Viewer behavior differences on Mobile Devices Vs Desktop computers


Intent access through desktops is going strong but people surfing internet through mobile devices is drastically increasing very minute.

The latest mobile gizmos, smartphones, and gadgets have revolutionized and exploded the markets with amazing flexibilities of using internet, shopping, view videos, images, movies and what not every bit of entertainment is instilled in mobile devices. Today mobile devices account for more that 15% of total internet usage according to the recent report published by KPCB (investment firm).

Here are some points I would like to share about the Viewer behavior differences on Mobile Devices Vs Desktop computers.

Mobile touch or desktop click

Yes I agree a user can easily navigate and browse through a website using a mouse and a desktop which is a bit difficult with small-screened mobile devices.

Many times a mobile user taps somewhere on the touch screen or highlight button where he/she should not fire a click. But, here I have few tips that can help your responsive website work wonders on mobile devices.

One, a mobile friendly responsive website should be designed to be easily browsable with super clear minimalistic layout. Second large navigation buttons helps mobile users easily tap on the right source. Last but not least, use every bit of the screen space smartly keeping unwanted content and information at bay which can help mobile users find your website informative and resourceful.

Mobile users are always ON

Unlike desktops you don’t need to switch on desktop, CPU and other devices to view or retrieve data from computers. Mobile devices connected with internet connection are always ON to access social media, chat with friends, retrieve information, send texts, share pictures and media files, play online games, listen to music, shop online products/services/interests  and the list goes on. Everything is done very quickly at any given time.

Thus websites should be responsive enough complimented with fast loading, easily navigable mobile website to help promote/market/sell web products to give mobile viewers a rich mobile browsing experience.

Mobile applications

There are so many latest applications designed to be downloaded in one tap to help mobile users take complete advantage of the handy mobile device.

According to a 2012 report published by Accenture 71% of mobile users downloaded one or more apps to their mobile devices and an average mobile user spends 82% of mobile media time using apps, according to Smart Insights and Comscore. Thus, mobile downloadable Apps could play an important part in your overall mobile marketing strategy that can go a long way towards promoting your website.

Mobile friendly emails

Almost many people when free spends time checking out email box for any important mails and chats. Creating a mobile optimized email is as important as mobile responsive website. A simplified header that is 50-100 pixels in height accompanied with a streamlined design layout especially one with a single column layout, larger text and buttons, bold images, Links to mobile-friendly sites works best.

Super social networks

Social networks has revolutionized the world of internet helping people connect with more and people quickly, free of cost and a perfect means of getting connected if you have an internet connection. An average person spends at least 15 minutes of time to check the facebook, google+, Twitter linkedin and other social media accounts for any information or latest posts.

Webmasters keep in mind that social media integration or presence signifies an important opportunity to expand your responsive website to reach people in every corner of the world.

Mobile purchase

According to the Mobile Path to Purchase study by Nielsen, xAd, and Telmetrics, nearly half of the consumers surveyed rely only on mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets to review products price, details before they purchase any product/services from markets.

Consumers are now becoming increasingly comfortable purchasing online products through mobile devices

So web masters make sure you advertise/market /promote/sell your products with readily available information about the prices, discounts, small brief about the products, if any colors available, products zoom in/zoom out options and others that help customers buy products of their needs. Yelp and Google are other two great consumer review sites that can help escalate your online reputation.

Final conclusion

Today’s webmasters must accommodate both PC and mobile users, as the need for mobile accessibility will only grow in the future. I recommend webmasters to build and design that supports both desktops and mobile devices and the above tips can really fetch you loads of visitors following your website via mobile devices, smartphones, Apple devices, Samusung devices, Android devices and many others.

Stay connected!!!