. Though it is simple and easy but getting approved is not an easy task.

Adsense will scour your content and provide you ads which are related to your keywords. This will be great to have ads on site that are constant updated without any maintenance. To gain income using the adsense you need to know the few things.

What do you need?

Require content rich website: Whatever kind the content may be it should not violate the adsense content policies. Adsense is best fit for the websites that publish case studies, articles, how to guides.

High quality website: Presenting high quality content on high quality website is very important. Google pays money to advertisers so they don’t want or agree to list their ads on low quality websites.

Need traffic: Adsense is a good way to make money online and also an easy way to have good amount of quality traffic tuning to your website. You can earn money by PPC and CTR. Depends on target traffic you can earn more money through adsense.

Just have a look on some easy adsense tips which generates high results

Better keywords: Keywords plays a major role in earnings. Use google adwords tool for finding a relevant and high quality keywords for your blogs and articles. Since it is free tool you can access easily.

Keyword density: keyword density will determine the niche and helps in improving the traffic in search engines. Check the density of keyword before posting the article. Moreover the keywords will determine what kind of advertising is going to post on your site. If you use the keyword density tool this will won’t allow your post to mark as spam.

Place a new content: Modifying the website with new content every day may results to generate traffic to your site. Use best keywords to design content. This will increase the chance to click on your ads.

Coordinate the ads: When using google adsense with your website, the ads should look like they are part of the site. A person likes to click on something that is different in look. Use nice color combinations that match your site.

Choose best formats: Choose right formats for your blog because the adsense comes in with lot of different formats.

Post the ads well: Choosing the position for your ads and get clicked by the visitor is very important. Visitor scans the headlines to check whether the information is related to the query or not. We need to place the links as navigational links around the website. Place your links on top and bottom of the page rather than side.

Don’t place too many ads: Placing too many ads on website may confuse the customer what to click. And there is a chance of throwing you into a spam.