What is Pay per click (PPC)? Tips to optimize PPC campaign

What is Pay per click (PPC)? Tips to optimize PPC campaign


PPC simply defined as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked”. It is a web advertising model used to bring traffic to website, in which advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. There will be a fixed price per click. Pay per click displays ads which are also known as “banner” ads which are shown on websites and search engine results with related content that agreed to show ads.

There are two models for PPC advertisements (1) Flat rate PPC (2) Bid based PPC. In flat rate model the advertiser and publisher will be having an agreement upon a fixed amount for each click. In bid based PPC advertisers will sign a contract for compete with advertisers in an auction hosted by publisher.

For every successful PPC campaign the optimization is very important. PPC optimization is the practice of testing, improving, managing, refining campaigns which exists with a Pay per click marketing campaign. Each and every paid ad campaign needs the optimization for example ad groups, campaigns, key phrases, landing pages and ads. Without optimization in these cases is nothing but wasting money on PPC ads. Effecting PPC campaign should need and ultimate optimization. Why can’t you look out some of the tips mentioned below?

Pay per click optimizing tips

Set you goal: Before optimizing you need to decide what you want. You goal should be related to promote more businesses. Are your expecting more traffic to your site? Want to deliver a branding message? Do you want more leads, sales and conversions? The goal which you set will determine the techniques mentioned below for optimizing your campaign.

Keywords: Don’t spend time or money on the waste keywords which are not getting any profit to you. Use the keywords with a minimum of 200 impressions. It any keyword that are over 1% assign a keyword specific bid or try to expand it. Keywords which are less than 1% means delete them. Keep in mind that having quality keywords and high traffic is our goal. Use dynamic keyword insertion to make your AdCopy appear which is relevant for the searcher. This will result in bold and feels more likely to click.

Have a negative list: Maintain a negative list which doesn’t relate to your business. If you don’t want the ads to show when you are not offering this will satisfy the search. By doing this you can decrease in CPC and can increase in conversion. Only the relevant traffic will follow your site. So maintaining the negative list also benefit to you.

Landing pages: These are the most important in your PPC campaigns. You will be having an 100% control on the landing pages. These can give make or break a campaign. Landing on the right page will totally improve your quality score. People will feel happy if they get relevant information what they exactly searching for.

Turn off the content match: If you want to serve on the content make sure to separate the AdGroups one for Search and other for content. It will help you in tracking the performance of each campaign.

Perform testing by creating multiple AdCopies: Do a small research to find what AdCopies people are attracted to. Create at least two Adcopies for each AdGroup. The more Ad variations you create may give impact on what is effective and what is not.

Expand your Campaign: After finishing the review of your campaign now start expanding it. Group your best keywords together in a new campaign.

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