what is the importance of Anchor text?

what is the importance of Anchor text?

importance of anchor text

Anchor text is the visible hyperlinked text on the page. The words in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will be received by search engines. Normally anchor text remains below 60 characters. Anchor text differs in different browsers. All the links doesn’t have anchor text because it may be obvious where the link lead due to context in which it is used.

How anchor text looks?

Anchor text provides the user relevant information about the content of the link. Its generally written in an HTML code. Have a look

<a href=”http://xmlswf.com/”>Anchor text</a>

The text “Anchor text” in the link refers as the anchor text for this hyperlink.  Sometimes it is also called as text link.

Anchor text optimization

Anchor text is much helpful to rank in search engines. The best method to get your site in the search engine result pages (SERPs) is including the keywords in the links which points to your website. It helps the searching ranking algorithms to understand what your website is all about. Inclusion of keywords in the anchor text can make lot of difference in final ranking of your site pages. Search engines mostly give significant to the anchor text on your pages. If you are doing a link building campaign put some effort in writing multiple options of the title and a small description pointing link to your site.

Optimizing anchor text of external links is very important. The title which is used as the hyper linked text should contain your important keywords. For external links it’s better to provide your own HTML code. This will help in integrating site link. External links help your site to gain relevance for keywords mentioned in the anchor text which increases the site rankings.

SEO is key factor for any search engine marketing. Submitting the site to the search engines is not sufficient to get rankings. To gain good search engine ranking it is important to follow some of the SEO factors like meta tag optimization, title tag optimization and anchor tag optimization. So optimizing the anchor text according to SEO strategies may get you best results in SERPs. We are seeing frequent changes made by lot of search engines in algorithms. Though we got a google panda update anchor text is still plays a major role but Google is looking much closer at back links.


Backlinks are a huge part of search engine algorithm. When working on link campaign that external sites link using the relevant keywords in the anchor text. A standard and most useful strategy to link back to your article with anchor text technique is by using target keywords. If suppose you are working on guest posting campaigns then you have to make sure that you are gaining links from other domain with Anchor links.

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